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Light Weight Gold Latkan Earrings!

Earrings are one such creation which can instantly brighten up your face and make your entire look very polished and put together. And when you have earrings made of gold it is just like an icing on the cake. Jewellery is a woman’s best friend and you can never know when a woman will fall in love with jewellery. There is no correct time and place for it.

When it comes to accessorising not most women are comfortable in wearing all the jewellery pieces they own. But whether you like to wear heavy jewellery pieces or not, an earring is an absolute must. It can turn up your most boring outfit to a statement like. Earrings are really necessary when you need to add that extra oomph to your outfit. And when it is gold you practically don’t need to think about anything else.

With the onset of the wedding season, most women are setting foot into their new lives. And we all know the importance of gold in these special occasions. Gold is considered to be an auspicious metal and it is an embodiment of purity. Not only weddings but it is also a great option to gift to newborn babies or even to newlywed brides.

There are literally millions of gold designs available out there and not to mention they all look pretty. But skimming through so many options can really get turning and confusing. So in order to make it easier for you, we here have some of the latest light weight gold latkan earrings which is going to make your day. So without much further ado, let’s begin.


Light Weight Gold Latkan Earrings

1. Circular gold earrings design

Circular earrings Light Weight Gold Latkan Earrings | Latest Designs

Latkan gold earrings are a great choice for parties, occasions and weddings. They look extremely elegant and classy. Here we have one such gold earrings which have circular studs and a latkan design. The earring also features a gold chain, some beads and a pleated circular ring at the bottom. This entire earring is beautifully decorated and is crafted to give the best possible looks. Pair it with your traditional outfits and be the star of every party.

2. White stone-encrusted earrings design

White stone-encrusted Light Weight Gold Latkan Earrings | Latest Designs

Who does not want a little bling on their ears? We as girls love everything shiny and glitzy. So for all the ladies out there, we have a nice pair of earrings with just the little about of bling. Exactly as you like. The top part has a nice leafy texture to it with some stones studded on the sides. For the rest of the earrings, we have an umbrella-shaped carving which has some cutouts on it. The bottom of the umbrella also has stone studded on it. The earring is complete with three gold chains hanging topped off with gold beads.

3. Bell-shaped earrings design

Bell-shaped Light Weight Gold Latkan Earrings | Latest Designs


Bell-shaped earrings are quite trending lately. They look super cute and classy as well. Adding a bit of sophistication to your entire outfit these earrings come in quite handy. Here we have a nice earring option for you. This is also a little clingy which can be a statement piece for your entire outfit. It has again a leaf-like texture at the top with some stones encrusted on it. The bottom part has a bell-shaped design which also has stones encrusted on it. To top it all it has three gold chains hanging from it with gold beads at the bottom.

4. Rectangle-shaped earrings design

Rectangle-shaped Light Weight Gold Latkan Earrings | Latest Designs

Earrings of these type are great for ladies who do not like to wear long dangling earrings. If you do not like the feel of something touching your neck then you can definitely give this earring a try. It has a rectangular shape which hugs your ears quite well and as for the dangling part we have little chains hanging from it with a gold bead and a drop shape at the end. The rectangular part is decorated with gold and silver engravings to give the illusion of something rich and sophisticated.

5. Long elongated gold earrings design

Long elongated Light Weight Gold Latkan Earrings | Latest Designs


This is a very common earring design which you will find out there. It is a very classic and traditional design which is not only good for daily wear but it is also good for gifting purposes. Coming back to the design we have an elongated base which hooks itself on your ear to give the most flattering appearance. It also has tiny danglers hanging at the bottom to make the earring more appealing. So if you are a newlywed and you are looking for a small yet cute earring to wear daily then this is the option for you.

6. Gold and diamond earrings design

Gold and diamond Light Weight Gold Latkan Earrings | Latest Designs

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. And gold and diamond together are just an amazing composition. Here we have a cute little earring for you which has both of these expensive materials. We have a rectangular hollow cutout out earrings with diamonds studded all over. We must say this is a beauty and you cannot stay away from it. To complete the look we have a doughnut-like shape at the end which is also encrusted with diamonds. This earring is great to wear everyday especially if you are newlywed.

7. Leaf-shaped earrings design

Leaf-shaped Light Weight Gold Latkan Earrings | Latest Designs

Leaf earrings are a fun and unique statement piece. They add a carefree, boho vibe to your everyday look. Here we have a luscious gold and diamond leaf-shaped earrings which is definitely going to take your heart away. The stud is designed in the shape of a lead whereas the bottom part has a drop hanging which is completely studded with diamonds. A perfect look for all your parties and occasions. It is also great for gifting to your loved ones on their special day.

8. Stud earrings design

Stud Light Weight Gold Latkan Earrings | Latest Designs

Stud earrings are the most widely found earring design in this entire earring family. These are the type of earrings which are completely basic yet complex. You must have been respecting these earrings for your entire life but might not have dared to join them in an outfit because they are just too simple. But here we have one such earring which will completely change your perspective. We have a shield-shaped earring which has studded stones on it. It might look completely basic but it has the power to change your overall look.

9. Hoop earrings design

Hoop earrings design

Hoop earrings are another very well known earring of the earring family. Almost every woman on this earth has a pair of hoop earrings in their jewellery collection. There are so many shapes, sizes and designs available in this hoop earring and all of them look extremely fascinating. Here we have a gold hoop earring for you. The entire earring is made of solid gold which has beautiful engravings on it. They look extremely good on both traditional and casual dresses. They are good for gifting purposes too.

10. Complete gold earrings design

Complete gold earrings design

Earrings made of entirely gold is a priceless possession and an absolute head turner. We here have long gold dangle earrings which have a textured inverted heart at the top. The stud also has three solid gold beads to give a contrasting look to the earrings. The earrings further have two gold chains hanging from it which have one solid gold bead and then a textured heart on the other. An extremely beautiful earring which is going to be a statement piece for all your parties and occasions.

11. Floral gold earrings design

Floral gold earrings design

Floral designs came into existence when back in the day goddesses used to wear earrings made of the flower. Floral earrings can be made of both real and artificial flowers. Here we have one such artificial design for you which is made if gold and white stones. The earring starts with a drop-shaped time encrusted stud followed by a huge flower which also has some stones added to the beauty of it. Then it has a gold bead finally finished off with a bell shape at the bottom. An extremely elegant and classy earring design which is a must-have for all women.

Earrings are the most favourite jewellery item for all ladies. You cannot skip on them if you want a put-together look. So here we shared with you some amazinglatest light weight gold latkan earrings which will be great for both everyday and occasional wear. That was all for this article. For more updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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