How To Make Kajal or Eyeliner at Home

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Makeup comes with a great variety. For your face comes foundation, powder, mousse, creams, blush and so much more. Similarly for your eyes there are various makeup products like eyeshadow, eye curler, mascara, Kajal and eyeliner. No matter how much makeup you apply, for any makeup to be complete, all women use an eyeliner and Kajal for eyes to complete the look. They make your eyes look bigger, better and beautiful. To get that smokey eye for the modern make up look or to get an eye make up like Deepika does, it all requires Kajal and eyeliner.

Eye liners, and kajals can change your eyes totally. It sometimes even creates an illusion and changes the shape of your eyes, that depends on how you have applied the eyeliner. They can make your eyes look so bold, attractive and senseous.

So today, K4 Fashion will tell you about how to make Kajal or eyeliner at home and will tell you about the benefits of homemade Kajal or eyeliner as well.

So let’s get started.

Learn to Make Kajal at Home

Things Required to Make Kajal / Eyeliner at Home

  • 3 Clay bowls.
  • Cotton threads ( batti we use to light a diya)
  • Mustard oil ( Sarso oil)
  • 3 Glass of equal size
  • 1 Steel plate
  • 1 Storage container
  • Almond
  • Ghee
  • Spoon

Steps to Make Kajal / Eyeliner 

  1. Take 3 clay bowl and place it in a triangle shape at a little distance.
  2. Add mustard oil the bowl.
  3. Now put the cotton thread in the clay bowl. Make sure that the cotton thread have oil all over it.
  4. Now place three glasses on the sides of diya. Take help from the video on the proper placement.
  5. Now light the 3 clay pots with he help of match sticks.
  6. After lighting the clay bowls, now cover it with the help of steel plate.
  7. Let it sit there for 15 minutes.
  8. Now remove the steel plate.
  9. You will notice that there is a black like powder stuck on the steel plate, that is your Kajal or eyeliner powder.
  10. Now with the help of a spoon start scratching the steel plate to collect the the powder and now store it in a small box.
  11. Put some ghee in the Kajal power you collected.
  12. Now take an almond and burn it completely.
  13. Now crush that almond completely.
  14. Add that crushed almond powder in the Kajal which has ghee mixed in it.
  15. You Kajal/ eyeliner is ready.

Benefits of Homemade Organic Kajal / Eyeliner

  1. It is free of chemicals and toxins which are available in the products which we purchase from the market.
  2. Since we apply it so close to the water line, certain Kajal creates irritation in our eyes. Home made Kajal does not create any kind of irritation in eyes.
  3. Certain Kajal or eyeliner contains aluminium in them. Aluminium is harmful for our body if it absorbed.Home made Kajal is free from aluminium.
  4. Home made Kajal is so much better, organic, chemical free and also it lasts longer than those Kajal that we purchase form market.
  5. Home made Kajal does not smudge or fades easily.

How to Apply Eyeliner

  1. Take the eyeliner on the brush.
  2. Now start from the middle part of the eye.
  3. Take the brush towards the edge of the eye.
  4. After finishing the outer corner of the eye lets get to the inner eye.
  5. Apply from the inner corner towards the middle part, where you first started with the liner.
  6. Fill the gaps that were created.
  7. You will get a very nice eyeliner look without any smudges or gaps or inconsistency.

K4 Fashion hopes that the tutorial on How to make Kajal/eyeliner at home was useful. In the above article we have also mentioned on how the home made Kajal is better than those we purchase from market. It is organic , lasts longer and also very healthy for our eyes.

The steps on how to apply an eyeliner will be helpful for the beginners as well. Just practise it for some time and you will get it right. This article has various aspects. If you liked the article and want more such topics to be covered feel free to drop comments in the comment section.

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