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Be it wedding shenanigans round the corner or any other festivities in our culture , the first word that comes to our mind is mehndi . The most popular and ancient form of body art has gained widespread appreciation among the globe and leaves everyone in awe when applied on their hands or we can say it enhances your beauty.

With the onset of modernization you come across various designs with much more intricacy like Arabic, Rajasthani, Crystal etc. With mehndi there are a lot of superstitions attached with it and different traditional designs symbolize love, loyalty, fertility and good luck.

Be it anything small or big “mehndi” ceremony is a must and for us women its as if we just need an excuse to apply mehndi. Each design is unique in own way and you can customize it according to your wish but if you are confused with what will adorn your hands then here is a collection of  beautiful mehndi designs from The 12/12 Girl for your front hand.

Mehndi Designs For Front Hand

1.Spiral Mehndi Design

Spiral Mehndi Design For Front Hand

This mehndi design is for all those brides out there who want to cover their hands with love all the way till elbow on their front hand. This intricate design with minute attention to details is absolutely a delight and perfect for your D-Day. With blooming beauties, flowers ,checks, mandalas-the circle of life ,this partial design can never go wrong when you want to achieve that fashionista look for which you have been dreaming for since a little girl.

2.Floral Delight

Floral Delight Mehndi Design For Front Hand

This mehndi designs speaks for itself when we think of the words simple yet elegant. You don’t need much of an expertise to recreate this beauty on your hands all you need is a simple cone and a bit of patience to cover your palms all the way till the wrists. Each finger has an unique pattern with simple flowers and leaves where flowers and petals symbolize pure happiness and joy and the leaves symbolize devotion and vitality. You can start with thin strokes along the thumb and then go for thick strokes. With simple chakras in combination with flowerss of different size and shape for this design it is an easy choice for all the women out there for the day before any festivities in the house.

3. The Taj Mahal Design

The Taj Mahal Mehndi Design For Front Hand

We can’t take our eyes off of this stunning design and why would not it be when you can represent the wonder of the world on your hands. The design on the palms is mostly simple which starts off with a square pattern with thick strokes which covers most of the area, then with flowers inside it as well as outside it. With the chakras covered all the way on the fingers it is an easy choice if you are an amateur. You may think that the key point of this design, the taj mahal symbol may be difficult but if you observe carefully then you just need to get the proper dome shape and start with thin lines and then cover it with mehndi. Voila you got your perfect mehndi design which will make you stand out from the crowd.

4. Vines And Leaves Design

Vines And Leaves Mehndi Design For Front Hand

These mehndi design on the front hand just gives us the vibe of swirly vines and leafy motifs along with paisley designs. From the palms towards the wrist it speaks of sheer elegance where the simple lines along with dots are the major part of attraction. It is a very simple and basic mehndi design that you can opt for any occasion and pair it up with any look. With flowers and chakras with thin lines in the form of nets or we can say a basket cover the portion from the wrist is a classic perception of a full hand mehndi design with perfection.

5. Trail Of Flowers

Trail Of Flowers Mehndi Design For Front Hand

Who said when you apply mehndi you have to cover every nook and corner with designs. Well with the modern designs you can achieve a picturesque look with partial designs and leaving some parts blank which adds a bonus point to your mehndi design on the front hand. With these trail of flowers along the way with paisleys and check pattern in the end of the palm. We always knew flora and fauna are an inspiration to us but who knew we can incorporate them in the form of a masterpiece.

6. The Beauty Of Thin Strokes

The Beauty Of Thin Strokes Mehndi Design For Front Hand

If you are looking for a hassle free and effortless beauty which is worth flaunting all over the social media that makes all the women drool then here is the design that you have been looking for. With simple checkered designs or commonly known as the jaali design along with thin and thick strokes with flowers all along is for those women who love simplicity and elegance and this can never fail to give you that chic look when you step out.

7. The Power Of Life

The Power Of Life Mehndi Design For Front Hand

Want to go for a traditional look but with a touch of modernization? then here is what you have been looking for. Lotus is a common way of representation of our culture and tradition which symbolizes the power of life. Thus this part is the major point of attraction. Along with the thin strokes small curves are also a part of it with a checkered pattern. However, the most important detailing is the intricacy of those flower motifs on the wrist which is an eye catcher for everyone.

8. A Floral Affair

A Floral Affair Mehndi Design For Front Hand

The beauty of mehndi is enchanting when it acquires a much darker color. This mehndi design on the front hand is an intriguing design which contradicts the statement that less is more. It starts off with a thick stroke chakra with checkered pattern towards the wrist but advances towards the palms with a floral affair with amazing piece of art on each finger where the differences combine together to create a look that’s classy and sassy.

9. Simplicity With A Tint Of Magic

Simplicity With A Tint Of Magic Mehndi Design For Front Hand

When we look at this design we can’t help but gaze in awe of this masterpiece that has been created on the canvas which are our hands. The jaali(net) design on the left hand covers major portion in a symmetrical way which is the key part of the design in combination with flowers towards the wrist. On the right hand buds, flowers, petals or we can call them as the blooming beauties along with jaali motif and chakras are the part of the elaborate design which might test your patience but as you can its definitely worth a try when you get such results.

10. Lotus And Hearts

Lotus And Hearts Mehndi Design For Front Hand

This Arabic mehndi design is an eye candy for all of us.While your left hand is a combination of lotus and cute little hearts ,on the right hand the mandala is the center of attraction with a bell shape towards the wrist. With neat checkered arrangements and different types of flowers as motifs, the bolder strokes give out the vibe of a classy and edgy look which every woman can aspire for. This design just looks perfect ,the one that you would go for if you are bored of the same old designs in an ordinary way.

Along with it being a fun filled event it also carries some auspicious meaning like the darker is the color of mehndi ,it signifies the love between the bride and groom or it is auspicious for the newly weds. In our culture emphasis is given on minute details with precison and mehndi is one such occasion. So if you want to achieve a darker look for your D-Day then deal it with patience because you don’t want to let all that efforts go down in vain and do not forget to apply generous amount of lemon and sugar. May you get the look that’s worth drooling over just like the ones that we have presented for you.

Modern Mehndi Designs for Hands By Henna CKG

Modern Mehndi Designs for Hands By Henna CKG

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