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Nail art has become very popular now a days. Nail art is not limited to just application of simple colours. Now people prefer something innovative design on their nails.So express yourself with your funky, cute, weird and sweet personality through art.

Easy design that you can do it yourself at your home hassle free.Glam up your nails to and make a statement at every occasion.Here are some innovative and beautiful nail art looks to inspire you for your next manicure.

Best Nail Art Designs of This Year

1. Heart Nail Art

Are you fed up of your simple boring nail paints? Do you want your nails to match you looks and want to them to look super stylish? Don’t you worry, red nail paint and a design of heart is not that difficult. You can easily do it in your home,you just need white and red nail paints and a thin paint brush. Paint your nails in classy red colour which is a classy option for any occasion and then draw the heart design in the middle. There you have your stylish nails to complete you whole look. Wear this type of design whenever you like.

 Heart Nail Art  Heart Nail Art Best Nail Art Designs of This Year For Women


2. Multiple Nail Art

Why opt for one design when you have different designs on different nails? Nail art are becoming popular and creative day by day and people are coming up with new creative ideas every now and then to make nails more attractive and beautiful. If you like animal prints then op for a leopard print on one and apply glitter on another to make your nails bold and beautiful. Its amazing to experiment with colours and designs.

Multiple Nail Art  Best Nail Art Designs of This Year For Women


3. Floral Nail Art

Make you nails look cute nad beautiful with floral designs. This nail art goes with several outfits and you can never go wrong with a floral design. It’s easy to make it at home and eye catching. Turn your plain nails into something stunning without much effort with this simple and elegant Floral nail art.

Floral Nail Art Best Nail Art Designs of This Year For Women


4. Segmented Nail Art

Turn your nails into a work of art with segmented nail designs. It’s easy and super fun to design all you need is a segmented pattern and different nail paints. When you’re pleased with the pattern then do the same with rest of the nails to get similar effect.You can also go for different geometric shapes and of different sizes and rearrange the colours. Experiment with your nails to get the oh-wow design and get creative.

Segmented Nail Art Best Nail Art Designs of This Year For Women


5. Bold Nail Art

Nothing screams bold and classy as the colour black. When confused always go for black cause you can never ever go wrong with black. This goes with variety of dresses and is a perfect fit for any occasion. Add some drama with aome shimmering glitters to make your nails vibrant. It literally enhance you overall appearance.

Bold Nail Art Best Nail Art Designs of This Year For Women


Don’t stick to the plain nail colours. Ditch those old simple boring styles. Get creative and artistic with your nail through nail art. Don’t hide you creative mind. Let you inner artist experiment with Multiple nail paints and various designs to make you pretty nail more prettier or dreamy and get a rich, exquisite, classy, eye-catching drool worthy nail art. So, which nail art grabbed you attention? Let us know.

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