100+ Latest Nail Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022

Best Valentine's Day Nails - Hot Nail Art Design Ideas for V-Day
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Looking for latest nail art ideas for Valentine’s Day? Embrace your nails with different types of nail designs on 14 February.

Some Facts about Valentine’s Day

Isn’t that the most common expression of love used on February 14 each year?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 each year. The practice of expressing love and admiration on this day was started in the Middle Ages. But, the history has it from ancient times with the advent of Christianity and Catholic Churches. In contemporary times, it spread far and wide to various different parts of the world.

In some parts of the world Valentine’s Day is observed as a day for expressing love between family members and friends, rather than that of romantic couples. Some traditions include acts of appreciation between friends and others include leaving lollies and gifts for children.

The conventions of expressing love have evolved many folds in the 21st century. While many millennials have chosen various unique ways to express their love and commitment some are still struggling to be comfortable in their own skin and love themselves. Rightly said, you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.

Love for Nail Art on Valentine’s Day

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is but women are always in the mood for a pampering manicure and age doesn’t matter when it comes to nail art. Women love getting nail art and somehow it enhances their beauty even more. Nail art is fun and also relaxing at the same time.

Nail art is actually a way to paint your nails creatively with some kind images on them. Paint them interestingly, depending on your choices. Women likes to keep themselves updated and pampered. Manicures are so important these days. Keeping your fingernails and toenails gorgeous is a part of it.

With special days round the corner, women likes to keep it all decked up. Valentines day is coming so since we have done a blog on valentines day outfits so we decided to do one for your nails as well.

Nail Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is next month,the month of love, girls don’t you want to make you nail art perfect for the romantic week. Trendy design are fun to create. So if you’re bored of plain nail paints and want to make them more fun, attractive and lovable this valentine’s, read below you may find your desired nail art perfect for your valentine’s outfit. Get inspired and let your fingers do all the talking.

Browse through these pictures and get nail inspirations for Valentine’s day.What are you waiting for? Embrace your nails with stunning nail art this Valentine’s Day. Some gorgeous nail art ideas for you to try on Valentine’s Day this year.

Romantic Red Nail Art for V-Day

Image Source: Basic Beauty • Charlotte

This stylish nail art is simple and easy. This nail art can be created with the classic red nail paint and black nail paint combination. Apply red color on nails then with a thin brush draw tiny heart design on one hand and write the word Love on another.

The Cross-Zero Game for short nails

Image Source: Nails Around

You are playful and full of love too with this cross zero nail art idea. Paint all your nails red and only your ring finger white. Doodle the cross zero games on your nails with hearts and crosses.

Lovebirds on my Nails

Image Source: Helen 21 Nails

For the introvert lover! This is a minimal nail art idea for Valentine’s Day 2022. Girls who don’t like all that pomp and show can go for these short ballerina nude nails with beautiful lovebirds painted on it.

#XOXO Valentine’s Day Nail Art Idea

Image Source: nailsbynanette

These perfectly shaped nails look straight out of tumblr. These long ballerina nails with a neon pink pop look so charming. The nude pink shade is the winner here with the hugs and kisses trophy. XOXO

Rhine stone nail art

Image Source: CICI

This nail art can be created with the base coat as nail polishes of two different colors namely golden and nude. Then stick the 3D rhinestone in heart shape on two fingers  with the help pf nail art glue or you can also use transparent polish.

Colossal valentine design

Image Source: NAILS ON FLEEK

Ah! Lets partake in some colossal valentine design. That is by designing each nail, with different designs. For this design the necessary equipments are pink colour varied from the dark pink to light, pink glitter, toothpick or dotting equipment. Now apply it in your desirable fashion.

Love *stoned* Nails

Image Source: Cali Nails & Spa

Clear white ombre coffin nails glammed up by Swarovski crystals and diamond stones. A very basic and sublime piece of art that can be done any day of the year. Girls, you don’t need a special day to get high on self-love. Carpe diem!

Heart Nail Art for Short Nails on Valentine’s Day

Image Source: Lush Nails & Spa

Who said short nails can’t be cute? Look how cute the almond nails are! A nude shade and lots of love. Girls, you can DIY this.

Rose Glitter Nails

Image Source: Nails by jennifer

The rose on these square nails is a perfect hit this Valentine season. Every nail has a distinctive feature that makes it more appealing. Red nail is followed by a quirky graphic. Your love has the key to your heart! The glitter adds exactly the glam you need.

Pick Acrylic Nails for Valentine’s Day

Image Source: Nails by Sarah

These pink acrylic nails are as pretty as a picture. Isn’t this an amazing way of expressing your feelings for your loved ones? This overall heartbeat pattern has our heart. The crystal stone on red heart very well matches the Valentine vibe.

Everything Has Changed! Everything is Lovable!

Image Source: Coco Nail House

Love is as comfortable and as soothing to be felt like this nail art. The soft shade of cerise pink and white makes the nail art as special as your love for him. Do try this nail art idea and have a soulful Valentine’s.

Matte red and with stones and rose!

Image Source: Xavier Garcia

This nail art looks so stunning. All matte used with one nail painted as rose and one nail with some stones studded to it. This nail art is so gorgeous and amazing.

Black Matte!

Image Source: Xavier Garcia

This nail outshines as it has a lot of black matte in it. With one nail painted as rose and so gorgeous black gel polish these nails are shining like a diamond.

White ends

Image Source: The Nail Spa

Keeping the base simple with transparent nail paint and keeping the tip white coloured with some romantic heart shaped stems on it looks extremely gorgeous and it is perfect for someone who wants to keep her nails simple and subtle yet giving the vibes of trying something new.

Posh Hearts!

Image Source: Nail It! Magazine

Stay in fashion and meticulously detail every single thing about your day with this nail art idea. Paint all your nails skin pink and stick cool and stylish heart stickers on it.

XOXO and Kisses!

Image Source: 𝐇𝐞𝐲, 𝐈’𝐦 𝐀𝐬𝐡𝐥𝐞𝐲

XOXO to your mate and lots and lots of love will be showered on him by you calling into play this loving nail art to your hands he will take to kiss. Paint your thumb, middle and pinky finger lavender-pink and your ring and index finger white. Draw flowing hearts on your ring finger and xoxo on your index.
· Do wear beautiful rings.

For Your Better-half!

Image Source: Departament Urody

You see him equal in your heart and he is indeed your better half. Let this great message reach him this Valentine’s by this nail art idea. By painting your thumb, index and pinky finger maroon red and a heart on both your ring and middle finger.

Pink nails!

Image Source:Chantel Jones

Keeping the base as hot pink and putting some shades of white to it with love on it is not a new design but a design which managed to still  steal girls hearts away. It is a perfect Valentines day nail art design.

Valentine FLAMES Nail Art

Image Source: Nails by Annabel

These flames will surely ignite that spark on your Date this Valentine’s. This a stylish nail art idea that you gotta try even when it’s not February 14.  You can experiment with the flame color according to your outfit. Be as fierce as your nails.

Searching for a perfect Valentine’s Day outfit? Here are some amazing outfit ideas for you.

Love Unlocked!

Image Source: Nail It! Magazine

With amaranth pink shade make your hands flaunt this valentine’s day! Polish your nails amaranth pink and illustrate hearts on it. This Valentine’s day may you have the most romantic date ever.

Wild Kisses on Nails 2022

Image Source: Sarah Nguyen

These cheetah prints followed by matte nails with gold foil are what you need to tap your wild side. This Valentine’s Day rock your date with red lips for that ‘Muah’ moment.

Valentines Gel Nails – ‘Black Hearts’

Image Source: Katelyn Legg

This is something unique this season. Black hearts on matte finish gel nails is quite an experiment. It is a latest basic style that you don’t wanna miss out on. If a LBD is your forever outfit option, then these shiny black hearts will perfectly complement it.

Ugly VALENTINE Sweater Nail Art Idea

Image Source: Cara Michelle

YESSS! You read that right. If you were just celebrating ugly Christmas sweater parties, it’s time for ugly Valentine’s sweater. This is a splendid nail art inspiration for Valentine’s Day 2022. The quirky pattern is stamped on nails but you might wanna try your artistic skills too.  The red heart in the center pops out the black and white pattern.

Disney theme Nail Art Idea

Image Source: Jéssica Figueiredo

Are you the Disney Princess still waiting for her Prince Charming? These jet black nails with a pinch of grey glitter will surely glow up your Dinner Date on the Valentine’s Day. Look how perfect are those Mickey-Minnie graphics! It speaks volumes about the artist’s skills.

Butterfly Nail Art Idea for Long Nails on Valentine’s Day


Such fine nails! Metallic heart and butterflies dipped in all that gloss are so alluring. The pink shade is very subtle. Boss babes, it is time for some SELF-LOVE!

Bubblegum Nail Art Idea for Short Nails

Image Source:Jessica

These nails look so delicious! This bubblegum style nail art idea is a juicy inspiration for Valentine’s Day. The glitter will surely glam up your day. Isn’t it *drool worthy* ?

Can’t decide on you Makeup? Read for some unique romantic makeup ideas.

Romantic Nails on Valentine’s Day

Image Source: Nailiness

A romantic red can never go wrong on Valentine’s Day. This is classic red nail shade from Kiko Milano. Even without the cute love text art, this nail lacquer is a hit!

Nude Nails for Valentine

Image Source: Nancy Garcia

Nude nails topped with metallic hearts and stones for the star girl in you. Your nails too deserve a lil extra *love* on Valentine’s Day 2022.

Candylicious Nails

Image Source:Polish Those Nails

These nails are totally *adorbs*. It looks like pink candy floss. The black and white stripes look  pleasing among the candylicious nails. Valentine’s Day Nail Art is incomplete without a heart here and there. For the ones who like to play around with nails, this is for you!

Not without my Red Roses

Image Source: Lisa’s Nail Art

Gift yourself some roses, girls! Get your nails stamped the right way. Roses in shades of red, pink and white are a must this love season.

Galaxy Hearts Nail Art Idea for Medium Length Nails

Image Source: Filed & Styled

This galaxy theme nail art idea is perfect if you plan to spend your starry night under the clear sky. This Valentine’s Day paint your heart out on your nails.

Trapped in My Heart

Image Source: Kana

A very unique of way indicating how deeply trapped you are in Love. Baby pink nails with metallic grid pattern create an artistic illusion. Red foil hearts are rightly fixed into the grids.

“To My Valentine”

Image Source: Gina Truitt

Just the nails you want, basic and bold! These shades are evergreen during the Valentine season. Kisses on your nails are what you wanna spread on Valentine’s Day 2022.

Glittery Heart Nail Art for Medium Length Nails

Image Source: Darya Muraveva

Give your manicured nails a valentine’s twist with these red classic polish. You can also go for some nail art with heart designs and glitters. Nail art is easy and can be done at home without any hassle. When we say valentine’s we remember the color red as a symbol. So why not go for a bold classic red for nails? Then draw a little heart on one finger in golden glitter nail paint to match the romantic occasion. This nail art easily go with any look and it’s so adorable.

XoXo Nail Art for Short Nails

Image Source: Lilyana Ilieva

This red shade is outstanding and beautiful. If you are looking for nail art to match the occasion of love, you must try this nail art for sure. Let your beautiful nails do all the talking. It’s perfect for any outfit. For best results apply a top coat of clear or transparent nail polish will lock in the design and keep it from chipping.

Xo heart nail art

Image Source: Jav Casey

Why choose one color when you can choose three different beautiful nail colors? Get ready to make a bold statement through your nail art. This nail art is super easy and stylish. color one nail white and design a big Xo and a tiny heart and apply silver glitter spots to make it cute.

White love nail art

Image Source: Nails by Hannah

This nail art is easy to create. Opt for white nail color and paint all the nails and choose one finger and draw a string like  heart and on another write Love in cute fonts. This look so adorable.

3D nail art using silver and red rhinestones

Image Source: Miss B Nails

Bling has never looked as trendy as it does with these nail gems.If you are a nail art lover and love to try something new then surely you must check this 3D nail art. You can easily recreate this incredible design on your nails. all you have to do is buy some 3D nail art deco rhinestones in silver and red or you can choose some other color. First apply base color like nude nail paint or you can opt for any other color  and then stick those shining 3D rhinestones on to the nail using nail art glue or transparent top coat. Get inspire and with the power of your creative mind decor as you may like with other nail art materials available in nail art stores.

Lips motifs and 3D rhinestones nail art

Image Source: Nail Pop LLC

This nail art is super adorable you can wear it with fun outfits to match the design. Choose the base coat like white, blue and pink nail paints. Then apply strikers of Lips  available in different shapes and colors and some cute ME stickers. If you are not a fan of painting and drawing then this is a easy medium to create beautiful nail art designs on your pretty nails. You just have to stick them on your nails using transparent polish and your fun loving art is done.

Heart Stickers Nail Art for Short Nails on V-Day

Image Source: Manifest nail

Buy some pretty heart design sticker which are easily available in stores. The choose a base coat and apply it on all the nails. Then stick the heart design stickers on each nail using transparent polish. then stick some rhinestone of your choice  with the help of nail art glue or transparent polish.

Classic red with tiny hearts

Image Source: Habiba El-kallas

Want to make everyone jealous with your nail art? This stunning nail art can be created with simple steps. Get a little artistic and bring a cartoon twist on a standard heart design.Apply the red color as the base coat after that stick cute black with golden outline heart shape stickers  with the help of transparent polish on your nails and your beautiful nail art is done.

Rose and Rhinestones nail art

Image Source: Xavier Garcia

Want to paint everything red this valentine’s day?  To draw rose design is a great challenge for nail art lovers out there. However, it is totally worth it. This nail art is so aw- inspiring that we can’t stop staring at the beautiful pattern. Isn’t it a charming design? choose the red color of love as the base coat and stick 3D rhinestone with nail art glue.

Red and white hearts!

Image Source: Nailiness

For the valentines day you can go for all hearts. Keeping the base coat of white with red hearts and one nail can stand out with red coating and white hearts. If you are dressed romantically then why not your nails.  This nail art has been done by Nailiness. This art can look good on your nails.

String of hearts!

Image Source: Shellie Smith

This nail art was done by Shellie Smith. Keeping one nail coloured with red glitter nail paint and other nails with white plain coat and string of hearts on it with black outlines looks extremely gorgeous. Why not try this nail art for your valentines day special.

Black matte nails

Image Source: YoungBi

This nail art does not have glitter. Black matte nail paint with half checked nails is a perfect Nair art if you like to keep it matte. This art was done by Young Bi. This is a very strong look for nails who likes things bold.

Glittered stoned nails!

Image Source: Nails of Aquarius

This nail art looks very strong and fierce. Karolyn is the nail artist for this nail art. Using heart beats and hearts with some stones on it she made it look very smart and bold. This art is very beautiful and she has used a lot of glitter. This art is for someone who likes it glittery and don’t want to choose matte.

The heart touch

Image Source:My Mint Nails

This art involves hearts at the tip of the nails. Keeping the outlines different in colours and also the base with white and black looks great. Normally girls don’t like to use white plain nail paints so why not try it with some hearts and you might want to keep them on your nails for a little longer.

The one inspired by chocolates

Image Source: SHIORI

This nail art is clearly inspired by chocolates and desserts. Well it won’t be wrong to  say its white cream art.  Keeping it yummy and with some great inspirations you re good to go if you are crazy in love with he chocolates.

Glitter all way!

Image Source: Le Reve Nails & Spa

It’s a perfect inspiration for Valentines day Nail art. Right amount of glitter with perfect pink and hearts Toit is so gorgeous. This art is created by Le Reve Nails & Spa.

Studded Hearts!


Perfect blend of baby pink and white with studded hearts and some ceramic outlines is looking stunning on these nails. You can recreate this nail art for yourself for this Valentines day.

Literal Interpretation!

Image Source: Ellen

This nail art is showing literal interpretation of love. With the gorgeous pink peach mix base and love outshining it is looking very strong and amazing. This nail art was created by Ellen (nevernakeynails).

Shades of pink

Image Source: Nails by Jay

It is a beautiful romantic rose design with different tones of pink in it. Who likes to keep it understated this is a beautiful design and art for your nails. These nails were don’t by Nails By Jay.

Funk to nails!

Image Source: V & Mi Nails Eyebrow Threading

Beautiful nails with some lip designs and some hearts along with golden ceramic specs is looking so funky and fun. This is looking mesmerising and different from regular nail art with some matte and glitter in it. It looks different.

Matte pink and gold hearts!

Image Source: gabycela

This nail art is very simple with some golden hearts and baby pink base for the nails. Easy to make and soft on hands, looks like a good Valentines day nail art ideas.

Confusing Game?

Image Source: Pepper Mint Polish Nail Artist

Base colour is so subtle and presenting the he loves me or he loves me not game on the nails is a very new and innovative Valentines day nail art idea. This is the one to go for this year!

Fun Art depiction!

Image Source: Nail Pop LLC

Freaky designs for valentines day are right here in this valentines day nail art idea. It is showing different images on different nails keeping the base white it is looking very interesting.

Winter Grey!

Image Source: Ella Hoff

Keeping the base colour as grey and putting the words all out on the nails is what you should go for this winter. It is looking lovely on her nails especially one nail is standing out with roses all over it.

The crimson pink

Image Source: Christina Baunsgaard 

The pink love is very evident in this nail art. Close to heart, it depicts heart beats and hearts in such a mbeautiful manner that no one will give second thoughts on should I get it done or not ?

Make His Ring Worth It!

Image Source:Nails by Jaz

Dance on the tunes of love with this loving red nail art idea. Paint your thumb, middle and pinky finger maroon red and shimmery red to your index finger. Artistically stick colorful heart stickers on your ring fingernail and imagine how gorgeous it would look later if he gifts you a ring.

Jolly Good Fellow!

Image Source: Nails by Nikki

Girls who have jolly and kiddish mates who love funk can get along with this nail art idea. Varnish thumb, middle and pinky finger baby pink and index and ring finger with white shade. You can then use crazy heart doodles on both.

Catch His Eyes!

Image Source: Amanda

I bet you will definitely like idea one glance. It may look a bit intricate but it will look aesthetically pleasing after empire! This nail art design is highly suggested to long nails only as short nails would get smudged. Polish your nails white and lemonade pink in one half. Then, decorate it according to the picture and sellotape stones.

Star-crossed Hearts Met!

Image Source: Lisa Storsberg

A very fancy and likable nail art idea for your absolute date is here. Polish your thumb, index and pinky finger magenta pink and middle finger with silver shimmer. Paint your ring finger white and draw horizontal alternate black and silver lines. Stick pink heart stickers to finish the deed.

The Solemn Vibes!

Image Source:Priscilla Nails

This fabulous shade of carnation pink is my personal favorite. I personally suggest this nail art idea to girls who like to keep it pacific.

Welcome To My Clubhouse!


You are his Minnie and he is your Micky, this time love Disney style! Paint your index and middle finger white and thumb and pinky finger hot red. Crayon polka dots on your pinky and shimmer paint golden your ring finger. Then doodle a fun, Micky, on your middle finger.

Candy To His Eyes!


As tasty and addicting as a candy, his love is your favorite addiction. Paint your nails candy pink and draw baby pink colored hearts on it with polka dots. This nail art idea is quite easy yet pretty!

Got Our Love Painted!

Image Source: Nailz by Dev

Love can be magical and full of fantasies just like a world of cartoons. This anime-styled nail art idea is just amazing to be chosen for your Valentine’s day.

Have an Extraordinary Valentine’s!

People who say love is a hype are stupid, love is as mystic and as fun to embrace as this mesmeric nail art idea presented on your screen. Paint your nails with glitter and stick crazy dice, love, and UFO stickers.

Love Notes Alert!


Not necessarily love needs to be spoken and conveyed always. Go nontraditional and stick to this nail art idea where you grace Valentine’s occasion by these love notes and messages.

Love Drunk, Paint Sober!

Image Source: Katelyn Shay

This nail art idea is completely sober and so easy going. If you want to try an art which is theme-based but also not too loud you can try this nail art idea. Paint your nails with the baby pink shade and spot black polka dots on it. Also, leave a small black heart at the corners.

Love Is In The Air!

Image Source: BoKnowsNails

When you fall in love with the air around you is full of love. Suddenly love songs lyrics are relatable, and you feel love all around you. You can feel the air of love with this special nail art idea.


Image Source:Nails by Lisa

Alcohol maybe a trend but the cocktail is an old kind of love and is forever and ever a part of our lives. With a cocktail of shades of pink Ruby, Fuchsia, Ultra, and watermelon have a flavored Valentine’s this year.

Do Not Settle!

Image Source: Vanessa Iniguez

As you did not settle for less in the case of love, do not settle for less in your nail art too. Go ultimately fancy and classy by applying this nail enamel to your hands.

Totally Vogue!

Image Source: Doris Sanchez Nails

He makes you glow and make you paint your nails in buzz with his love. Try this highly artistic nail art idea and look extra glam!

Like an Ice-cream Sundae!

Image Source: Nailology Spa

You have found the right heart to love this time if looking at your mate you always feel you will not give him up this time. Do not give up on this marvelous nail art idea with glitter and golden hearts.

Love Concentrated!

Image Source: Jamie’s Minute Mani’s

Your love for him is as pure and concentrated as this deep burgundy shade of red. Apply burgundy red on all your nails and finish the deed by pink shimmer.

Follow My Lead!

Image Source: Diana Uribe

Men like him are rare to find and you consider yourself lucky to find him. If this is what you feel for him then you should totally go with this very bizarre nail art idea.

Enlighten His World!

Image Source: INSPO home

To him you are his world for you the world is in him and everything you both are, are because you are together forever hand in hand. Embrace the love this Valentine’s by trying this amazing nail art and polishing your nails liquor red.

Trendy Romantic Nail Art for Long Nails


Are you looking for something quiet romantic, in this season of love. Let me give you certain interesting nail arts, which will surely allure your pride. Red is colour of love when combined with kissy style- surely they appeal our senses. Give it a try. I am sure you will be quiet satisfied with your nail outlook. One small tip:use tooth sticks or any kind of dotting tools.

Personalised Nail Art for Valentine’s Day

Image Source: Sarah Nguyen

Wanna introduce yourself with gestures, like with the help of your nail. Introducing a new saga in nail art-combination of baby pink and sky blue nail polish beautified with the help of either stones or glitters. Tips- Use nail sticks and write in your roman fashion, Matte touch helps to give a neat finishing. If you are using sequins apply the top coat then adjust the sequin style as per your desire.

Love is everywhere

Image Source: Pebbles and Polish

Love love love. Love is everywhere. Come on ladies, lets give some love effect to nails. Cover your main coat of the nail with bright red colour. With the help of tooth pick or dotting sticks, draw love design or in letters etc. Finally give covering nail polish, which gives a finishing touch to this design. For the one exceptional nail design, apply baby pink nail glitter and cover up with the nail stature mode. Are you interested in further valentine’s day nail art ideas. Scroll on, my beautiful people!

Ombre Nail Art for Valentine’s Day

Image Source: anna-maria

Wanna catch some ombre art! Let me give you a step by step tutorial. First Paint your nails the lightest shade that you picked. Then with the help of make up sponge start painting thin stripes of each color across the sponge. And apply it is dotting fashion, and be cautious that you did not press too hard. Apply it from lighter shade in cuticle to the darker one at tip. Then apply your desired nail art with the help of tooth pick. To give a finishing touch, apply nail cover.

Interesting matte design for Valentine’s Day

Image Source: maya

Ow another one interesting matte design. Let me give you some interesting tips for matte. Matte can also be made in another way,  by mixing it with a powder of some kind. In the powder, you can even replace it with cornstarch, baking powder, or even fine flour. The fine method- place a few drops of your polish in a clear dish, and then later  mix in tiny amounts of the powder into it with a toothpick. Then apply it in your nail. And later apply your sequin structure, in ‘love’  fashion. Thus you may accomplish this fabulous design.

Mystical nail art

Image Source: Sara Strange

Interested in some mystical nail art. Lets do it in a black and white fashion. First apply white shade in your neatly manicured nail. With help of dotting material give a beautiful design of heart and cross at your desired position. At last, to give a finishing touch apply the nail coat.

Simple Nail Art for Short Nails on V-Day

Image Source: CE Beauty

Lets try a combo of neat stroke and matte, don’t we!? Pick to interesting colours like pitch black and baby pink. Apply the matte design with black and a neat finishing with baby pink colour. Apply these two designs in two nails each. Add some love designs in your designed space with your desired colour.

Beautiful Rose in Black Background

Image Source: Anna-maria

Lets give wild touch to this art form, can we!  Ok, now first apply a black nail polish as the base. In this design tooth pick plays the main role, that is dip the toothpick in your favourable color then draw it in your nail. Give a final stroke with the help of nail coat.

French manicure design for Valentine’s Day

Image Source: shibuya

At last some french manicure design. First with the help of tape cover, cover the edges of the nail which is desired to be painted. Later remove tape and apply the nail coat. Invent some net design either with direct application by tooth picks or for the fine perfection use tape.

Purple Girlish Nails in Glittery Design

Image Source: Glitter_all_day

Add some sparkle in your love life, with these glittery designs. Its simple!  Apply the base color, I prefer light colours as the glitter will do the remaining  job. Smear up the glittery nail polish upto the mid section. And sprinkle up in the  rest. Thus you will atlast get a beautiful nail art, which sparkly butters.

Glittery Nails for Valentine’s Day

Image Source: We Love Glitter Design

Are you crazy funky, obsessed with dashing colors and cranky nails. Lets set up a nail design, especially for you. Combine all the above designs, I prescribed. Like apply one nail with glittery fashion, other with matte combine it with some drawings with the help of tooth pick. We have fostered one popular design above, check out!

French Manicure Art

Image Source: Nails by Casandra Vargas

Obsessed with french manicure art,let me give you some fine examples and tips regarding this design. With the help of tape cover the adjacent palate with tape, so that nail polish neatly barred to the manicured side. Apply some nail coat to give a fine finishing touch. You can also add some drawings for the valentine touch. Are you desired off long nail manicured!? Don’t worry some artificial safe manicure nails are available in the store. So guys, try this on.

Lets bloom these lavender flowers

Image Source: NAILS by MEI

In this season of love, lets bloom these lavender flowers with the help of some valentine day ideas. Apply your lavender colored nail polish, then later give a smooth nail coat. Now, with the help of toothpick draw the heart design with white colored nail polish then over cover it with white glittery. For easy, neat art making drawing nail art palates are available online. Check it out.

Heart Shaped Violet Nail design

Image Source: Alfa Romero CND EA

Looking for a classy valentine mode of nail art. Here is it! Lets look into the step by step manual. First cover up your nail with nude colour. With the help of tape cover the edge portions and apply the velvet glittery touch and finish up with the help of neat covering coat.

Classic Nail Design in White & Gold

Image Source: Kathy Salyer

Ah, another one classy styled nail design. Come on lets look into the step by step tutorial, first apply the neat white nail polish over your nail  you can also cover with a matte touch. Then with the help of tape cover the corner of the cuticle portion. With a small gap  stick on another tape. And, apply the gold nail polish to it. Beautify this piece of art with some heart design.

Glitter Nail Art for Medium Nails

Image Source: Danisha Emett

Now, take some white, gold and peacock green nail polish. Apply it alternatively, In the white nail color artistically match golden horizontal stripes either with the help of tapes or toothpicks. Stamp a cute heart design on the edge, wont you?

A heart manicure

Image Source: Lisa’s Nail Art

A heart manicure! Now, take a pinky nail color and smear it on the edge to the middle in the heart structure as visualised above. Give a neat finishing touch by applying the nail coat cover.

Pink Lips Nail Art for Short Nails

Image Source:Nails by Bianca Leahy

Lets colorize this valentine month with some kissy nail art. For the above art, neatly slide the white nail polish. Then with the help of tooth pick or dotting instrument portray some kissy gestures or heart pictures.

These nail art ideas are so creative and interesting. K4 Fashion is continuously trying to bring up new ideas for you so that you can go out and look extremely gorgeous and trying to make you stand out in the crowd. These designs are been shortlisted keeping in mind that the Week of Love that is Valentines day is coming soon.

Take your manicure to a whole new level with glamorous nail art. We hope you got your dose of inspiration. Pamper yourself and have fun recreating nail art.Transform those simple boring dull nails into something stunning with your artistic mind and make them stand out. Make strong statement with your valentine’s day nail art. Play around with couple of designs and create the best nail art. Go ahead and try them and do tell us which nail art you liked the most in the comment section below.

What a satisfying nail art trip! We hope you have lovely time recreating these nail art forms on your nails. Let us know your favorite Nail Art Idea that you are going to try on Valentine’s Day. Share it with your girl gang and fix a nail makeover date.

30 Simple Nail Art Designs for Beginners 2022

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