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How to Dress to Look Slim?

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Unfortunately, not everyone can have perfect measurements. Most people want to look slim and it is not bad to be. It is just that everybody has their own identity and they want to preserve it. With your body type, if you want to look slim then you have to be choosy while selecting your outfits.

wherever you go the first thing the opposite person sees in you is your appearance. Your appearance is like the first impression and it mostly matters whenever you go for an interview. So, let us get started with some of the interesting dressing tips to look slimmer as it sometimes matters to be slimmer than you are.

Dressing Tips to Look Slim

Look After Your Undergarments

Whenever you buy a bra make sure you get your busts professionally measured. It is because if you choose tight one your breast busts out and it spoils your silhouette. And you know choosing a loose one makes your breasts look sagging. So it is always better to get professionally measured by a professional before buying a bra because your bust sizes may increase or decrease with your weight.

Same with your underwear because choosing a tight one may make your body under underwear bulge out and can be seen through the pants and other garments.

Make sure to buy innerwear which can hold and tighten your assets.

For special occasions to look at your best by being slim,  you can try body slimming undergarments. these help in preventing jiggling of stomach, thighs, chest, and arms. These are best in giving you a shapely figure.

If you are wearing garments like skirts and dresses to keep the middle section of your body flat it is always recommended to wear control top hosiery. They are nylon-based which just sticks on you right away.

Don’t wear Loose Clothes

Try buying clothes which correctly fits you. don’t buy tighter clothes because they are tight as they show your unwanted excess areas that you wanted to hide from others. the same thing with loose clothes as well because they are loose rather than showing your true self they make you look even fatter which I think you don’t want it to be.

Don’t presume to know your body size and ordering without trying as it may not give you the right fitted outfit. company to company the measurements of outfits differ and it may not correctly fit you. so take care and then after proper measurements try to buy the outfit.

Wear Black

Have some black in your wardrobe as black has a slimming effect. Not only slimming effect it also brings you some glow on to your face. Wearing black is always good for trousers, skirts, and dresses. if you want to go with all black then it is always better to have some color like for your lips, a sling bag, or any other accessory.

Better to have a collection of dark colors in your wardrobe as it helps in hiding the excess parts that you wanted to cover. colors like dark blue, dark green, and many more. Dark colors are enriching and give you the same effect as black color.

Along with dark colors also have some bold patterns in your wardrobe. As I said dark colors will make you look slim by hiding unwanted parts and bold patterns make the opposite person ignore your unwanted parts and make them look and admire the patterns. And choose patterns only with dark colors as the other way may make it worse.

Blazer is Best!

If you want to cover the area which you don’t want others to see then it is best to have a blazer in your wardrobe. Blazer is the best concealer. An open blazer with a V neck tee shirt and pencil bottom will make you look slim. Blazer also makes your arms look slim and blazer also helps in elongating your figure.

Monochromatic Look

Have a monochromatic look sometimes as it is also one of the ways for you to look slim. These kinds of outfits make you look tall as well as slim by concealing the unwanted parts. People will look you from top to bottom and ignore sideways.

V neckline outfits

Have a v neckline outfits as boatneck and crewnecks can make you look little busted in your upper body. V neckline outfits give you slim effect as it shows your neck area which is usually slim making you look all over slim.

Vertical Strips Outfits

Have vertical strips outfits as it will give you a deep look by making you look tall and slim. Its like an illusion for the opposite person as he can’t help but look you from top to bottom instead of you in width wise.

Choose Your Jeans Wisely

If you are wearing a T-shirt and jeans and you want to hide your hips part then try jeans which have straight cut, bootleg, and other flared typed jeans. As, if you are wearing tight jeans or tapered ones like pencil jeans with the only teeshirt then it can highlight your hips part which you want others to totally ignore.

And choose jeans that have very few embellishments s like pockets as more embellishments draw unnecessary attention.

Choose A-line and knee-length skirts

If you want to wear dresses or skirts to choose A-line and knee-length skirts or dresses. A-line dresses are fitted at the hips and thereon flared which gives the shape of A letter. It gives a slimming effect. knee-length dresses are so appealing that they are worn by all as their preferred one.

Accessories Yourself

If we take a look at accessories like firstly if we consider footwear prefer heeled or platform type sandals as they give you a tall and slim look. And choosing the color of footwear that matches your skin tone also makes an illusion of you looking tall thereby slim. Black is the most preferred one as it is the best illusion creator.

Minimal Makeup

If we take the other accessories like makeup, do minimal makeup but try highlighting one of the features like lips, or eyes, or any other. And don’t overdo it as it may make the overall look spoiled.

And coming to the hair, ask your stylist to make your hair cut in the way which gives you a slim and narrow look of your face.

Thinking jewelry,  wear the kind which gives you a vertical look and avoid ones which give with a horizontal look.

You can also add a belt to your outfit as it shows your waist part as narrow. And choose a narrow belt or patterned one as it gives a better look than the wider one.

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