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Art is the expression of your mind, heart and soul. Be it on a hand made canvas or your natural canvas. Yes, we are talking about the incredibly popular nail art. Fashion is not limited to clothes or shoes only, it has a wide horizon which includes even the tiny details like nails and giving it a new look. Your hands are as important as your wardrobe and need to be taken care of with unconditional love and utmost precision. Imagine growing out your nails in perfect shape but then due to some reason you wake up with a bit of a broken nail. This is even more heartbreaking than it sounds. So, other than just a simple manicure step it up with nail art because who doesn’t like beautiful and decorated nails.

Nail art can be considered as your way of expressing yourself be it through shades of grey or through the choice of colors. Polka dot is one such pattern which consists of styling it in a gazillion ways. Today polka dot is not just limited to a simple arrangement of dots on a single color it has gained a different meaning yet will always remain a timeless classic in this world full of trends. So, gear up this season with our collection of polka dot nail designs which are sweet yet fiery. The next time you are confused with choices here are some designs to show at the salon or you could even do it yourself.

1. Contrasting Colors

Contrasting Colors Polka Dot Nail Designs

Image Source: Kawaii Klaws

If you are a fun-loving person who likes the splash of colors then represent yourself through this tiny canvas. However, just using randomized colors may give you a messy result. With contrasting colors of different options create your customized look that you want. The combination of a warm and subtle color with a cool color is aesthetically pleasing just like orange with blue or orange with pink.

2. Polka Dot Flower Nail Art

Black Floral with Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Amyle Nail Artist

Gel nail polish is trending because of its smooth and glossy finish which makes your nails look rich and elegant. Just like this design you can choose a glossy finish like the grey shade and go for small black tips with black polka dots. To make it even more pretty you can choose floral designs with roses and leaves.

3. French Manicures

French Manicures Polka Dot Nail Designs

Image Source: Charlotte Nails

A sharp french manicure is an ideal choice for most of us with shiny nail bed and crisp white tips. However, it can get monotonous after a certain period of time so we have something for you. You can go for a change in those tips with white nail paint and black small dots along with golden glitter just below it.

4. Minimalist Polka Dot Nail Art

Colors all around Polka Dot Nail Designs

Image Source: Hard As Nails Studio

Nail art usually involves having a base coat and then applying different patterns or shapes on it. Why don’t you go for the unconventional way by choosing a clear nail color as the base coat and using multiple colors of same size dots to create the polka dot pattern? It’s fun and a joyful way of expressing yourself.

5. Black & White Polka Dot With Red Nails

The Red Beauty Polka Dot Nail Designs

Image Source: Minnie Style

Passion and love along with endurance is the symbolism of the color red and we know it very well how it just smoothly glows when combined with black and white. You can opt for smooth and glossy finish of red nail paint along with the monochrome pattern polka dots.

6. The Red Hearts Polka Dot Special for Valentine

The Red Hearts Polka Dot Nail Designs

Image Source: By Shelley

Modesty with energy and innocence with determination sounds like a fiery combination. We are talking about the mixture of red with peach and top it off with tiny little cute hearts. For majority you can choose red glossy gel paint or with white polka dots and mix it with peach gel paint with white dots and red hearts.

7. The Half  Nude Nail Art

The Half  Nude Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: By Shelley

Nude nail paint has all our hearts but have you tried the half nude nail art. Well, here we are with a twist.You can create a partition in your nails through the nail part by opting for polka dots pattern in two different styles. Black on white with slightly larger dots and white on black with smaller dots.

8. Sheer Black Nail Art

Sheer Black Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Claw And Dagger

For all those out there in search of something classy with minimal efforts then here is your answer. With the growing trend of using sheer nail gel polishes on those long nails is definitely something you should try on and complete it with black polka dots of medium size to get the chic look that you are aspiring for.

9. The Purple Hues

The Purple Hues Polka Dot Nail Designs

Image Source: Elbe Beauty

Just a single pattern on your nails is getting old now and its time to try out your hands on something creative. Paint those tiny little canvas with purple hues and flowers with the white paint. Purple paint on one nail with sunflower nail art on the other with just the right mix of white polka dot pattern is something worth drooling over.

10. Lemon with Abstract Nail Art

Lemon with Abstract Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Elbe Beauty

Our mind has endless limitations and what better way it is to show what’s on your mind through this abstract nail art. Different pattern on different nails has its own charm. White polka dots on the forefinger with abstract art and lemon paint is the perfect choice for a brunch or an outdoor picnic.

11. Fill it with Rainbows

Fill it with Rainbows Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Kawaii Klaws

With darkness comes light and the rainbow is the representation of that mystic beauty. Each color has its own symbolism but when combined they represent peace and serenity. With light shade of glitter paint, you can go for different rainbow patterns be it in waves or polka dots customize it according to your wish.

12. Oh! so Peachy

Oh! so Peachy Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Felicia Dee Beauty

With different shades ranging from light to dark, it can be a tough choice when you have so many options in front of you. The use of light and subtle colors bring a certain calmness inside you and are soothing to the eyes. With peach color as the base paint, you can create white polka dot pattern and black leaves on your nails.

13. Stripes, Dots and Roses

Stripes, Dots and Roses Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: The Nail Bar

With different moods at different times of the day, lets make a combination of these through our nail art. Polka dots on your thumb and vertical stripes on your forefinger. Complement it with floral design and fuchsia nail paint with small snowflakes pattern at the cuticles.

14. The Nature Lover

The Nature Lover Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Caitlin Marie Nails

If you are an ardent nature lover or an environment enthusiast try spreading the message through your nail art. We know green symbolizes life, renewal and the nature. With a simple base coat of green nail paint and little plants on the polka dots you can surely show your love for the plant kingdom.

15. Funky and Cool

Funky and Cool Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Beauty By Brianna

There are some people who manage to find something good even in the tiny parts of life. This polka dot nail art design is one such which oozes a fresh vibe and gives you a funky and cool look.With clear or peach as the base coat you can create your own patterns. Stars or overlapping of polka dots or even painting just the tips all of it creates freshness and happiness.

16.Quirky and Chic

Quirky and Chic Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Chez Paints Nails

Matte colors have a way of their own because of the texture it creates. They are popular for their flat and non-reflective appearances and solid colors like black and red are drop-dead gorgeous. With these lotsa and polka dots combination create this quirky and chic look with a touch of Gothic.

17. Simple and Sober

Simple and Sober Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Chars Gel Nails

If you don’t like extravaganza or swear by the term minimalist then here is the best polka dot nail art design for you. Choose a light and subtle color like peach or baby pink as the base coat and create polka dots with red or white. It reflects your calm and cool personality.

18. Just the dots

Just the dots Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Nails Bab

If you love your natural nails then we feel you. Not everyone likes changes and it is perfectly okay. Just a touch of gel polish to make it shiny and creation of polka dots of different hues, you are all set and good to go. Shiny and smooth as well as creative, sounds perfect!.

19. Glitter Dots

Glitter Dots Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Beauty Works By Amy

Just like we mentioned that extravaganza and experiments are not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. However you can still add a speckle of sparkle to your nail art by using glitter. A clear, smooth and shiny gel polish complemented by glitter dots of various colors. This nail art definitely gives you the Christmas vibes.

20. Purple Polka dots

Purple Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Erin Sharp Nails

Purple hues is an absolute delight to your eyes as it combines the calmness of blue with fieriness of red.If you want the royal vibes then we would definitely suggest something with it. With purple as the base coat and creating a partition diagonally on your nails, go for this look with black on white polka dots of varying sizes.

21. Cherry Red

Cherry Red Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Chieko Nakayama

These tiny little cherries on white base coat along with red small polka dots is probably the cutest of all nail art designs. This design is sweet and delightful and brings back the innocence and happiness along with memories of your childhood.

22. Classy in White

Classy in White Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Danielle Jade Beauty

White stands for peace, serenity and nobility. The soothing and calmness effect amidst the chaos is the symbolism of this nail art design. It may be very simple and effortless but it is a classy look. With a white base coat and small black polka dots, this is something you should try if you don’t like the drama.

23. The Brown Beauty

The Brown Beauty Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Kassi Wizner

We can’t help but admire the elegance and grace of this nail art design. It is absolutely effortless and hassle-free and extremely easy to create. Just use light brown color as the base coat and instead of covering all the fingers with polka dots choose any one or two which will create a statement and be the focal point.

24. Adorable Polka Dots

Adorable Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Alecia’s Nails

Sky blue is a very cool color and is often associated with confidence and intelligence. This nail art design simply adds the oomph factor and is is a great way to channelize your creativity.Use sky blue and black as the base coat and create polka dot patterns using contrasting colors like violet, blue and yellow.

25. Mint Green Polka Dots

Mint Green Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Chars Gel Nails

Today creating a shading effect on nails is quite common but you have to be precise to create the minute details. Choose mint green as the base coat and create shading effect with white color combined with black polka dots.

26. Art Basel Nails

Art Basel Nails Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Veedidem

Precise details, varying polka dots with different hues is probably something you should experiment upon. To create the dramatic effect you can use black upon white, black upon yellow and blue upon red. Different fingers with different designs.

27. Light Shades

Light Shades Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Sophia Stylianou

If you are a fan of light colors but don’t want to restrict yourself to just one color as it will look dull and plain old boring then use different shades. With two hues of blue, purple and yellow you can get the perfect nail art for yourself.

28. Polka Dot Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Art Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Paint Box Nail Studio

With the onset of different new things almost every day,today you create even different shapes and add them as elements on your nails. Nude paint can act as the base coat along with baby pink polka dots on them. The highlighting point of this design is the roses which add subtle beauty to your nails and we can hardly take our eyes off of this.

29. Jelly Polka Dots

Jelly Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Moonchild Nails

Nail art has a wide horizon and with the choice of colors available you can literally create anything and everything. With simple gel polishes of different colors like sky blue, pink and fuchsia as the base coat you can do black polka dots of medium size which would give you a shiny and fresh look.

30. Dots and Stars

Dots and Stars Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: 81 Rose Garden

Long and square-shaped nails have the perfect tips on which you can showcase your creativity and create a nail art design like this with extra elements which elevate the beauty of your nails. Just like this design, you can choose a clear gel polish and paint the tips in monochrome polka dots and create tiny stars.

31. Random and Beautiful

Random and Beautiful Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Naildit By Alyssa

We have all been in the phase where we had the perfect picture in mind but then it turned out to be something else. Well, everything counts as art so does that messy chaos you have created.On your natural nails you can just random splash of colors along with curved shapes of polka dots.  Sometimes, challenging your creativity can result in something random and beautiful.

32. Little Hearts

Little Hearts Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Beautiful Soul Beauty

Just had a sharp and pretty french manicure, yet not satisfied by it. Don’t worry we have your back. Just add a top matte coat in the shade of dark pink and create tiny little hearts and dots on your tips. Fun, joyful and playful is worth adding in the list of nail art designs.

33. Daisy and Jet Black

Daisy and Jet Black Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Emily Meraki

Painting your tips or full nail art is so conventional and monotonous these days. If you love experiments then create this nail art with baby pink as the base coat and the polka dot pattern of white dots of varying sizes on jet black as the curved patterns on your nails.

34. Black and Gold

Black and Gold Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Megan Anne Beauty

Nude nail polishes are popular and trendy where colors are considered essential. Medium nails with square tips is perfect to create this nail art design where you can paint your tips in black and white polka dots and create a strip of gold below it.

35. Just the tips

Just the tips Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Nails By Kate Olivia

Long and pointed nails are difficult to maintain but once you achieve that we know it feels like a victory. With smooth and nude gel polish create this nail art design on the tips and as a partition on the middle finger. New and funky this design is worth flaunting all over social media.

36. Monochrome Beauty

Monochrome Beauty Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: By Shelley

People love the monochrome beauty specially in shades of black and white because of the dramatic effect it creates and top it off with symmetry. In this nail art design, black on white and white on black small and closely spaced polka dots are definitely worth the drama and effort which is extraordinary.

37. Nude and Gold

Nude and Gold Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Nails by Heather

Christmas is one such festival for which we wait eagerly round the year. The happiness and the joy it brings is countless with so many elements associated with it. Be it reindeer, snowflakes, golden balls and stars you can create everything on your nails with just a little effort.

38. Rocky Horror Nails

Want to go for something ultra-modern with your chin held high? Then this is the perfect nail art design to sport. With the devil red gel polish as the base coat create polka dots in the shades of black and white randomly which will create an abstract art just for your pleasure.

39. Mickey Mouse Nails

Mickey Mouse Nails Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Kaycie Kyle Salon

Our childhood was the best part and there’s no denying it. Almost everyone has the desire to relive those sweet memories so here is the mickey mouse nail art design for you. Be it Mickey or Minnie create you favorite cartoon character on your nails and relish the joy of those golden days.

40. Matte and Gold

Matte and Gold Polka Dot Nail Design

Image Source: Felicia Jams

The texture that you get when you use matte nail polish is definitely classy and sassy and experiments on that elevate your nails just like this design. With pink and black as the base coat you can go for a speckle of gold and create these floral designs on pink and polka dots on black.

We hope we have saved you a lot of trouble in going over the dilemma regarding what to choose for your next nail art but have also created a plethora of collections for you. You deserve to be treated like the goddess you are and take care of yourself with such minute attention to tiny little details. A good nail art results in a happy and joyful you and can literally cheer you up out of everything.

30 Simple Nail Art Designs for Beginners 2020

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