Blouse Neck Designs Cutting & Stitching at Home (Video Tutorials)

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“I think a woman looks best when she wears a saree”, fittingly said Bollywood’s Bebo, Karina Kapoor. And saree is not complete without blouse. So, we are here with blouse neck designs cutting & stitching tutorials to make your own blouses at home.

You will agree with me when I will say that a blouse design with a saree can make or break your look on any rave-up. You also know how tough it is to choose among various designs present on the internet and how a more tough thing is dealing with a tailor. Buying a matching cloth, getting it to your tailor, choosing a design among the limited designs present on the catalogs, and then visiting the tailor multiple times to get your blouse promising.

A much better option than this would be if you cast the die to cut and stitch your blouse on your own at your places. The major advantage will be that you will know your idyllic fit and hence the blouse will be of a perfect fit for you. You are the only one who can get your work done as desired and in a hassle freeway. This will be a bang on DIY for you. Here is a list of some blouses and attached video links with them to guide you through cutting and stitching simple and beautiful blouse neck designs at home.

Blouse Neck Designs Cutting and Stitching at Home

1. Dress It Solemn!

trendy bloue neck dezine Cutting and Stitching at Home

You have found an authentic design for you if you want to stitch and cut a simple blouse for solemn occasions. As per the video suggests the cutting and stitching of this blouse design in steps is quite a doodle.

You can cherry-pick according to your saree, majorly three bonding colors as shown in the image like blue, red and grey. Cut and stitch them per the video.

  • Fix on the blouse with a cotton saree to have a terrific look. 
  • Making the look sober and authentic is the ultimate goal so try wearing prudent jewelry with the couture.  
  • Official occasions will be most suitable for the same.

2. Beauty of Materialism!

Stylish neck design tutorial for home

An aesthetic piece of design has come your way this time. The first thing that struck your mind as soon as you saw this design was to get this stitched for your brand-new bought saree, right? Then stop thinking and start stitching!

The cutting and stitching of the blouse neck design have two contrasting pieces of colorful clothes mainly pink and skin. You can think and choose many beautiful contrasting colors and go ahead with the design.

Also, choose a fabulous broach to be put up at the end of the design.

  • If you are thinking about wearing this with a silk saree then you already know your way!
  • Match classic pearl neckpiece and Moti bangles too.
  • You can wear this to daylight parties or even birthday parties with mid-heavy couture.

3. The Inverted Crown!

Inverted Crown neck design for women

Stay with me now as you are now looking at a very kingly piece and you can cut and stitch this blouse neck design easily at home. You can look at the video and know that you do not need to be a professional to stitch this.

The design is an amazing deep-U neck with an inverted crown design at the finish. You can go and look in the market for the same stone broach and stitch it.

  • You can stand out of the crowd if you would choose to wear this blouse neck design with georgette or any other materialized saree.
  • Wear heavily fashioned jewelry for your look.
  • Parties or ethnic occasions.

4. But First, Style!

Blouse Neck Designs Cutting and Stitching

How awesome do you think is this blouse design for your net materialled saree, you were worried about to what can it best go with? Yes, this is the right suggestion for the same. It looks quite fancy and also classic but it’s peanuts to cut and stitch the blouse neck design at home.

The back is beautifully made by combining two different pieces of clothes into a deep-V and rectangular from above. The mid-portion of the rectangular cut is joint perfectly again in a slight V shape with creases in cloth which is making it look like a design.

  • Wear it with a net saree or any other fancy material.
  • Best suitable for parties and weddings.
  • Heavy Accessories.

5. Shape A Clay, Shape A Cloth!

Blouse Neck Designs Cutting and Stitching

Often girls desire to wear sarees but they go with or prefer sarees which are not too heavy. One of the ongoing trends is wearing plain chiffon with a detailed blouse neck design. So, lifting the veil for you here’s the design you girls can wear and fit it to your sleek bodies by cutting and stitching this on your own.

A pot-shaped back neck design with a hanging Dori attached is in front of you. This is highly a choice today and is totally in fashion. The blouse neck design looks amazing when bright shades are worked on it.

  • Net sarees.
  • The design is sober and beautiful both, therefore you can wear it everywhere and anywhere.
  • Wear sober accessories.

The way to look alluring each time you wear a saree is to look confident! And you can look confident and bold each time you are comfortable with whatever you are wearing. So, go ahead, cut, stitch and look confident if you are wearing a saree soon.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens

fancy saree blouse back neck designs for modern women


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