Accessorizing Basic Tops to Glam Them Up

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Accessories are like that icing on the cake that makes the look unique and perfect. The same top can look pretty in distinct ways just by accessorising it in different styles. Accessories are the most eye-catching part of any look. They have the power to make any basic outfit look glamorous.

Most of us know how to style ourselves in terms of outfits but when it comes to accessories, it does get tough. What accessory would suit which top? Does the accessory have to match the outfit always? What kind of earrings would go with which top? These are some of the common queries of girls who are fond of accessories but have little idea of it.

No worries though! We are here to help you. Checkout these accessory ideas that would help you glam up your most basic tops and look high on fashion with little efforts.

How to Accessorize Your Tops

1. Accessorize your plain black tee like a pro

Accessorize your plain black tee like a pro
Image Source: Jeniffer

As you can see in this image, the plain black tee has been impeccably accessorized with a double-layered neckpiece. One of the layers consists of a simple oval pendant while the other consists of a custom made pendant with a name. These pendants are a new rage amongst girls and they are loving it with no bounds. The outfit has also been accessorized with a heart-shaped buckle belt that is giving it a cute look. The sling bag matching the colour of the neckpiece and the top is going perfectly well with it.

2. Pretty neckpiece for the Peter pan collar

Pretty neck piece for the Peter pan collar
Image Source: Alice & co

We often face a dilemma in which it becomes hard to decide if we should wear a neckpiece with a collared top or not. Well, knowing what kind of neckpiece to wear with which collar solves half of your problem. Here the girl is wearing a three-layered gold and pearl neckpiece with a Peter pan collared top. Blue and white make a beautiful combination because of which this pearl accessory is looking perfect with the plain blue top.

3. Neckpiece for low cut spaghetti strap tank tops

Neck piece for low cut spaghetti strap tank tops
Image Source: Gabriela Kassis Bravo

Low cut tops are the easiest to accessorize. You can always wear a multi-layered neckpiece with low cut spaghetti strap tank tops or you can create a combination of more than one simple neckpiece as shown in the image. The girl is wearing a gold chain with a locket coordinated with the earrings. She wore a choker style link chain and a blue beaded chain with a locket in the middle. Make sure that all the neckpieces are of different length so that all of them look perfectly coordinated with each other.

4. Silver neckpiece for black tube neck top

Silver neck piece for black tube neck top
Image Source: Gabriela Kassis Bravo

While gold jewellery goes with most of the colours, Silver is distinct and goes best with dark colours especially black. This triple-layered silver neckpiece is looking perfect with this simple tube neck top. The lower beaded chain also consists of a black locket that adds to the stunning look. You can also wear studs or simple silver hoops with it.

5. Accessorizing the high neck

Accessorizing the high neck
Image Source: Hellen Gaurink Cavalcante

The best hack to not look simple in a simple outfit is to accessorize it in a not so simple way. As you can see this image, a beautiful double-layered neckpiece. The neckpiece has circular lockets of different sizes to give it a more abstract look. It has been paired with hoops to add to the candour.

6. A Sautoir for your plain white top

A Sautoir for your plain white top
Image Source: Via Cori

You can always wear a colour coordinated sautoir with a pair of simple jeans top to give it a trendy look. The heavy embellishment makes the otherwise simple outfit look enticing. It would never make you look underdressed for an occasion.

7. A choker necklace for a trendy look

A choker necklace for a trendy look
Image Source: Jukipa

Choker necklace has been in trend for a while and till now we have seen multiple variations of it. Simple choker necklace was originally designed for plain t-shirts. However, now we see even traditional variations of it. This choker is also a recent addition to the list and looks awe-striking on this cross neck top.

8. Torc neckpiece for t-shirts

Torc neck piece for tshirts
Image Source: Kristine Cabanban Jewelry

Torc also is known as torque or torq are a new trend that has started. It is inspired by the European Iron Age jewellery. They come in varied thickness. You can find one that suits you and pair it with a T-shirt or a top and make the look aesthetic.  You can pair it with studs to make the look even more captivating.

So, these were different ways of accessorizing a simple top. You can pair your tops with these different type of neckpieces and make them dazzle on any occasion. Style them in different ways and look gorgeous every time as you don’t need to buy a new dress for every occasion anymore.

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