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Tips to Select the Perfect Dress for Skinny Girls

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Some people are concerned about the weight and others about the lack of it. Let’s talk about the latter. In most cases, skinny girls complex about their skinny appearance and angularity – and these are protruding clavicles, “translucent” ribs, sharp shoulders and knees. We often say this, and say again – there are no ugly girls. But wrongly chosen images take place. Let’s tell about 6 basic principles when choosing clothes for fragile ladies.


Layering is not only a thriving trend, but also your wand-a-revenue. This effect in the image will give the figure a graceful shape and add volume without a hint of completeness. We are looking for independent multi-layered styles of clothing or assemble a set of clothes by ourselves. For example, a T-shirt + blouse + cardigan or dress in combination with a T-shirt. But the monotonous tight-fitting kits refused, they will certainly emphasize your thinness.

Layering for skinny girls

GIGI Hadid and Kendall Jenner skinny one piece, rust slip dress, black and white checked blazer


Your figure is miniature and elegant. The same should be the same fabrics in your images. We choose clothes from light, soft, well draped materials. Under the ban fall thin tight knitwear, too much textured fabric, coarse knitwear, rough materials. Against the background of such products you will seem even thinner.

Colors, prints and decor for thin girls

Floral dress, white top and jeans for slim women. Thin tight knitwear, textured fabrics, coarse knitting dresses

Make Cut in Cloths

We must pay attention to the cut of clothes. The silhouette of things should be smooth, soft, rounded. So you smooth out some of the angularity inherent in your body type. Not to do list includes sharp corners, strict lines and other obvious geometry.

Pay attention to the geometry of clothes

White & black on piece, top and jeans dress for slim women. Jackets with shoulder pads and trousers


Let’s talk about the beautiful part of our clothes – the decor. It may be a lot, or not at all. But here size matters. Ruffles, flounces, flowers, bows, applications, embroidery of impressive sizes in the moment will hide you behind the chic kind and will make even more miniature. We often recommend using vertical stripes in the kits, but this is a taboo for you. But you should experiment with the horizontal stripes.

Learn how to wear straight stripes for skinny girls

Ruffles, flounces, embroidery along with vertical stripes dresses for slim or skinny women


Your target is medium and small. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces should be thin and accurate. If you want to focus on jewelry, we refuse one massive detail and make a choice in favor of a selection of several products. Handbags over your shoulder, small backpacks, compact models with tightening straps will suit you. The blacklist includes shoppers, oversize scarves, wide-brimmed hats.

Accurate accessories for skinny girls

Bracelets, earrings, necklaces for skinny or slim girls


You’re shown neat miniature shoes. In this respect, the ballet is ideal for the style of steam. In the cold season, high boots will help you to hide excessive thinness. Avoid voluminous shoes on a massive heel or platform. Thin work is often associated with high growth, so if there are complexes relative to your centimeters, choose a small heel or shoes at all at low speed.

Choose shoes carefully

High boots, heel or platform, small heel or shoes for skinny girls

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