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In today’s world, trends are changing at an alarming rate. However, the striped print is a proven classic that will never go out of fashion. Thanks to its simplicity and elegance, this pattern will look dignified and relevant. And yet the choice of wardrobe items in a strip is worth paying attention to. After all, they can both advantageously emphasize the dignity of the figure, and play a cruel joke, pointing out the shortcomings. How to pick up the winning models and what to combine a print in a strip, we will tell you in this article.

Stylish Looks for Women Who Love to Wear Stripes

Choose A Print Size: Thin or Wide

The size of the stripes can visually correct the shape. For example, a large strip increases the proportions, while a thin strip makes the silhouette slimmer. With the help of a correctly selected pattern in the strip can balance the proportions of the body. One of the universal prints for any figure remains the thinnest strip.

Blue and white striped summer outfits

Women blue and white striped shorts shirt, skirt and suit for summer

Vertical Or Horizontal

When choosing a strip of wardrobe items, it is worth thinking about the purpose we are pursuing. Remember that the vertical stripe visually lengthens the silhouette. Unfortunately, this is a myth – to believe that the vertical stripe visually makes the figure slimmer. To make the whole or some part of the figure slimmer or fuller, it is much more important to take into account the color and width of the stripes. Large, often contrasting vertical stripes not only stretch out the silhouette, but also make it wider. In order to only emphasize the natural advantages of the optimal option will be things with small not contrasting vertical stripes – they slightly stretch the figure, without adding volume.

Horizontal stripes perfectly form a silhouette. With their help, you can visually enlarge the chest, hips or make the waist thinner. For modeling the figure it is necessary to use both contrast and not contrasting stripes, where dark stripes reduce the proportions, and light ones – increase.

Trendy looks for women who love to wear stripes

Trendy summer vertical and horizontal striped shirt, top and dress for women

Striped Top

In order to create a balanced and concise look, it is necessary to combine the striped top with a monochrome bottom. The stripe looks perfect with shorts, skirts, jeans, overalls.

For girls with fragile tops (figure type: “pear”, “rectangle”) it is important to visually expand the shoulder area. This task is perfectly coped with by large, frequent contrasting horizontal stripes.

For girls with large tops (figure type: “hourglass”, “inverted triangle”, “apple”), it is best to choose small, not contrasting vertical stripes. You should also avoid strapless models, otherwise your shoulders will seem even wider.

A laconic top in a thin strip will be an elegant solution, for example, to create a business style. If it would be desirable to bring in an image of playfulness and brightness – the excellent variant becomes a jumper in a color strip.

Striped top with monochrome bottom

 Black and white, blue and multi colored horizontal striped top and sweater trends

Striped Bottom

To visually stretch out the silhouette and make the legs slim, choose trousers with vertical thin or medium stripes. If you want to give some volumes in the thighs area (figure type: “triangle”), a pencil skirt with a horizontal black and white stripe print will be a great solution.

For girls with figure type: “apple” and “rectangle” it is important to emphasize the waist. To do this, choose trousers, skirts or shorts with high waist with thin vertical stripes.

Girls with a large bottom part (“inverted triangle”, “pear”) need to distract attention from the thighs. For example, palazzo trousers with small, not contrasting stripes will stretch the figure slightly without adding volume.

The striped bottom, as well as the striped top is perfectly combined with the classic monochrome wardrobe items. However, for the braver people who do not want to go on the way of least resistance mix the stripes and light geometric pattern will be a good option.

Striped pant outfits

Striped pants with white top and striped shirt look even more stylish for women

Striped Dresses

There’s nothing more feminine than a dress. It is this object of wardrobe that creates a whole gentle image and distinguishes the beautiful half of humanity from the strong sex. So why not use it?

Striped dresses in casual style are suitable for everyday images. They fit perfectly with sneakers, slippers or sandals. Short dresses with lush skirts will help to create a playful outfit. A small striped dress with open shoulders will make your look very attractive.

Women’s summer outfit ideas

Women’s summer striped dresses in casual style ideas

Striped Accessories

One of the basic rules in wearing striped things is their moderate use. The stripe in the image should be one – either in the accessories, or in the clothes themselves. It is the strip accessories that can perfectly emphasize the monochrome dark/bright/pastel image. A bag in stripes or shoes will make a variety in your wardrobe and make the planned outfit interesting.

Black and white striped accessories

Black and white striped accessories like bags shoes and hat for summer

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