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The winter season is finally here and we are so ready for it! After all, it’s the officially hot cocoa season! Winters might however bring out your inner sloth bear as you’d not feel like getting out of bed or might feel a bit gloomy. So to save you from the winter gloominess, we’re back with another article on nail art designs that are all inspired by the winter season itself.

The Winter season calls for warm snacks, hugs, and a lot of fun. It’s also the season of Christmas and New Year. With so many festivities and functions lined up, you’d obviously not miss out on getting ready and nail art has now become an important part of the same. So gear up and choose your inspiration from the designs you see below!

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Snowflake Nail Art Designs

1. Matte Baby Snowflakes

Starting with the cutest design out of all, these baby snowflakes are surely here to take away your heart. A perfect design for those who wish to keep their nails short this season. So the nails here have been painted in different shades of yellow and snowflakes have been made on each nail giving out a 3D effect.

2. French Ombre Nails

snowflake-nail-art-designs French Ombre Nails

Image Source: Nails By Katiedutra

Here are your basic French ombre nails. So the French ombre is basically a design where you blend two colors such that it gives the nails a gradient effect. We see a blend of white and nude here. Snowflakes have been drawn on two of the nails here.

3. Blue Snowflakes

snowflake-nail-art-designs Blue Snowflakes

Image Source:  B for Beautiful Nails

Here’s a very pretty design which again works for those who wish to keep their nails short. The base here is white and the snowflakes have been drawn in a very pretty shade of blue. You’ll see a variety of designs for the same here. This is the perfect art for your nails during this winter.

4. Violet Snowflake Nails

snowflake-nail-art-designs Violet Snowflake Nails

Image Source: Nailsy Klaudii

Now coming on to the long nail lovers. Here’s a design that could suit your needs. The base here is violet where some nails have a matte finish while the rest have a glossy finish. Snowflakes have been drawn in white on the matte nails.

5. The Colorful Snowflakes

snowflake-nail-art-designs The Colorful Snowflakes

Image Source: N B Nail Art

Here’s another short nail art inspiration. The base here is grey with paper-like designs in white. Snowflakes have been drawn on each nail in different colors like green, blue, pink, and purple. The finish of these nails is matte. You can try this on your short fingernails as this art look cute and a little bit easy.

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6. Golden Snowflakes

snowflake-nail-art-designs Golden Snowflakes

Image Source: N B Nail Art

Another short nail art inspiration. The base here has been painted in cream or off-white color. The snowflakes have been made in brown color. Along with snowflakes, we also see some small stars around them which are drawn in golden and brown color. This design totally gives off all the Christmas vibes!

7. Vivid Colors on my Nails

snowflake-nail-art-designs Vivid Colors on my Nails

Image Source: Lunaxlacquer

Here’s another bright and colorful design where the base of the nails has been painted white. Snowflakes have been made on them in a variety of vivid colors such as shades of pink, blue and red. We also see a few sparkles on the base.

8. Simple Snowflake Nails

snowflake-nail-art-designs Simple Snowflake Nails

Image Source: Sophia Maria G

Here are very simple and easy-to-do nails for this winter that you could even try out yourself at home. The base here is translucent and a snowflake has been drawn only on the middle finger. The rest of the nails have small polka dots made on them.

9. Gold and Black Nails

Here’s another simple design where we have almond-shaped nails that have a translucent base and has been painted black on the cuticles and then we have snowflakes made in the color gold with a 3D effect.

10. Black and White Nails

snowflake-nail-art-designs Black and White Nails

Image Source: NJ Nail Tech Trang

Here’s the perfect inspiration for the black and white lovers or for those who can’t choose between the two. The beauty of this design is the two nails at the center have been painted have in white and black. The black part has snowflakes on them while the white has an imprint of the same. The rest of the nails have been painted in black. The entire nails have been given a matte finish.

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11. Blue Winter Nails

snowflake-nail-art-designs Blue Winter Nails

Image Source: Amy Blair Nail Technician

This nail art design here gives out all the winter vibes. The combination of blue and white are just perfect. So we have two nails in the middle painted half in blue with white snowflakes and some silver glitter at the borders. The other two nails have been painted just blue while the pinky finger is all white.

12. Frozen Nails

This nail art here is indeed giving out all the frozen vibes. The color combination used is again blue and white. The base has been kept blue while we have snowflakes made on top of them in white. We also see a few diamond-like embellishments on top of the snowflakes.

13. Long Snowflake Nails

Here’s a design for those who can handle long nails. These are long almond-shaped nails where a few nails have been blended in the color of blue and grey. The snowflakes are silver-colored. The color grey would surely look very appealing to you plus the color combination’s very unique.

14. Frozen Magic

Frozen Magic

Image Source: Dipped by Brooke

Here’s another design for almond-shaped nails in the combination of blue and white shades. Snowflakes have been made on the center three nails in different designs. We have two glitter nails on the sides in the color blue and white again.

15. Shades of Blue

Here’s presenting other almond-shaped nails which are rather very simple and easy to do. It’s a simple design where the cuticles have been painted in dark and light shades of blue. Small snowflakes have been drawn at the end of two nails.

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16. Snowflake Collage

Snowflake Collage

Image Source: Tessa lyn Nails

Here’s a very pretty design where we have many snowflakes made on each nail in such a way that they seem to make a collage. The intricate details here are absolutely commendable. The overall look of these nails looks so neat and subtle.

17. Snowmen and Snowflakes

Snowmen and Snowflakes

Image Source: Mailiis

These nails give out all the winter vibes! The base here is white and we have two cute snowmen made on two of the nails. The other nails have snowflakes made on them in the color black. You might just go for this design to get all the winter feels!

18. Long Snowmen Nails

Long Snowmen Nails

Image Source: Graces Naillounge


If you’re ready to slay with long nails then this design’s for you! This design comprises super long nails that have been painted brown. We see two teddy bears made on two of the nails. The snowflakes have a diamond-like embellishment at the center. Your go-to glam nails!

19. Matte Black Snowflake Nails

Matte Black Snowflake Nails

Image Source: Nails by Janettea

Here’s one for all the black color lovers! Super long nails with a matte finish and snowflakes drawn on them in the color white. This gives a good winter vibe as Black and White together can never go wrong!

20. Snowstorm


Image Source: Pasta Polish

Here’s another set of long nails with a very unique design. They are all grey nails with different colored micro Holo flakes and some shimmer for the base. On top of them, we have made snowflakes in white. Go for them if you can handle long nails.

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21. Winter Chills

Winter Chills

Image Source: Siddity Nails

Here are another super long nails which give out all the winter and chill vibes! This design comprises of translucent glossy base and we have a series of embellishments used. The snowflakes have been made in a white glittery shade in two of the nails. As rest of the nails are painted in white and cream glossy shade. And some snowflakes are drawn on the tip of the cream shade glossy nails.

22. Snowflake City

Snowflake City

Image Source: Instabelleza Nails

Here’s a sample nail design that appears quite simple and easy to do. You might as well try this yourself at home. The base here is white. The snowflake has been made in a glittery grey shade and we have embellishments at the center and tip of the flake.

So that’s a wrap on this article of nail art edition. We hope you could find your perfect inspiration for nail art this winter season! We hope you are on your way to the nail salon right away!

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