Trendy Nail Art Designs for Summer Vacation 2023

Summer Nail Art Trends and Manicure Ideas
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It is said that a woman’s hands give away her age, so it is necessary to keep a close eye on them. Gentle manicure is an integral part of hand care. It is the final touch that complements your impeccable image. Give new touch to your nails with these trendy nail designs for summer vacation.

Nail Art Designs for Summer Vacation 2023

French Manicure

French manicure is a timeless classic. Hands always look well-groomed with it. French is suitable for women of all ages and is appropriate in any situation. In classical French manicure the edge of the nail is painted white, and the whole nail plate is covered with transparent or gently pink translucent lacquer. Nowadays, various combinations of colors are used for French. So you can choose any shades you like. The most important thing is that they harmonize with each other.

French Manicure Trendy Nail Art Designs for Summer Vacations

Monochrome Coating

The monotonous coating is also unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Following the institute of Pan tone color, the actual colors of this season are rose quartz and serenity, and with them all pastel tones from purple to tender lemon. The style of the 90’s is in fashion, so another trend of the season are bright neon varnishes. We can’t do without the classics, so beige, red and various wine shades will still be a win-win situation.

Monochrome Coating Trendy Nail Art Designs for Summer Vacations

Matte Manicure

Those who are tired of the classics, matte manicure will do. It is as easy to do as a normal glossy, but on top of your favorite lacquer, you should apply a matte finish, which removes unnecessary shine. This manicure looks laconic and stylish. An unusual solution would be a texture lacquer. In addition to matte nails acquire a pronounced relief, creates the effect of sugar or colored sand on the nails.

Matte Manicure Trendy Nail Art Designs for Summer Vacations

Moon manicure

This kind of manicure looks great on nails of any length. The peculiarity of lunar manicure is the emphasis on the moon, the light part of the nail near the cuticle. As a result, it turns out to be a french vice versa. This manicure is also called Hollywood. Recently, the actual tendency is to combine these two designs. Thus, on one nail make a French and at the same time emphasize the moon.

Moon manicure Trendy Nail Art Designs for Summer Vacations

Artistic Design

Despite the fact that in fashion minimalism, the nail art lovers should not worry. This season’s trend is a floral print, and it has spread to manicure. So you can safely apply floral motifs to your nails. Do not give up their positions graphic ornaments, as well as the drawing resembling the skin of a reptile.


Artistic Design Nail Art Designs

Fan Shui Manicure

Save the fashion for the selection of a ring finger or two at once: ring finger and middle finger. Such manicure originates from fan shui. It is believed that each finger is responsible for a certain area of life, and by highlighting its color, we increase the positive impact on it. Thus, the middle finger is responsible for the career, business and creativity, and the anonymous finger is responsible for the harmony of relationships, love and happiness.

Fan Shui Manicure Nail Art Designs


In fashion, a smooth color transition is ombre (gradient). This trend has also captured the sphere of manicure. The transition can be carried out both between contrasting colors and between different shades of the same color. Tones should be selected according to your way.

Ombre Nail Art Designs

Metal Gloss

The glitter of the metal is back in fashion. The color of gold is particularly relevant in this season, but silver shades can also be used. Such manicure was noticed at fashion-shows of Kenzo and Sophie Theallet. An excellent variant will be a combination of metallic varnishes with other colors. So your hands will look stylish and effective.

Metal Gloss Nail Art Designs

Glitter and Rhinestones

This summer’s trend is brilliant, but minimalism. So the rhinestones are better to use one for each fingernail or to allocate them one finger. Only part of the nail can be covered with a shiny nail polish, and you should also try using nail polish that has a shimmering shade of nude.

nail designs with Glitter and Rhinestones

Artistic Manicure

The peculiarity of this manicure is that the nail is not completely covered with lacquer, but only partially. Thus, an interesting effect is created. In this style French or lunar manicure can be created. In this case, the lacquer will be covered only with the tip, or only a hole on the nail plate. Or you can experiment by creating ornaments with the help of unpainted areas, or using an unpainted nail as the basis for artistic manicure.

Artistic Manicure

Hope you liked these nail designs for summer vacation. Keep visiting K4 Fashion for latest fashion updates and trending styles.

Amazing Nail Art Inspirations From Sveta Sanders

Amazing Nail Art Inspirations From Sveta Sanders

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