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How to Do Pedicure with Home Ingredients

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Are you also juggling with time and end up with leaving your essential works which are necessary to be done. We understand this that’s why we are going to talk about pedicure today. Pedicure is not a desirable thing anymore even it became important part of body care regime. Actually, pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toe nails, similar to manicure.

What happens during or after a pedicure? During a pedicure, your feet will get massage and a soak of the feet and legs to soften up calluses and make the skin on the feet easier to work with the cuticles. Loofah is get used to clear away any dead skin cells. Then, at last nails are trimmed, polished and possibly painted.

Some of us don’t have time to invest in salon, so don’t we need to take care of our body? Of course, we need to do and how time can be barrier in taking care of your body. You can easily do pedicure at your home with some easy tips and ingredients are available at home. So, what do you need to do pedicure? You will need: Nail clippers, cotton pads, nail polish remover, cuticle cream, a nail filer, a loofah, a good quality foot scrub and moisturiser. The procedure of traditional pedicure is divided into some steps.

How to Do Pedicure with Home Ingredients

1st Step

In the beginning of the procedure, you will need to trim and give the shape to the nails of foot. Pour nail polish remover onto cotton pad and gently swipe it up on your toe nails. Now, cut down your large grown nails with nail cutter and then use filer for giving shape t your nails. But make sure don’t cut corners too much because it can lead to painful ingrown nails and decide your shape of the nails before cutting them down. Use filer with lot of carefulness because foot have small nails.

2nd Step

Here, you have to put your feet down in warm water. Make sure, you poured down warm water in any basin or tub. The quantity of water must be up to the ankles of the feet. Add some black salt to the water, if you want then you can add few drop of any oil so that it can moist them as well. This step will cleanse your feet and make you feel relaxed. So, let your feet soaked into the warm water for 15 to 20 minutes. At last use dry but soft hair towel to swipe excessive water from them.

3rd Step

In this step, you will do exfoliation. After bringing your feet out of the tub, gently dry them with towel. When you are done, apply and then scrub cuticle cream on the base of each toe nail. Leave it for some minutes. Exfoliation will remove dead skin and dry cells from your feet. But you have to be a little gentle, for exfoliating don’t start rubbing any cloth on your feet. However, after scrubbing wipe off the cuticle cream and push cuticles back gently with the help of cuticle pusher.

4th Step

Once you have done all above mentioned works. It is time for cleaning your feet again and don’t forget to moisturise them after cleaning. Moisturising the feet will keep them soft, hydrating and will also protect feet from cracks. Now, after moisturising the feet perfectly, take some extra moisturizer or you can use any body oil too as per your wish. Use that oil to give, massage on your feet, don’t be harsh given gentle massage. This step is important because it improves blood regulation in whole body and moisturised your feet from deep inside. It is not a kind of rule that you can do massage to your feet only at the time of pedicure, if you somehow be able to do massage at least once in a week, it would be great too. It will make your feet more glowing and healthy.

5th Step

All the main steps of pedicure are over now. Nothing is remaining, but yes the decoration is yet to be done. However, if you are not interested in painting your nails then you can leave them as they are. But if you want to paint them again with some beautiful design then you can do that too. Nail art is so easy in today’s time and can be easily done with the help of simple instruments and a little knowledge of how to design them? So, let’s start and see what you have to do to paint your nails again. The nails are ready to get decorated. But you have to take care of your nails too. Use nail strengthener or nail serum, they will help your nails to get back the strength of them. Anyways, before applying nail polish apply nail strengthener. Apply it in three strokes: one down the centre and two along the sides of the nails. Then allow your nails to be dry. Now, paint your nails with any colour you want. First apply base coat and wait for it to be dry and apply a coat of nail polish. Let the first coat dry and then apply the next coat. This process will help your nail polish to stay for longer time.

We are sharing a special remedy with you guys with the help of that you can heal your cracked heels which are quite often. Because of busy schedule, we can’t be regular with beauty regime because of which you come to face problems like cracked heels. So let’s see, what can do for that?

  1. Clean the feet with any brush but the brush should be too hard then use towel to dry your legs.
  2.  Use Sesame or sandalwood or any foot cream for giving massage until the skin of your feet absorbed all of it.
  3. Now, Melt the candle in a double boiler and when slightly cool, brush it on the heels and allow it to solidify.

Follow the remedy at night or before going to bed. Put on cotton socks until the morning. In the morning, remove your socks and peel off the layer of the wax. Try to follow it for some weeks, surely you will find the results. Hopefully, now doing pedicure at your home is easy for you and will save your time too.

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