8 Hairstyle Mistakes That Will Make You Look Older

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Worried about being called a “lady” in the shop again, not a “girl”? Maybe it’s your hair? After all, the appearance of hair directly affects a person’s age, and if you pick the wrong hair, you can easily “turn from a young to a retired woman.” Hair is an individual thing: what works.” What may not fit one woman over another? There are so many variables that make one style “good.” It all depends on your face shape, your bone structure, and most importantly, your attitude. While One woman can look incredible in a pixie; another can look attractive in waist-length brown hair. And depending on her attitude, these looks can make her look young and radiant.

Choosing the right hair for your face and lifestyle can ensure that you look like your best, freshest, and most ready-to-universe version of yourself. If you do not want to look older than your age, analyze your image and think about whether your hair is free from the mistakes that are inherent in the participants of our chart.

These are common hairstyle mistakes that will do just the opposite and age your face. Here’s how to avoid them.

Hairstyles That Look Older, No Need To Rush Aging

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Carre with Edges Of The Same Length

Classic, even carre is very fond of ladies of balzacian age. If you haven’t hit the fifth dozen yet, you won’t like your hair like that. Pay attention to modern modifications of this women’s hairstyle: asymmetry, slanting strands, cascading transitions, multi-layer. These elements will help you to return to your biological age, and maybe even help you to lose a couple of years.

Perfectly Smooth, High Hairstyle

Gentle high hairstyles, with every hair in its place, won’t make you any younger. If you decide to put your curls in this way, try not to tighten them too much. A bright accessory (bow, hairpin, bezel) or a pair of free strands coquettishly knocked out on the sides can also save the situation.

The Hairstyles That Are old: Super Volume

Huge hair and a lion’s mane instead of hair are the remnants of the violent ’90s. No wonder you might be confused with your mother’s classmate. After all, only women over 50 can come up with an idea to repeat the hair of the members of the “Combination” group in their best years. So you’re definitely too young to wear super-volume hair. So stop using styling tools and pay attention to more modern variants.

Too Short Haircut

There is an opinion that short strings are visually youthful. Usually, it is, but only if the haircut is really stylish and fits the face well. And also if your face is oval or triangular. Otherwise, by cutting your hair too short, you can achieve the opposite effect. Especially conservative short hairstyles with even lines get old. Therefore, it is better to keep up with the times and try on a fashionable asymmetric haircut or an actual undercut with a shaved temple.

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Long Flowing Hair With Central Parting

If you’re already in your 30s, you’d better not have long hair, especially in combination with a central sampling unit. This women’s hairstyle makes them older and highlights all the disadvantages of the face. If you don’t want to part with long hair, you can refresh your hair with a cascade. Some asymmetry in combination with the length of strands just below the collarbone will also benefit.

Bad Hair Color

Bad hair color is probably the most common reason why girls look older than they are. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just dark color that ages. Blondes with a shade of hair that blends in with the skin tone of their faces can also look older than they really are. Although, I must say that too dark shades of strands are much more likely to cause “premature aging. Well, there’s nothing to say about gray strands in the thicker hair. To “rejuvenate” abruptly, it is enough to consult a stylist and dye your hair in a suitable color. If you do not want to make up completely, you can try such dyeing techniques as ombre, broom, or balazh. They will help to refresh the image and do not do much harm to the hair.

Extravagant And Teenage Hairstyle

If a woman of 45 decides to weave two braids, shave the temple or dye her hair bright blue but does not change her wardrobe, it is perceived as a desperate attempt to prolong youth and gets older even more. So follow the golden rule – an extreme change of hairstyle leads to an irreversible change of ALL images! Otherwise, there is no way. It is impossible to combine a grandmother’s blouse and a trendy haircut and look stylish.

Hairstyles That Get Old: Straight Thick Bangs

A straight, thick ring that didn’t know the filing is one of the best ways to add a few extra years to your life. Especially if it is also curled inside. In addition, such bangs are sure to attract attention to all the disadvantages of the face. The only use of this haircut element is to mask wrinkles on the forehead very well. You don’t have them yet? And because of the forelock, you get the opposite impression, so go to the hairdresser for a change of image.

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