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New Simple Arabic Mehndi Design for Hand

Easy Arabic Mehndi Design mhande dejen
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Mehndi is a medieval art form forged by Henna leaves preloved by women to bejewel their hands and feet for a swift. It is brought to pass by powdering the Henna leaves and then moistening it to make a paste, then the paste is filled in a conical-shaped gizmo.

To help you, people, out, here is an beautiful Mehndi design which will be fun to work out and will look divine.

A Beautiful Full Hand Mehndi Design


This is a very appealing full hand Mehndi design which will make people ask where did you get it from. And, then you can proudly say that you have scrawled it on your own. Start by stretching a vertical line on your hand a little below your elbow. Draw close consecutive humps below the line to express your line. Then going above the same line draw a spiral and some small petals on it. Draw small petals once again to make it look like a splendid flower.

Next, draw a pot-shaped leaf all around the flower. Constrain the flower covering it completely with a semi-circle and drape the whole with humps. Surround the bound with large petals to cover the circumference of the hand. Smudge the pot-shaped leaf by shading it from both above and below and also shade the big petals. Next, starting from the middle area of the flower stretch three curved lines towards left making it a semi-circle and decorate it with humps. Then, draw big petals on the humps. Draw horizontal and vertical lines below the semi-circle making it look like a crisscrossed design. Embed each corner with dots so that it looks jeweled. Shade the petals drawn above circle too. Moving upwards toward your palm draw a mango shaped leaf with a spiral head on it and bound it with humps and medium shaped leaves. Decorate your mango shaped leaf with dots, large and small humps. Draw a circle above the mango shaped leaf and humps all around the circle.

Make a crisscrossed design inside the circle and draw big petals around it to make an intricate design. Also, shade the big petals by smudging it. Trace the same circle twice again just above it taking the design upwards. Spread the design in a way that it reaches the edge of your index finger. Draw a spiral on your index finger and humps and big petals above it and smudge the big petals. Trace the same spiral flower just above it. Further, swirl curved lines above it and fill the upper area fully with a crisscrossed pattern and jewel it with dots.

Moving towards your middle finger, draw a semi-circle on it and cover it with humps and big petals followed by shading the petals. Again, on your ring finger draw a semi-circle and repeat the same steps. On your pinky finger draw three spiral flowers and decorate them nicely ending with the crisscrossed pattern drawn on the index finger. Repeat the same steps as your middle finger on your thumb. Complete your design by embedding dots below your design. Hence, your beautiful yet very easy Mehndi design is ready to rock!

You saw this beautiful Mehndi design for full hands. Mehndi acts as greetings to your loved ones as they like to see you desirable and adorned all the time. So be wise and trace this amazing design on your hands.

Latest Arabic Mehndi Design for Front Hand

Latest Arabic Mehndi Design for Front Hand - mhande dejen


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