Purple Nail Art  Trends to Try This Year

Purple Gemstone Layered Nails With A Golden Dot!
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Women love to experiment with fashion especially when it comes to nail art designs. They tend to try different colors and choose which suits them. A unique choice that women attempt is experimenting with purple nail polish. The color purple itself is associated with something royal or something witchy and magic and generally means something powerful and passionate. And such prominent is what ladies wish for to make a bold statement towards the world about their characteristics and freedom.

So, if you are in the mood for something colorful, something or something princessy, then purple nail art design is the best one to start with. You can try different styles or patterns that you like and get that done either by yourself or by an expert, so make sure if you do manicures next time then definitely try these purple nail designs. Hence, we provided you with some of the amazing purple nail designs that you browse from. Don’t waste any more time and get right into the below list!

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Purple Nail Art Designs

Cashmere Cute Alternating

Nails by IBD:@sierrasnails_  created a beautiful pattern where opposites do seem to attract were curated by them, an individual’s tips look spectacular. They paired lilac and translucent colors with swapped floral designs which makes this entire chic yet casual look so minimalistic. The pattern aside, the artistic elements involved here can make any individual feel exquisite!

Purple Nail Art Designs Cashmere Cute Alternating
Image Source: sierra unsicker

 Stop and Smell the Chicest Lavenders!

Someone once said floral designs are the toughest. But it looks like @rainbownailed created an extravagant lavender floral pattern with the green grass gleaming from the tips of the fingers. The minimalist look that these nails serve can match with any high-spirited outfit that one wishes to pair it with!

Purple Nail Art Designs Stop And Smell The Chic-est Lavenders!
Image Source: Vic

Purple Grapes Serving the Fruit Nail Art Trend!

@megsmanis curated the most stunning look for #glamnailschallengeaug by designing grape art giving the perfect cottage girl aesthetic. The purples and the greens beaming through the white base, make the grapes look incredibly extravagant. Additionally, the white detailing shows the gesture of the pattern calmly finishing such a spectacular look.

Purple Nail Art Designs Purple Grapes Serving The Fruit Nail Art Trend!
Image Source: Megan

Is Halloween Early this Year with the Spookiest Space Nails?!

On a nude base coat, @tengoku_nails designed the spookiest artistic nail art. The perfect amalgamation of blue and purple glimmery shades with moons and stars and the aesthetically pleasing Kawai nails with the spooky ghost get the entire piece together. The animated elements along with the beaded parts add another layer of ‘statement’ to the entire fantabulous look.

Purple Nail Art Designs Is Halloween Early This Year With The Spookiest Space Nails?!
Image Source: Nail Tenshi, Annie

Spooky Season opened with some Gorgeous Bat Nails!

@clawsbyjulie curated the prettiest Halloween nails with hues of purple in it. Embellished with bat art and black tips, these almond-shaped gel nails create a perfect benchmark to match your best Halloween costume with! These festive nails are a very chic yet very indie look that not only goes in the spooky season but can make a bold statement at any time in the year.

Purple Nail Art Designs Spooky Season Opened With Some Gorgeous Bat Nails!
Image Source: JULIE | GEL X nail artist

Let your Fingers Smile through its Flowers!

This astonishing, aesthetically pleasing y2k nail art design was curated by @sarah_nailsj. The primary color scheme was purple complementing the lightest shade of lavender. Each nail has been curated with a different mood and different hidden meanings at large. As a whole, this look represents elements from a yin-yang to a smiley flower, to a y2k heart, to more smileys and more flowers!

Purple Nail Art Designs Let Your Fingers Smile Through Its Flowers!
Image Source: Welcome

Anzeige: Swarovski Crystals Embellished over Fibre Rose Intense!

@julietsaphira_nailartist was the mastermind and the creator of the stunning statement nails for Anzeige. The art started with a nude base coat with lilac overcoating the tips and the base coat alternatively. The index and the rink finger found their way with the gorgeous glittery over-layering which was all gotten together with Swarovski crystals pasted over the middle ringer. As a whole, this minimalist yet utterly beautiful look when paired with a chic outfit makes a perfect summer go-to!

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Purple Nail Art Designs Anzeige: Swarovski Crystals Embellished Over Fibre Rose Intense!
Image Source: Juliet Saphira Beauty

 Alternating Purple Acrylics with a Remarkable Y2k Themed Variation!

Designed by @ka_studio, the lavender-coated acrylic nails look absolutely phenomenal with a y2k twist! The middle and the ring nails started with a clear base coat, layered with stipes of hues of pink and purple divided by a shimmery border and greyscale leopard print respectively over the two fingers. The leaf twig gets the entire look together balancing the matte with the glittery sections in these y2k nails.

Alternating Purple Acrylics With A Remarkable Y2k Themed Variation!
Image Source: KA Studio

 Gorgeous Purple Chrome Nails with an Added Shimmery Twist!

Created by @nailsbyshiday, the purple chrome nails create such an iconic, bold aura that can make any glam look stand out! This comes with a little bit of a twist as the chrome is balanced by the shimmery center nails, a layered scratch from a clear base coat, sprinkled purple glitter at the tips, and an overcoat of a clear paint again!

Gorgeous Purple Chrome Nails With And Added Shimmery Twist!

 The Coolest Animated Summer Nails!

@nailzbydevshop created the prettiest and the coolest amalgamation of gel nails, where hues of blue and purple were painted with textures beaming through the colors! The center nails feature two extremely cute animated characters which hand-painted by the artist, proving to be fantastically gorgeous indie nail art!

The Coolest Animated Summer Nails!
Image Source:

 Stunning Y2k Stripes on Nude Nails take us Back to the 2000s!

Designed by @nailbyvan82, these beautiful nails, started with a nude base coat, overlayered by stripes painted of indigo, purple and blue, this entire look takes one back to the summer of the early 2000s and the sheer nostalgia beaming through these gel nails!

Stunning Y2k Stripes On Nude Nails Take Us Back To 2000s!
Image Source: VAN

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 Purple Gemstone Layered Nails with a Golden Dot!

@lacquerjacks designed the most stunning marble textured nails with ints of purple! The base coating was a purple jelly polish, the clear polish diluted the look and simulated textures highlighting the layers. The texture also includes sheer white sponging to show up the tiny veins which individually showcase the authenticity of this beautiful piece. This chic dainty look is finished by a golden dot placed over the ring nail to make the art look more surreally astonishing and to bring the entire look together!

Purple Gemstone Layered Nails With A Golden Dot!
Image Source: jolie

 Swarovski Pixie Acrylic Nails Sprinkled with a Few 3d Flower Nails!

As created by @nailsxsoraya, these alternating pixie nails scream statement and bold nails! With each nail having a different variation for the theme, shimmery purple, the Swarovski embellishments pressed along with 3D flowers and glitter brings the entire chic element to the nails. And when paired with the best outfit, the acrylic allure can stand out and shine as a whole!

Swarovski Pixie Acrylic Nails Sprinkled With A Few 3d Flower Nails!
Image Source: Soraya

 Chic Unicorn Acrylic Nails with Gorgeous Butterflies!

@baybabyval  curated the most eye-pleasing, aesthetically dreamy nails! With a base coat of a nude shade, layered with hues of purple, sky blue, and white, the pattern compliments a unicorn theme going with a soft girl/ cottage girl aesthetic. With the ring finger as an exception to the matte look on all the tips, this fingertip had butterfly elements tick on them simulating an illustration of butterflies sitting on colorful flowers. The alternate finger with the whole look being so spectacular, when paired with an amazing outfit cannot fail to give the bold look that it was created for!

Chic Unicorn Acrylic Nails With Gorgeous Butterflies!
Image Source: Nailpro

Purple has the ability to mold itself into any style, so what are you waiting for, try some of these amazing designs and slay your look!

Stars-like purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Stars-like purple nail art design
Image Source: Magpie USA

Glittered White and purple combo are used to cover the nails and then half-stars like patterns are attached above. Definitely worth it for an amazing night out or something similar.

Brown and purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Brown and purple nail art design
Image Source: NGY Nail

This one something unique to see that the nail artwork also covers the broken nails. A combination of jewelled stones and purple glittered stickers are the things that enhance the already different design.

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Love theme purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Love theme purple nail art design
Image Source: Rinesaa Nails

All the nails are painted in purple nail polish and then the ring fingernail of both hands have the love heart patterns done in black. Something easy, but something classy.

Witchy theme nail art design

Witchy theme nail art design
Image Source: Nat Mcmains

All witch figurines are present in their design. A cross, a sword, a star, the moon, a tooth, and other such characters we can see adorned here in purple and black. You want to go bold, especially on Halloween then try this one.

Cat theme nail art design

Cat theme nail art design
Image Source: Spring with friends

Cute black cats seem to be getting used in the below designs. We also have some stars and moons adorned around. Definitely gives out the whole witchy vibe.

Light purple with white nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Light purple with white nail art design
Image Source: Stephanie Tran

Starting with something simple for a daily look, this nail art design inspires you to try the two light shades of purple with white waves-like patterns over the nude colour nail polish on all the fingernails.

Wavy-purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Wavy-purple nail art design
Image Source: SPN Nails Professional

Light nail polish enhances the simple look on the index and the ring fingernails. Then we see the wavy patterns on the middle and the pinky fingernails.

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Skinish-purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Skinish-purple nail art design
Image Source: That Set by Nhi

All the fingernails have the same design, that is, the classic combination of skin and purple nail polish. Someone who doesn’t like heavy designs would surely fall in love with the below picture.

Purple ombre nail art design

Purple ombre nail art design
Image Source: Miss M. Nails Liverpool

This purple ombre nail art design looks amazing and classy. Glass like vibe is felt throughout the design. And perfectly suited for young girls.

Another floral purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Another floral purple nail art design
Image Source: Yvonne Jimenez

Artificial petals; huge and small purple and silver stones combine the effort of bringing such a gorgeous nail art design. Whatever you can possibly think for is there in this design.

Another butterfly purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Another butterfly purple nail art design
Image Source: Andrea

The long acrylic nails have the light purple matte nail polish on the three of the nails. The ring fingernail beautiful blue butterflies with green and orange dots on the nude colour. The middle fingernail has the stones attached in a wave pattern with one butterfly nearby.

Butterfly themed purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Wavy-purple nail art design
Image Source: Nunu Nails

A combination of skin and purple highlights gives the shining view with glitters. Then various butterfly figures are glued on the alternate fingernails and they look damn good.

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All things shiny purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs All things shiny purple nail art design
Image Source: 𝖸𝖾𝗌𝗌𝗂

Each acrylic nail is done in variations. The index has the flowers; the ring and the pinky with purple stones at the end have purple nail paint, and the middle fingernail highlights the glittered deep purple used here.

Firy purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Firy purple nail art design
Image Source: Triple D

This colour combination is imperfectly unique and suits each other. The way the fire colour just melts with the purple glitters and all that are stuck together with gel nail polish.

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One butterfly nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs  One butterfly nail art design
Image Source: Cojocariu Alina

Top triangle-like patterns are made using matte deep purple and pink nail paint. Purple jewels and then a single butterfly also are adorned in this design.

Jewelled purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Jewelled purple nail art design
Image Source: J.J. Nailz

Beautiful rhinestones are used in the below picture. Pink shiny nail polish is used as the base and then unique artistic purple markings are made. Floral petals are attached and jeweled purple and silver stones are used to complete the look.

Floral purple nail art design

Purple Nail Art Designs Floral purple nail art design
Image Source: Lori Anastos

The deep purple stickers with gold attached to the matte light purple nail polish give out a hue look. Then, there are the flowers done on the middle fingernail. The last pinky fingernail though has the glittered purple.

Artistic purple nail art design

Artistic purple nail art design
Image Source: BeautByBee

Beautiful art-like patterns similar to wall paintings and marbles can be seen to be used as the inspiration of the below design. Wavy and hue markings are well adjusted which only enhances the classy look more.

Another love theme is the purple nail art design

Another love theme purple nail art design
Image Source: Nail Church

Light pink nail gel polish is used on acrylic nails. Then waves-like patterns and love hearts are drawn on them. If love is in the air, then go for it.

Did you know that purple has been chosen as the International Women’s Day color? It is bold and classy that’s why most women prefer it because they look elegant and gorgeous. Wanting to wear clothes that need to go with purple,  then you can team that up with purple nail artwork too. You can opt for any nail art designs like light shade or dark shades, any figures you wanna attached as stickers or rhinestones; just anything you want. And that is exactly what we have brought you here on the list. So I hope you enjoyed going through the list and by now definitely found the one.

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