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A Maharashtrian wedding is a beautiful traditional celebration of colour and festivity. The Maharashtrian bride looks beautiful in their traditional Marathi saree. The look is made grander with a traditional Marathi hairstyle. The Marathi bride dons the 9 yards of grace usually made with Paithani silk. The uniquely draped saree makes the Maharashtrian bride special. And Marathi’s bridal hairstyles are simply fabulous. They are decorated with beautiful flowers including roses, daisies, jasmine and even baby breaths. The Maharashtrian wedding is a beautiful affair altogether! The vibrant colour of a Marathi wedding makes it too good to miss. So let’s look over some of the most awesome hairstyles for Marathi brides.

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Trending Marathi Bridal Hairstyles

Marathi Bridal Hairstyles for Maharashtrian Brides

Bun Hairstyle With Flowers

Marathi Bridal Hairstyles Bun Hairstyle With Flowers

Image Source: Marathi Wedding

How about an elegant bun updo! It is definitely a stylish look for the modern Marathi bride. The hair is gracefully styled into a bun. The length of the hair is braided in parts and a natural wavy style is achieved to perfection. The bun updo makes for a very comfortable bridal hairstyle. The look is further beautified with pink and purple flowers which match the bride’s bridal saree. White baby breaths are also added in for a great look!

Flower Burst Bridal Hairstyle!

Marathi Bridal Hairstyles Flower Burst Bridal Hairstyle!

Image Source: Amruta Dhawale

Get a vibrant look with a gorgeous decoration of flowers on your bun hairstyle. It’s a glorious sight to see. It gives off a fresh and vibrant look to the beautiful Marathi bride. A bun updo is done, which is secured nicely with hairpins. And a variety of flowers are arranged on the bun updo. The floral arrangement looks colourful and thus beautiful.

Unique Puff Braids Bridal Hairdo

Marathi Bridal Hairstyles Unique Puff Braids Bridal Hairdo

This bride’s hairstyle is so unique that it stands out from the conventional Marathi wedding hairstyles. We loved the puffed braids made on the beautiful hair. It gives a fresh and unique bridal look. The braids are accessorized with pearls. A small hair bump is made on the crown of the head. This elegant braided look is a great way to style your hair. We also love how the bride chose the unconventional black blouse with beautiful floral embroidery.

Elegant Braided Bun

Marathi Bridal Hairstyles Elegant Braided Bun

Image Source: Parimal Yawatkar

Marathi brides look so beautiful in their wedding saree and unique hairstyling. Here, the bride styled her hair into an elegant hair updo. Beautiful braids are made on the front portion, which adds so much more beauty to the hairstyle. Rose flowers in pink and white colours are decorated around the bun hairdo along with white baby breaths.

Marathi Wedding Bun Hairstyle

Marathi Bridal Hairstyles Marathi Wedding Bun Hairstyle

Image Source: Marathi Wedding

The bride went for a pretty bun updo here. The front portion has been made into a messy French braided crown, which looks graceful. The bride looks like a literal queen in this hairstyle. A nice bun hairstyle is achieved in this bridal look. We also loved the grand rose and jasmine flower accessory carried royally by the bride.

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Baby Breaths And Butterflies! Quirky Marathi Hairstyle

Marathi Bridal Hairstyles Baby Breaths And Butterflies! Quirky Marathi Hairstyle

How fun does this beautiful braided hairstyle look! It’s a simple bridal hairstyle that is made quirky with butterfly accessories and some baby breaths. A hair bump is added to the hair and the length of the hair is braided in the traditional manner. The red, green and white colours add vibrancy to the hairstyle.

Graceful Marathi Bridal Hairdo

Marathi Bridal Hairstyles Graceful Marathi Bridal Hairdo

Image Source: Amruta Makeup Artist

Yet another extraordinary bridal hairstyle for the brides who want to stand out. This is an elegant and intricate hair updo nailed perfectly by the hairstylist. The hair is also styled into floral patterns here! How beautiful does the rose flower arrangement look! There’s also a line of cute white flowers below it.

Beautiful Open Bridal Hairstyle

Marathi Bridal Hairstyles Beautiful Open Bridal Hairstyle

Image Source: Abhijeet Chavan

This is a great hairstyle you could try if you want an open hair look for your wedding day. The hair is left open in an elegant manner. The front portion hair is gathered nicely with a soft bump and pinned at the back. The hair is styled in a wavy manner. The bride looks lovely with pink flowers and baby breaths on her hair.

Bun Hairstyle With Red Roses

Bun Hairstyle With Red Roses Marathi Bridal Hairstyles

Why not pull off a classic bridal hairstyle? Check out this gorgeous hairstyle with red roses decorated around it. The crown portion is p perfectly styled with a bump and the length is made into a bun with elegant curls. We loved the addition of the red roses, which gives a vintage touch to the bridal look.

Stylish Bridal Hairstyle

Marathi Bridal Hairstyles Stylish Bridal Hairstyle

If you are a bride, who wants to try out some stylish hairstyles, this could be the one. The hair is perfectly placed in a wavy manner and secured with hairpins. It is a very Bollywood style hairstyle that adds class to your bridal look. There’s also a semi-circle of white roses under the bun hairdo.

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Messy Infinity Braids Bridal Hairstyle

Stylish Bridal Hairstyle Messy Infinity Braids Bridal Hairstyle

Image Source: Rohini Kakade

This is an absolutely stunning bridal hairstyle for the Maharashtrian bride. It’s an elegantly braided look with different kinds of braids. It has rightly styled the hair in a messy fashion. It’s a trending style which you could consider for your wedding. Unique orange flowers are added to the hair. A hair bump is made at the front portion.

Tiered Bubble Braids

Tiered Bubble Braids

Image Source: Rohini Kakade

This is a very elegant hairstyle, perfect for the Maharashtrian bride. Bubble braids are made in a tiered manner. The braid style looks unique. The tiers are separated with baby breaths. Baby breaths are also styled like a bun on the hair along with unique violet flowers matching the lavender saree.

Braided Bun Bridal Hairstyle

Braided Bun Bridal Hairstyle

Image Source: Rohini Kakade

This is a convenient hairstyle that looks too pretty. French braids are made in the front like a crown. And French plait is styled at the back of the head, which is tied into a beautiful bun hairdo. The bun looks absolutely elegant with soft curls made to perfection. Rose flowers are added to the look along with white baby breaths. Overall, this hairstyle serves as a grand look perfect for a Maharashtrian wedding.

Traditional Braided Bun Bridal Hairstyle

Traditional Braided Bun Bridal Hairstyle

How about a traditional look made with a comfortable bun hairstyle. Here, the ride has styled her hair into a perfect bun updo striking a royal look. A golden arch hair accessory is added to the bun. And baby breaths are arranged beautifully under the bun forming a perfect arch.

Traditional Braided Hairstyle With Jasmine Garland

Traditional Braided Hairstyle With Jasmine Garland

Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

This divine look would make you the prettiest bride! A traditional braid style is made with hair gathered front the front portion elegantly. Golen accessories embellish to make the bridal look grand. Jasmine garlands add so much beauty to the hairstyle. Jasmine garland is wrapped around the braids in style. A Marathi bride would be the happiest in this traditional look.

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Royal Marathi Wedding Hairstyle

Royal Marathi Wedding Hairstyle

Image Source: Maharashtrian Wedding

Strike a bold and stylish look with this elegant hairstyle. The bride’s hair is perfectly styled into a big bun hairdo with intricate rose designs. The rose patterns look matches the effort it would have taken. The bun is rounded off with simple white baby breaths, as the hairstyle is grand in itself.

Traditional Floral Bridal Hairstyle For A Maharashtrian Wedding

Traditional Floral Bridal Hairstyle For A Maharashtrian Wedding

Image Source: UJS Makeover

If you want a perfectly traditional Marathi bride look, check out this vibrant hairdo with floral arrangements. The bride has styled her hair into a top bun updo. Flowers of red and orange colours are styled into the bridal hairstyle. The regal look is sealed with a golden arch accessory which is called the Aambada Aati. It’s a beautiful hair accessory worn by Konkan brides.

Marathi bride looks so pretty with her vibrant colour combinations which brighten up the room. The speciality of a Marathi wedding is the colour. They bring this aspect to their amazing hairstyles too! The traditional Marathi hairstyles have colourful floral arrangements along with golden accessories including the Aambada Aati.

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