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water marble nail art for beginners
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Nail art has been making a lot of buzz in the fashion and beauty industry. Keeping your nails clean and stylish is a point of grooming. Women are going crazy over these Marble Nail Art Designs.

What is marble nail art design?

Let me answer it for you, it is a technique in which different coloured nail paints are put in clear water. This creates some kind of colour combination, you can dip your fingers in it and the colours will come on your nails.Once it dries up, it will give your nails a marble effect. Follow this step-by-step and you will get the marble effect as well. There are proper nail salons who can do it for you with much more finishing.

1. Blue marble design

Blue marble design
Image Source: Nagu Dziungles

These nails are looking so subtle. You can wear these kinds of nails casually and also with some dress. These nails are not too much and easy to create.

2. Marble with matte finish

Marble with matte finish Marble Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Mt Druitt Professional Nails

These nails are perfect for evening. Black matte finish with the black marble effect looks gorgeous and will work for parties.

3. Dreamiest marbles

Dreamiest marbles
Image Source: Nails By Emily

These nails are perfect for a prom party or some kind of college event, a concert anyways you like. These nails are so gorgeous that you pair it anyways it will look amazing.

4. DIY Marble nail art with gel polish

So far, this is the easiest marble nail art design which you can create for yourself. Using darker and lighter grey-blue these nils are apt for an evening, you can pair it up with evening gowns, dresses .

5. White marbles!

White marbles! Marble Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Mt Druitt Professional Nails

Keeping only one nail with marble effect and putting glitter on one and keeping the base colour as grey, its is Avery nice blend of simple and fun. These nails can be worn in college, or for a party .

6. Marbles with silver embellishments.

Marbles with silver embellishments.Marble Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Haven Nails – Beauty & Spa

You look at these nails and cannot doubt for a second that these are party nails. Going out for a dinner, drinks, party, you wear them girls. It can even jazz up your entire outfit.

7. Marbles and shimmers!

Marbles and shimmers!
Image Source: thatnailchemist

These are vacation nails. Wear it for your weekend get away or your vacations. These nails are giving holiday vibes.

8. Geode design!

Geode design! Marble Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Arina Vader

This design is looking so wonderful. Give it a close look and it might look like earth! This marble nail art design is suitable for anything and everything.

9. Pink and purple blend with gold!

Pink and purple blend with gold! Marble Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Amyle Nails

It is a gel manicure done on the real nails. It is such an understated design and an absolute beautiful design which can be worn for a day purpose and is best suited for someone who likes to keep it simple.

10. Rainbow nails

Rainbow nails
Image Source: Nails By Jason

The design is of a rainbow giving it a marble effect is such a great creativity. These nails are looking gorgeous na can be worn with colourful outfits since it has so many colours itself!

11. Summer nail art!

Summer nail art!
Image Source: thatnailchemist

Such soothing colour, lemon yellow used on finger nails with foiled effect and marble look like effect is looking stunning on the nails. You can apply this design for summers. As the colour is so bright, it is best suited for summers.

12. Marble Nail art with regular polish

Marble Nail art with regular polish Marble Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Arjita Das

This nail art can be easily formed using normal polishes.Such beautiful shade of blue has been used. Best suited for teenagers or college students.

13. Nude base marble nail art!

Nude base marble nail art!
Image Source: Polished Nails By Ceri

Keeping the base colour as nude, this is a very simple marble nail art design. It can used for any purpose As it is a nude shade you can pair it up with any colour and for any occassion.

14. Gold foil on natural nails

Gold foil on natural nails Marble Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Amyle Nails

Giving all the nails a marble effect with burgundy colour and tint of golden foil on it, these nails are dream come true. These nails are perfect for any kind of occasion.

15. Marble nail coffin!

Marble nail coffin!
Image Source: Nails By Katie Dutra

Abstract nails , with creativity flowing in form of colours. These nails are perfect for a Sunday lunch or a picnic with family or friends.

16. Swirly marbled nails!

Swirly marbled nails! Marble Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Manicurology

You can pair these nails with little bold coloured outfits like purple, magenta, burgundy. These colour are bold but beautiful just like these nails.

17. Gel polished nails!

Gel polished nails! Marble Nail Art Designs
Image Source: thatnailchemist

These nails with grey base are neutral and not too fancy. Wear any printed outfit and ypiu are good to go with these nails as you have the perfectly matched outfit.

18. Purple fluid!

Purple fluid!
Image Source: Nails Myth

These nails looks extremely fancy, it is giving a geode look with those silver stones. Because of the colour you better pair it up with some neutral coloured outfits.

19. Dark blue with golden foil!

Dark blue with golden foil! Marble Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Arina Vader

These nails are apt for an evening look. You can pair it up with whites and grey and blacks and you are all set to go.

20. Galaxy marbles!

Galaxy marbles!
Image Source: Terrieaton

These nails are depicting the galaxy, with moon and stars on them it is looking like a galaxy painted dover the nails. It is an absolute delight to wear these kinds of nails. Will perfectly go for someone who likes to show off, jazzed up and will look good in an informal setting like a party in a club , or meeting friends over dinner.

21. Purple nail art!

Purple nail art! Marble Nail Art Designs
Image Source: heipyh

Purple coloured marbled nails looks ravishing. This is a water marble nail art giving a very beautiful look to the nails.

22. Neon

Image Source: heipyh

This is a water marble art with neon colours used for it. Colours looks so lively that I can easily say that wear it for afternoon looks as it has life in them looks like sunshine in different colours.

23. Candy look!

Candy look!
Image Source: heipyh

Colourful nails are something only some people can pull very well. These are natural nails and would suit someone who down mind colours and feel confident around them.

24. Different coloured same patterns!

Different coloured same patterns!
Image Source: Molly Moos Nails

These marbled nails looks so amazing. All the colours are smokey hot and can be used only for party purpose. These colours are extremely vibrant so it might work for a vacation, or a beach party also. Don’t try to wear them in your office. These are not professional colors.

K4 Fashion have dedicated this blog just for Marble Nail Art designs which can be worn for different purposes and be paired with different kinds of outfits.

This nail art can really make your day. They might seem easy to create but it is not. Professionals have a great eye for this art.

Let K4 Fashion answer questions related to this art.

Are these nail arts easy to create? Well the answer is no, some of them are very hard and can only be done by professionals.

Can we create any of the look at home? Yes, you can create some of the marbled nail art designs at home. Try No 15- Marbled Nail Coffin.

For doing it at home what all we require? For doing these nail arts at home you require Bowl, water, nail polishes of different colours, Ear buds, Base coat, Top coat, Nail Polish remover.

We hope that we have addressed to some of the confusion that must be popping in your head. Feel free to ask more questions related to it. Just write it in the comment section and we will surely get back to you with proper answers.

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