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Blouse Back Neck Design!

We all have millions of clothes in our closet, but do we need them all?? As a woman, I would say yes if you ask me. Yeah guilty as charged. With the fashion trends changing every year, it is very difficult to keep a track of what we already have and what we buy. But there is one thing that never goes out of style and it is a saree.

On that note, wearing only designer sarees are not enough. It is also very important to take care of what blouse you are wearing. Now you must think who is going to strip down all the layers to see a blouse?? But you are wrong. A good blouse is equally important as a good saree. It can make or break your entire look.

As for the blouse, it is very difficult to find that one perfect piece. The local, as well as the online markets, are flooded with various types of blouse designs. From backless to sheer to the net and so much more. While all these can get you immensely confused and you are cracking your brain to find that one perfect piece, we are here to get you sorted.

Blouse Back Neck Design Tutorials

In this article, we are going to show you some easy blouse design tutorials which you can try right at your home to get your own customised blouse. While you leave all your fashion competitors hunting for your fashion style, you will be walking the ramp in style.

Easy Blouse Design Cutting & Stitching at Home

  • Take a white paper, fold it into half and measure the length as 13.5 inches, shoulder as 5.5 inches, arms as 5.5 inches and chest as 7.5 inches(if your bust is 30). Keep 2 inches extra.

Note: These are just some sample measurements, you can take your own measurements.

  • Join all the points.
  • Take neck length as 10.5 inches and width as 2.5 inches.
  • Measure 1 inch for the pattern at the bottom and draw a pot shape.
  • Cut the paper to get a rough design.
  • Take 2 blouse fabrics, one orange the original one and a golden fabric for design.
  • Now place the pieces on the actual blouse fabric (orange) and draw the outline of the design.
  • Cut out the fabric.
  • Now draw the pot design on a canvas paper and cut it out.
  • Draw a peepal leaf shape on the canvas paper as well and cut it out.
  • Now iron all the designs on the golden blouse fabric.
  • Cut out the designs.
  • Now stitch the fabrics, turn it inside out and stitch it again.
  • Take a strip of the orange fabric and do the piping on the golden fabric.
  • Take a strip of the golden fabric and do the piping on the orange fabric.
  • Assemble all the fabrics and stitch it.
  • Once everything is stitched in place, use an oxidised button and stitch it in the middle and add a dori on top.

For more detailed information refer to the video above.

New Blouse Back Neck Design Tutorial

  • Take a white paper, fold it into half and mark the length as 13.5 inches, shoulders as 7 inches, arms as 7 inches, chest as 7.5 inches( if your bust is 30).

Note: These are just sample measures, you can take your own measurements.

  • Keep 2 inches extra and join all the points.
  • Measure 1 inch on the top and draw a slanted line.
  • Do the same inside your design and make an U shape.
  • Measure neck length and width as 3 inches each.
  • Join the points and make a semi-circle.
  • Measure 4 inches at the bottom from where your neck measurement ends and draw a slanted line to join the top at 2.5 inches from the bottom.
  • Measure 5.5 inches from the slanted line on the other side and join it together at the bottom.
  • Cut out the design and cut the paper from the middle.
  • No take the other half of the paper and measure 5 inches as the width of the neck and length as 4 inches.
  • Join the points together and make a semi-circle in it.
  • Measure the length again as 8.5 inches from where you finished previously and make a C shape.
  • Measure 5.5 inches on the untouched side and join it to the middle of the C.
  • Cut out the paper.
  • Take two fabrics one net and one Cotton
  • On the cotton fabric mark out the designs you just drew.
  • Cut out the fabric.
  • Place the fabric on the net fabric and cut out the designs.
  • Take the leftover net fabric and fold it into half.
  • Cut out the designs for the top portion.
  • Assemble the fabrics and stitch it to get a front and back individually.
  • Turn the cotton and net part inside out.
  • Do the piping on the net part with a net strip.
  • Stitch the top and bottom part together.
  • Attach bra cups to the front side.
  • Stitch all the pieces together to get the complete blouse.

For more information refer to the video above.

Hope these blouse back neck design tutorials were helpful and you got an idea on how to make your own customized blouse, hassle free. One important thing, if you are an amateur in stitching, please take the help of an adult. Try these out and strut like a stunner this wedding season. For more updates, stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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