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Mehndi was brought and introduced in India by Mughals. Henna leaves in-held a dye that remains on your skin for some days. It has been proven scientifically that Henna is not only a prettification but it is highly medicinal. Mehndi is not only worn by women alone. When it comes to weddings, from kids to our many elder relatives, everybody is enthused to get it done. There have also been many stereotypes about Mehndi one among them is, the darker is your Mehndi at your wedding, the more love will be received by the husband. Mehndi is used to celebrate something auspicious. It can be a wedding ceremony where a whole rasm is dedicated to Mehndi celebrated with joy, music, and colors. Or it can be a festival like Eid, Raksha Bandhan, Teej or Karwachauth.

There has been a large reform if we look towards our older Mehndi designs. We have seen our grandmothers putting Mehndi by simply dispersing the paste and filling their upper finger areas and spreading the paste on their palms. Whereas, today we have a wide ambit of Mehndi designs from Arabic originating from Saudi to Indian originating from India and also Indo-Arabic. The most stirring thing about Mehndi is when it’s your play to put it on your hands. Some people prefer designs of their own choice and some people also prefer bringing it to play on their own.

To help you, people, out, here is an beautiful Mehndi design which will be fun to work out and will look divine.

An Exquisite Design for Your Feet

We often think about what design should we empire on our feet to not make it look too ancient but ascetic. It is tough to choose such a pattern for our feet. Here is a much easy and a very calm Mehndi design for your feet. Let’s have a look. Starting from your toe draw lines on your toe such that it looks like the branching pattern. Culturally, this design is also known as the beil design. We have to draw beil and then make leaves on it to look like a climber tree. Draw the beil design on the rest of your feet’ fingers too. Initiate a spiral below the toe and draw heart-shaped leaf all around the spiral. Shade and smudge the heart-shaped leaf too. Decorate the flower geometrically with mango shaped leaf around it. Finally, draw swirly vines on the flower and your dream feet Mehndi design is ready!

You saw this beautiful Mehndi design to be drawn on your feet. Mehndi acts as greetings to your loved ones as they like to see you desirable and adorned all the time. So be wise and trace this amazing design on your feet to make a lasting impression on your dear/near ones.

Modern Mehndi Designs for Hands By Henna CKG

We have curated a whole list of some beautiful modern mehndi designs for hands which will make your day. You cannot just keep your eyes away from it. So without much further ado let’s begin.

Easy & Beautiful Mehndi Design for Feet


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