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Guide for Winter Wardrobe To Keep You Stylish

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Make sure you have a warm winter coat, hat and boots in your wardrobe. Preparation for the cold can not be called complete, if your wardrobe is deprived of a basic winter wardrobe.

General Recommendations

Let’s say at once, the basic winter wardrobe is not strictly tied to the season. All things you can also take with you spring and even summer wardrobe.

All things are selected in neutral shades, monochrome and classic silhouettes. So we guarantee absolute compatibility of all things among themselves. When choosing the shades, remember your color type and the palette that suits it. It is good when things literally fit in the face. Finally, in winter, things should warm the body and soul. Long sleeves, standard lengths of trousers, wool and cashmere are your main reference points.

Cold weather winter outfit

Monochrome long sleeves, standard lengths of trousers, wool and cashmere for winter season


This is where we rule out short-sleeve tops. And to have a variety of sets, a pair of shirts or blouses are required to purchase. We combine them with a cardigan or a pullover. Both of these things should also be in the arsenal. Cardigan looking for a large knitting, but here is a pullover of fine knitwear and with a round neckline. Under it you can hide a blouse, and this two – under a jacket. Last we choose a direct silhouette.

Street style fashion

Anne hathaway street style, brown jacket, short-sleeve tops with cardigan or a pullover of fine knitwear winter women outfits


If you manage to find jeans with insulation or fleece from the inside, take this pair, do not regret it. They will be useful in early spring and next winter. The wishes for appearance – blue, monochrome, without abrasions. The second pair of trousers is a classic with a straight silhouette. Woolen or with its addition will save from the cold, black or blue shade – from “headache” with what to combine.

Women’s winter pants

Women's trousers/pants of black or blue shade for winter season Guide for Winter Wardrobe To Keep You Stylish

Skirts and Dresses

This item is not must have, but it will be to the taste of feminine wardrobe followers. As a dress we recommend a knitted straight model to the knee. Can be combined with a cardigan, jacket and even blouses. If the skirt, a straight or flared model.Woolen product is an additional plus. And don’t forget about warm tights.

Casual dresses for women

Winter & summer casual dresses for women  Guide for Winter Wardrobe To Keep You Stylish


One universal model will be more than enough. However, there is a good choice here. As an option – quilted down coat – the most popular outerwear in winter. We are looking for an elongated model with a hood: warm and looks great with dresses and skirts. In second place is a long drape coat. The model made of 100% wool and with lining will save from frost. Young ladies will like the parks that look youthful.

Quilted down coat

Women's quilted down coat with thick winter scarf, shawls and wraps around the neck for winter season

Shoes and Accessories

When discussing basic wardrobes, we most often recommend giving up heels. As for the winter wardrobe, this is a requirement. Winter basic pair of shoes should be on a flat run. And ideally approach the sets above. For example, insulated boat shoes or a model on lacing. If you do not have a bag that completes all the basic kits, and you are thinking about buying a new one, this review is for you! The main thing is to observe the palette and silhouette. And do not forget about the hat, scarf, warm mittens.

Accessories for women

Women's winter accessories like black & brown shoes with knitted cap

Capsule Example

Following all the recommendations above, we have made for you a winter capsule in gray and blue shades. Please note how well things fit together. There are no win-win situations. We have presented an absolute minimum of winter basic wardrobe. The number of items can vary depending on your tastes and lifestyle.

Features of the basic winter wardrobe

Features of the basic winter wardrobe of a women includes shirt, sweater, shoes, bag, skirt, gloves, coat etc.

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