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South India remains a rich preserver of our Indian tradition and culture. They are famous not only for their cultural dances or drooling food but also their sarees and Kanjeevaram in particular.

When talking about designer blouse styles, the South Indian brides are bestowed with the best of blouses with heavy embroideries, heaviest of embellishments, motifs and fancy stone work. Inspired by the Indian woman’s love for sarees we at K4 fashion have brought some South Indian real bride designer blouses for you to wear on your wedding days.

South Indian Real Bride Designer Blouse Designs

1. A blouse representing Indian culture of bidding farewell to a married girl in a palanquin.

This is a very intricately embroidered designer blouse with a palanquin cutout. This features a bride being carried in a cut out and is breathtaking. No wonder, this south Indian blouse design is taking over the internet and becoming viral on Pinterest. This is a sheer excellence on the part of south Indian embroiders and weavers who have done the interesting details of the blouse. The gold motifs are appropriate and further enhances the beauty of the blouse. This gorgeous blouse can be customized even with the simplest of sarees to steal the show on the wedding day.

2. A simple yet too elegant blouse for any saree.

simple yet too elegant blouse for any saree South Indian Real Bride Designer Blouse Designs

Image Source: Shutterbug Film Company

This is a round neck blouse with printed sleeves. Round necked blouses are a simple and evergreen option to try so this stands second in our list of blouses. The kamarbandh helps to accentuate the look of bride. If you are a comfort lover and do not want to go overboard on your wedding, this ethnic is the best option for you. This is a simple round necked blouse with a lace can which can be paired with simple as well as heavy sarees. If you like to accessorize, you can opt for rani jewellery and style the look. Do give this option a consideration if you haven’t already.

3. Forget the blouse, we cannot stop gushing over the blue hair adornments.

 South Indian Real Bride Designer Blouse Designs

Image Source: Unni

This is an elegant U shaped blouse joined from one end to another and has got beautiful pattern. We do give a 100 to this all blue look. The hues of blue combined with the silver thread work looks astounding and breathtaking. What we absolutely love about this look is the cute little blue flowers between the garland which adorns the hair and makes it look royal and one of a kind looks. Suited for the pre and post wedding rituals, haldi or mehendi ceremony this saree would definitely come out to be a head turner. Other shades of blue silk sarees like the prussian hue, sky as well as other darker shades would go well with the blouse.

4. A silk blouse for the perfect brides.

Girls are all good to go in this golden shaded pink saree. Not only are the colours of the saree aesthetic, but also the blouse looks really magnificent. The elbow length sleeved blouse has got pearl embellishments which makes it perfect for a  wedding outfit. Backless blouses are a complete hit with this generation and if it has a dori like the above it even looks more enhancing. Get your golden jewellery on you and become a complete stunner on your d day. It seems that buns or juda complete the bridal look so you can also opt for either of the both.

5. Such an intricate embroidery!

This blouse has got the oomph factor attached to it. This is a sheer embroidery blouse which has been made to look closed back by the intense use of threads and pearls. This gives it a netty feel. We are in love with the fact that blouse hasn’t got any sleeves but the net patterns make up its half sleeves. The pearl embellishments and the meticulous embroidery on the borders make this blouse a huge head turner. Basically, sheer blouses can be of any colour but this colour looks good with the cream and golden pink saree. This is really a nice and sexy option for a  south Indian bridal designer blouse.

6. This pastel saree has an aura.

This pastel shaded saree is what every bride needs. With the golden borders and sleeves, every bride will shine on. The saree is paired with another U shaped back blouse with a dori. The borders of the blouse are perfectly laced with pearl and sequined embellishments. Pairing it with silks, banarasi or kanjeevaram wouldn’t bother because it will go with all the options comfortably. The daily wear sarees can also go with this option because U necks are something which every woman is comfortable with. This south Indian  real bridal designer blouse can be accompanied with golden jewellery as well as buns.

7. A fancy blouse with sexy cuts

Being a bride definitely doesn’t mean that you cannot wear blouses with sexy cuts on your wedding and flaunt your back. This blouse is for anyone who wants to take their bridal attire to another level. The blouse has got a tear drop cut and tassels attached to the borders of it. The brocade embroidery on the sleeves are something to watch out for. The yellow pink saree is excellently paired with a blue blouse and therefore we get to see so many different shades and hues. Who would like to say a no to this blouse which covers all the elements of a south Indian blouse ranging from its cut to its exquisite embroidery?

8. Heavy embroidery fuchsia pink blouse to amp up your style.

Heavy embroidery fuchsia pink South Indian Real Bride Designer Blouse Designs

Image Source: Theknotz stories

Fuchsia pink is one of the most interesting and gorgeous shades of pink. This is a tear drop cut blouse with some nice cuts and embroidery. This brocade blouse has got amazing embroidery. With tassels at the end and high profile brocade embroidery on the blouse, it is an ideal option for wedding and related functions. It has hot Tassels at then end and borders are intricately designed. This blouse will go very well with shades of pink, red and orange sarees. Pink pansies in the middle of one white garland will accentuate the look like never before.

9. This blouse is all the voguish feels.

 South Indian Real Bride Designer Blouse Designs

Image Source: Roma Ganesh Photography

This blouse is partly sheer and partly has embroidered sleeves. This is very different from the traditional silk and brocade south indian blouse. It has got a modern touch and wouldn’t be denied by any bride. The single dori along with the designer tassels at the end looks sexy and perfect for brides who want to flaunt their sexy backs on their wedding day. The colours of both the blouse as well as the saree is also different from the ideal pink and red bridal ethnics. If you are looking for something different to try on your wedding day, then this real south Indian bridal designer blouse is for you. You can also style your hair differently like in this one. You are sure to receive a lot of praises in this one.

10. Elegant square cut blouse for the go.

A classic red kanjeevaram saree with golden borders paired with a square cut blouse is an ideal bridal option. It is so elegant and simple that it can be worn to veneration functions and other South Indian functions and celebrations like onam and pongal. The blouse is really simple showcasing the simplicity of Indian craftsmen. The patterns of the saree are also beautiful. Accentuate this saree look with the piece of your bridal jewellery to make it look appealing and more bridal like. Wear this and glow on the most important day of your life.

11. Today’s brides don’t leave any chance to flaunt their tattoos!!

V cut blouses are impressive and a very basic household option. They are simple yet very elegant. We love how the bride has paired this golden saree with a garland made of red pansies. How beautifully she manages to flaunt her tattoo! Seeing modern day south indian brides adorn their hair with garland proves that our culture and traditions remains intact and preserved. Coming to the blouse, to make it look a little fancy, some embellishments and pearls have been attached to the borders and sleeves of the blouse.  The sleeves have been puffed up a little. Puffed up blouses have been doing major rounds on internet and brides are embracing the trend very well. Such blouses look very stunning with basic sarees whether banarasi, kanjeevaram, chiffon or silk.

12. Green saree and pink blouse has never looked better before.

Green saree and pink blouse South Indian Real Bride

Image Source: Dithi Studio

This blouse is a mesmerizing piece of work. Surely, south indian ladies are the luckiest when it comes to choosing and customizing their blouse for weddings. This has got intricate gold embroidery and thread work on the sleeves as well as the back. More and more brides are coming up and vouching on heavy embroidered sleeve blouses to make a sizzling combination. The pairing of a golden shaded green saree with the golden pink blouse is scintillating and quite quirky a thing to do. The hair juda decorated with golden ornaments looks appealing and goes very well with the traditional attire.

13. A chic red embroidered blouse with heavy work on the sleeves.

A red blouse combined with the best of golden saree is worth a try. This red blouse has got embroidery on the sleeves and has a square cut. The floral juda looks quite tantalizing and makes up a good combination with the red golden combination. The sleek embroidery and golden thread work on the blouse is what makes it so adorable and nice. Intricate thread work along the borders are the attention seekers and the square cut looks quite different from other square cuts. Pairing it with red kanjeevaram saree and golden jewellery will look superb.

14. The pigeon motif was only needed to make this blouse worth a superhit.

Pigeon motif South Indian Real Bride Designer Blouse Designs

Image Source: Sakina Ahmed

Kanjeevaram and silks, jhumkis and tassels, embellishments and embroidery, heavy jewellery and garland sums up the entire look of a South Indian bride. No wonder, they are considered one of the most beautifully dressed brides of India. This is another superb example of South Indian craftsmanship. This blouse has all the elements of a perfect south indian designer blouse. This is basically a high neck blouse where the sleeves have got tassels at the ends, there is heavy embroidery on the sleeves and there are some sequins and pearls too to amp up the glamour of the blouse. The pigeon motif is adding more charm to the blouse and making the back look appealing. The right amount of jewellery and a silk kanjeevaram saree will help you become the show stealer.

15. Cold shoulder blouses are too cool to don on the wedding day.

Cold shoulder blouses South Indian Real Bride Designer

Image Source: Studio 31 Weddings

Cold shoulder blouses are fun and and a very interesting twist on the whole idea of bridal dressing. This one has intricate embroidery and some beautiful adornments. The bride’s braid has been adorned too beautifully. The embroidery on the cold shoulder sleeves are adding the right amount of jazz to the ethnic option. The cuts on the back of the blouse is also something extraordinary as this type of cut is not otherwise found in any other kind of blouses. Pairing it up with the simplest of sarees will also look gorgeous due to the meticulously designed blouse. Overall, we would like to say that this a modern touch to an ethnic dress for the brides of today.

To conclude, we would like to say that South Indian weddings are one of a kind. Ranging from their pretty and well dressed brides to their unexploited culture, everything is unique and good in it’s own way. We hope that you like these artistic and fashionable blouses and give this a shot. Keep showing us your support and following K4 fashion for your daily dose of fashion and beauty inspiration and lifestyle needs.

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