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Mickey themed bejeweled nail art
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What is nail art? Well, it is a way to decorate or paint our nails to create a stylish look and boost the beauty of all ladies. They are usually done on fingernails and toenails after manicures and pedicures. The fashion sector has recently seen quite a rise of this artwork from teenagers to middle-aged women coming up with ways to make their nails really pretty.

If you talk about the history or the origin of nail art, it is pretty much unknown. But people in Ancient Egypt and Babylonia did use them to paint their nails especially women and Babylonia used to use kajal for the purpose. China was actually the first to have come up with the practice around some 3000 BC ago and the first record to be made of this practice was the Inca Empire in the 1400s to 1500s. Later, many countries like European nations, the USA, France, etc. had adopted it. And during the 1900s, the transition came to them around this artwork and the modern designs and practice that we see today originally came from Japan. That’s what has been theorized and hypothesized about the origin of nail art.

Looking for some cool designs to paint your nails, we might have all come across Disney-themed ones. Now if you are obsessed with Disney or a fan of it, you might have all kinds of Disney collections in your closet. But what about nail arts? You might wanna flaunt your love for Disney right? Then what better way to do that through nail paintings? Here are some funky ideas for you to choose from for your Disney inspired nail art:

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Disney Nail Art Designs Just For You

Flaunt Bambi’s Thumper on short nails

The first picture is inspired by the movie Bambi and Bambi II which came out in the years 1942 and 2000 respectively. The character design on the left thumb is Thumper the rabbit. He always thumps his left hind foot and he is famously known for it. This looks adorable and perfect for any occasion.

Disney Nail Art Designs Flaunt Bambi's Thumper on your nails
Image Source: ji_niiiii

Disney’s Jungle book as cool nail art design

Look at the Disney’s Jungle book character’s hanging out together! There is Mowgli, Shere Khan, Bagheera, Kaa, Baloo, and King Louie. This jungle book edition design look so cute and perfect for any trip. This may be popular among youngsters, especially teenagers. They will love to show off their nail world to the world.

Disney Nail Art Designs Disney's Junglebook as cool nail art design
Image Source: cam otteson

Mickey the mouse in emo style

Here, the art is done with keeping Disney’s Mickey Mouse in mind. The color combination of the artwork is black and silver. With sparky and glittery all around the theme, this gives out a really cool emo style. Also, we see some stars’ outer galaxy-inspired patterns too to enhance the design more. And if you want everyone to see your funky nails, try this nail art.

Disney Nail Art Designs Mickey the mouse in emo style
Image Source: Tatjana 

The Powerpuff girls all together!

In this image, the index finger and the pinky of the right hand are painted in sparkly blood and aqua blue colors and the index finger of the left hand is one in dark blue. The other fingers consist of the characters from the Powerpuff girls and are Mojo Jojo the villain, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom.

Disney Nail Art Designs The Powerpuff girls all together!
Image Source: Sarah Kane 

Leopard themed cool nail art for medium nails

Check out how the man is enjoying himself in this leopard-themed design! The man talked about is painted on the index finger of the left hand. Two roses are marked on the finger along with black-bordered on the other two. And the main center of attraction of this design is the Swarovski jewel stones glued to give the theme a glorious look.

Disney Nail Art Designs Leopard themed cool nail art
Image Source: Leszarts de marie

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Fairy monsters with blue piercing design for long nails

This nail art design is totally glorious to the utmost level with fire-themed patterns painted on the fingers. A ring-like structure is pierced to the thumbs and we also have some silver markings with a glittery violet outline on the other two. The fire in black and violet give this a unique look with a single monster item glued to the middle of the right hand.

Disney Nail Art Designs Firy monsters with blue piercing design
Image Source: Stynail

Mickey Mouse in white and gold

We can clearly see that Disney’s Mickey Mouse is drawn in white and gold theme. Two gold stones are also glued to the middle fingers of both hands. Beautiful small pearls are attached to the index with complicated patterns to enhance the overall look. All around we see glittery vibes and the mickey Mouse are done fully on white.

Disney Nail Art Designs Mickey Mouse in white and gold
Image Source: Nail Artist HIDEKAZU

Go all aqua with Disney’s Mermaid Princess!

This look is inspired by the famous Disney water princess, the little mermaid. All the fingers are completed with the blue theme as the base. The characters Princess Ariel, the fish Flounder, and shell items are attached to the nails to give it a finished look. So if you love anything water and Disney, this might just be your look!

Disney Nail Art Designs Go all aqua with Disney's Mermaid Princess!
Image Source: naho z

Disney’s Pocahontas inspired design on nails

This is a simple yet sophisticated design that is taken from Disney’s Pocahontas. We see the character Pocahontas, who is the daughter of Chief Powhatan, outlined on the index finger of their left hand. And various of her accessories are scattered throughout the other fingers giving them a clean look. And we may see ladies loving this design.

Disney Nail Art Designs Disney's Pocahontas inspired design on nails
Image Source: Leszarts de marie

Spongebob SquarePants’ theme nail art design

The characters of the comedy show are used to make this nail paint. We see here Spongebob SquarePants, Squidward, Patrick Star, and Plankton on the nails. Then we also have two small diamond-like stones glued with glittery pink as the base giving this look an simple but perplexing look. For casual use, this can be used if you are a fan of Spongebob.

Spongebob SquarePants' theme nail art design
Image Source: Stynail

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Alice in Wonderland design for nails

Now, in this image, we have nail art design taken from the popular and famous Alice in Wonderland. Alice, a mushroom, bee, and the snake is drawn on the gel-like nail paint completed with waves in a combination of colors such as black, yellow, pink, and glittery silver. The acrylic nails give out a trippy outlook.

Alice in Wonderland design for nails
Image Source: Devin Strebler

Lion King nail art here we come!

This picture has a gorgeous blend of black, yellow, orange, and brown. Inspired by Disney’s famous Lion King, the characters such as Nala and Pumbaa appears on the nails with various other animals like an elephant, a giraffe. And the one that completes the overall look is the infamous scene from the movie with Nala. If you are obsessed with Lion King, this is the must design for you.

Lion King nail art here we come!
Image Source: Bamnailz

Mickey-themed bejeweled nail art

Heavy jewelry stones are used in this image. Also, we have the “Dream” painted in black. For Mickey lovers, this is like a dream come true! Styled with homestead art this bejeweled design has some complicated marking done on the thumb finger. The overall look outlines a seductive vibe from the theme.

Mickey themed bejeweled nail art
Image Source: Ugly Duckling nails

Another Princess Ariel inspired nail art design

This image has the most stunning design of all. Inspired by Disney’s mermaid princess, Ariel, seashells are drawn on both glittery gold and simple white with jewel stones and a pearl attached to complete the look. Ariel’s mermaid tail is done on the thumb. This is perfect for anything special or special occasions where women would love to showcase their nail beauty.

Another Princess Ariel inspired nail art design
Image Source: Nails Fascination

Raya and the dragon all along with you!

This beautiful and amazing design is based on Disney’s Raya and The Dragon. The acrylic look enhance the beauty of the long nails and is completed with a complicated form where the characters such as Princess Raya, and the Dragon are done on the fingers. Floral patterns are also adorned which only amplifies the overall look.

Raya and the dragon all along with you!
Image Source: Yaranail Studio

The above Disney-themed designs can be flaunted by the fans or lovers of anything Disney to show their love and devotion towards their favorite characters. They can pair the nail arts with outfits designed with keeping Disney in mind. From cute animals to adorable princesses or villains, they would love to show off their nail art.  In fact, professional nail artists can make do with what they want.

1. Mickey and Minnie Smiling at You

Disney Nail Art Designs Disney Nail Art Designs
Image Source: leszarts de marie

This is the cutest nail art you can try. If you are a fan of metallic colours and Mickey at the same time. Try out this. What can be more wonderful than this!

You can colour other nails with any colour you like. The most favourable would be metallic colour. Then start making Mickey’s and Minnie’s faces on anyone finger you like to. You can also decorate your other fingers as shown in the picture. Metallic colour will look much better with this rather than matte colour.

2. Natural Mickey and Minnie

Disney Nail Art Designs Natural Mickey and Minnie
Image Source: piqibo

You remember how Mickey and Minnie’s colour used to be. We all may not remember exactly but still, remember the maximum of the colours. We remember Minnie’s pink headband. You remember that nose of Minnie and Mickey. That’s all you need for this nail art.

You don’t need to use a variety of colours all over your nail. You can just go for a colourful look around the edge of your nail. On one of the nails, draw Mickey. Mickey can be without the eyes draw you just need to draw the overall structure of Mickey. Similarly, you can draw mine on another hand of yours.

3. Mickey Mouse Colourful Heads

Disney Nail Art Designs Mickey mouse colourful heads
Image Source: Jayden Figueroa

Mickey’s head is such an easy thing to remember. His round face and two big ears are so easy to outline and draw. You just need to do the same. But with the help of vibrant colours. Take up every kind of colour you can take for your nail art. And start drawing Mickey’s head.

Start picking up numerous colours and drawing them. This will give a beautiful colourful nail art look. You can also have a nude background but that’s up to you. You may also switch to black background for a dark look.

4. Pastel Light Blue with Mickey Balloon

Disney Nail Art Designs Pastel light blue with Mickey balloon
Image Source: yes icanails

Pastel colours are such beautiful colours to see and apply. You can switch to many pastel colours that are available in the market. But since it’s about Disney land and cute things, pastel sky blue would be the best this time.

Apply pastel nail colour to all the nails. The plain nail colour will work as a background. Now, apply black nail art to the ring fingernail. Make Mickey’s head-shaped balloon at the nail. This Disney nail art design will be loved by all.

5. Grey Grey Halloween

Disney Nail Art Designs Grey grey Halloween
Image Source: Nikki

Not sure about a Halloween party, but sure about this wonderful Halloween nail art. Maybe your Disney favourite cartoon was of course the glamour ghost. So draw it up. Give that spooky look all over. A grey background will work perfectly. So try to apply grey nail paint and then try to give out the scary haunted effects to all of your nails.

You can follow the one given in the picture or you bring your creativity into action as well.

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6. Not a Mickey Fan? Try Different

Disney Nail Art Designs Not a Mickey fan? Try different
Image Source: cam otteson

Disney is majorly about Mickey Minnie but not all of it is about only them. Your favourite Disney cartoons may be something different. So now make all the cast members of your favourite cartoon in all your nails.

Try to make them look as they are half underwater. This is the coolest nail art you can try. Give it a try and look the coolest among the group. You are gonna rock this look. In the picture, there’s a certain kind of blue colour used. Try to use the same.

7. Polka Dots and Minnie’s Bow!

Disney Nail Art Designs Polka dots and Minnie's bow!
Image Source: sandrap nails

As you can see, it is the cutest nail art you can try. The index finger will have polka dots in it. On the middle finger try drawing Minnie’s pretty hairband. This hairband was something of the new design if you remember. You don’t need to be exact in drawing this. Just take the picture as the reference and draw it. You will outline and then have the bow coloured pink.

The ring finger can be decorated with 3D nail art if you want to. You can have a white nail colour and draw a fine line of pink colour. This is for someone who wants to put effort into their nail art.

8. Halloween are for the Bold!

Disney Nail Art Designs Halloween are for the bold!
Image Source: Ashley Besselievre

Want a bold look? Try this. This nail art will give you a subtle, decent and bold look at the same time. Sounds amazing, right! Try this Halloween nail art. Try to give the Halloween place in one of your nails in both fingers. Applying them in all nails will give a conducted and bad look. Instead try to pair them up with white background nail arts, if you want to look good. In the white nails, you can make flowers or music tattoos or any other symbol of your choice you may also make roses and leaves.

9. Nude colours with Mickey nail art

Disney Nail Art Designs Nude colours with Mickey nail art
Image Source: Deborah Cocco

Nude colours are so much in trend nowadays. The same goes for the nail colour. The nail colour of the nude colour range is the most famous right now. So you can make your nail art with nude nail colours and Mickey’s head. Just apply the nude colours to all the nails. Then pick up any nails of your choice and draw mickey face in one. You may also do it in alternate fingers.

As shown in the picture you can also have a small Mickey’s head in the nail art. You can take a white and black colour for the nail art as well.

10. Lavender with Beautiful Branches

Disney Nail Art Designs Lavender with beautiful branches
Image Source: JheniferCristieli

This nail colour shown in the picture is lavender and such a pretty colour. You can see people wearing lavender tops now as is it in trend. You can try something different so try lavender nail colour and nail art with it. Try to make that favourite cartoon female cast in one finger and the beautiful spring branches as shown.

You can just keep following the picture to crave out the most beautiful nail art of all time.

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11. Do you remember the Tweety? Draw her

Disney Nail Art Designs You remember the tweety? Draw her
Image Source: JheniferCristieli

We all remember tweety. That favourite bird of ours. That yellow cute bird is something we all have watched and we all will never forget. Drew your favourite tweet in your nail art and make your nail art cute as well. Also, draw another cartoon character from the same crew. As you can see in the picture you can also use 3D nail art to complete the look as shown.

12. Pastel Lavender with a Favorite Bee!

Pastel lavender with a favourite bee!
Image Source: allured

Remember those cute female bees flying all around in the cartoon. It’s time to make one of them. Try making one of them in nail art and you will look super cute. As shown in the picture, it’s basically like you have divided the wings into two parts while making the nail art. The 3D stone is also used over here for nail art. Make any female bee picture you want to. You may have your own favourite choice. Draw it and look super cool!

13. Pooh Stickers used to be so Cute!

Poo stickers used to be so cute!
Image Source: sty nail

Remember the pooh sticker? We all have bought them once in a while in our childhood. If the pooh stickers are not available now around you. Try to make them in your nail art.  You remember how our pooh used to look like right. So it’s time to make him.

Try to make 3D nail art as it will look more attractive.

14. Do you remember our Cute Dog? Shiro!

Do you remember our cute dog?
Image Source: sty nail

That cute dog from Disney who used to resemble our Shiro from Shinchan was so attractive. This was such a good time watching it. So try making it in your nail art.

You can of course go for 3D nail art and make the white dog. This is a pretty cute nail art you can give try to. You can enhance his face and body features more and it will look cutest.

15. Minnie is Alone Enough to Work it Out

Minnie is alone enough to work it out
Image Source: Beautiful In Light Nail Artist

Minnie nail art looks so elegant no matter which outfit you try out it with. This will look beautiful. Try to make your Minnie combine with 3D beautiful nail art. This nail art can preferably be stones that are easily available in the market. You can also go for nail extensions and then draw our cute Minnie. Try to make the whole Minnie into your nail art. Your Minnie should only take place of one nail. Other nails can be anything of your choice.

Castle Of Illusion

Disney Nail art Designs Castle Of Illusion
Image Source: BMB Nails

White is the color that is capable of making everything look even more attractive and pleasing.  It blends effortlessly with all of the colors. Over a coat of baby pink nail color, the castle and Mickey mouse is gracefully imprinted to give a sober and alluring look, which is absolutely fascinating.

Adorable Tiana Nailart

Disney Nail art Designs Adorable Tiana Nailart
Image Source: Leszarts De Marie

Tiana is a lovable character, we’ve at least once had a thought of looking as sophisticated as Tiana looks. She is super adorable and admirable. This nail art is irresistible. With a stamp of Tiana in the very middle with green outlines of her dress elegantly imprinted over other nails, this looks relaxing and exquisite.

Mickey Mouse For A Cute You

Disney Nail art Designs Mickey Mouse For A Cute You
Image Source: Nikki

All the Disney characters are captivating and delightful. Mickey mouse is the most loved character out of all of them, isn’t he? Over a coat of pink with an outline of white, embellished with beads of Mickey mouse making it look more attractive, this a perfect choice for people, who like minimum details.

Enchanting Marie Nailart

Disney Nail art Designs Enchanting Marie Nailart
Image Source: Bar A Ongles and Formatrice

Marie is another cute character to draw on. If you’re into nail arts and Disney princesses or Disney characters and have already tried a lot of nail arts and looking for some more fascinating detailed nail art, this is the one!

With footprints imprinted gracefully creating a soothing effect with Marie’s face, this is engrossing.

Disney Magic

Disney Nail art Designs Disney Magic
Image Source: Honey Tree Nails

With fun colors, this castle has got a magnificent look. Where the castle is printed with a black outline, with playful colors painted amusingly, this one looks captivating and charming. Great nail art to give a try.

This Castle Nailart Is Irresistible

Disney Nail art Designs This Castle Nailart Is Irresistible
Image Source: Carmel Levy

With soothing colors blended elegantly, giving it a dignified and subtle look, this one is for those who love aesthetics. This nail art is a great way to show your love for aesthetics and Disney’s Mickey mouse. With a coat of clear nail polish giving a gleaming effect, this is dainty.

Heart Eye-Popping Out Is Purloining Hearts

Disney Nail art Designs Heart Eye Popping Out Is Purloining Hearts
Image Source: Luna Wenjuan Qi

Where Mickey and Mini are making us fall for them with heart-eye popping out, you’ve to give this a try. After getting this nail art done, trust me, you are going to fall in love with this nail art. With vibrant colors combined together to make a shape of flower on other nails than Mickey and Mini, this is subtle and surreal.

For The Admirers Of Mickey Mouse

For The Admirers Of Mickey Mouse
Image Source: Akyado Official

Mickey with flowery eyes is another fascinating nail art to give a shot. If you’re a follower of nature and want a creative way to flaunt your nails with some flowers and a fun character, this is the one. Where Mickey’s eyes are imprinted with brownish leaf this looks surrealistic.

So gaze at your nails every now and then, because this one is aesthetic and soothing.

This Christmas Its Mickey’s Nailart

This Christmas Its Mickey's Nailart
Image Source: Emma

If you’re looking for innovative Christmas-inspired nail art that will look aesthetic and pleasant this is the one. With snowflakes stamp over a red coat silently imprinted looks flawless. With a Mickey stamp over a nude nail color, this is an inspiring look to gaze on. A very dazzling, zestful way to present your nails elegantly.

So, this Christmas, shine with Mickey’s nail art and feel as excited and enthusiastic as Mickey is.


Mickey Mouse For The Lovlies

Disney Nail art Designs Mickey Mouse For The Lovlies
Image Source: Sarah

Mickey mouse clubhouse. A never forgettable theme song, right? So, if you’re a fan of Mickey mouse and want to show your love for them, this is an exciting and fun way to show. With Mickey mouse prints with a gleaming effect, this looks gorgeous. If you want your nails to have a playful look and look adorable, give this a try.


Black Is The New Favourite

Black Is The New Favourite
Image Source: Snh Nail Spa

This Black matte-finished nail art with motifs of Mickey is adding a 3d look to it, which is absolutely fascinating. With glittery nail art over the ring finger is delightful and charming. If you’re a fan of black matte nail polish, you can surely give this a try with some twist I.e., adding a glittery tone to it. Black is always a top priority for most of the girls/women out there. If you are wanting a different and simple look that just looks irresistible, this will absolutely go with your all attires.

Elegantly imprinted Tinkerbell

Elegantly imprinted Tinkerbell
Image Source: Live Love Nails

If you’re a fanatic of Pinterest, then this will catch your attention. Who doesn’t like Pinterest looks, they are the inspiration for many. This Tinkerbell nail art is no different. Looks exactly like a Pinterest picture. You will surely have a no. Of compliments coming your way. So, apply this beautiful nail art and flaunt flawlessly.

Dale Nailart to steal your heart

Dale Nailart to steal your heart
Image Source: Sty Nail

Such a Vibrant and enthusiastic color is yellow? With a yellow shade combined with white stripes, this is awesome. With a Dale font on the middle finger, this adds a bold look to it. Dale’s stamp on the thumb stamped gracefully is soothing and looks dignified. A fun way to show off your nails. If you like bright and peppy colors then this is perfect for you!

Our favorite Jasmine

Our favourite Jasmine
Image Source: Sty Nail

Jasmine is one the prettiest character of Disney ever. She Carrie’s herself elegantly and exquisitely. If you want your nails to look like her, then this nail art will purloin your heart. With a subtle face of jasmine very diligently imprinted to give that awestruck look, this is mind-blowing. Glow with jasmine.

Blue colors make you look bold and loud. With jasmine imprinted, this nail look will not only make you look bold but beautiful as well.

Mickey stamps for an adorable look

Mickey stamps for an adorbale look
Image Source: Frenchies Beaverton

If you want to match the nail paint of your fingers with your leg nails, keeping it on a cooler and subtle tone, this is the one. With motifs of Mickey embellished, this is delightful and enchanting. Disney’s nails are a great way to show your love for all of your favorite Disney characters. With orange and grayish nail polish, they are adding a subtle look to it which is absolutely adorable.

So take inspiration from the Disney nail art designs from the above picture to fulfill your dream by applying beautiful and awesome nail art. It does not matter what the character is, just have fun with creative looks!

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