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Almost every other diva on social networking sites wears that kind of hair. She is coquettish, playful, and sometimes a little hooligan. It can be worn with different images, the main thing here is the mood. No matter the length or type of your hair, a stylish top knot will always give you a chic and sleek look. With a wide variety of options available for any occasion, we bring you this easy hairdo that is perfect for styling you. Half-Up Top Knot is a new cool trend, which can be repeated in just a couple of minutes. So, with that in mind.

Are you ready to learn how to master this cute hairstyle trend? Below, you’ll find different hairstyles and their easy step-by-step tutorials to bring your look to life.

Try These Stylish Half-Up Top Knot Hairstyles

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How To Make A Half-Up Top Knot On Long Hair

On long hair, this funny style looks youthful and super stylish. Let’s consider the items on how to build a half-bunch quickly and beautifully.

  • We collect the top and side hair in high, but thus a thin tail, we fix its elastic band.
  • Whip your fingers on the top of your head to make styling more voluminous.
    We make a comb.
  • We make bouffant
  • Wrap the tail around its base.
  • Secure the strands with the help of invisible strands.

How To Make A Half-Beam On A Medium Length Hair

To make a half-beam on the middle length, you can use different interesting techniques. For example, collect the top strands and twist them into a bundle. And if you want to make styling more feminine and elegant, then you should take a little more hair for the bundle to open your ears.

How To Make A Half-Tip On Curly Hair

Long curly hair will add more expressiveness and volume to your bundle. Collect the hair on the top, twist it, tie it up with a tight rubber band and hide it by wrapping it around loose strands. Fix the tips with the invisible ones.

How To Make A Half-Hair On Straight Hair

A texture powder will help make your hair look more spectacular. Apply it to the roots of your hair before making out a half-batch. Collect the top strands with an elastic band, but leave the tips free.

The beam height can be changed depending on your mood – it can be either very high, fixed on the top, or lower, at ear level. To highlight the trendy look, use beautiful hairpins and invisible hairpins.

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