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Women Patchwork Dresses: Carry Your Own Style

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Patchwork” is a technique of sewing from colorful patches of all shapes and sizes. England is considered to be the homeland of such an unusual kind of needlework, however, due to its simplicity and unconventionality, it instantly won love in all corners of the world. The principle of sewing technique is distinguished by color solutions, patterns and texture. We have prepared for you a selection of the best products in patchwork style.

Fur Coats

What you can’t miss is a patchwork fur coat! And fur flaps can be a variety of geometric shapes: triangles, rhombuses, circles, squares or rectangles. The main thing is the contrasting abstract pattern and saturated palette. The optimal length of the coat – to the hips or knees. In order not to overload the image, the other attributes of the wardrobe should be neutral shades.

Long sleeve faux fur coat

Women's multicolor open stitch design long sleeve faux fur coat for winter season


A coat made up of bright shreds is a real find for any trendsetter who has decided to impress her fans with her individuality and good taste. It can be a short coat of leather fragments, a long coat of denim, mosaic oversize of knitwear or felt. Such models are perfectly combined with skirts, narrow trousers or jeans. When choosing a patchwork style, it is important to remember that brightness should be present in only one element of the wardrobe.

Street style trends of fall/winter

Women's denim & multicolored coat street style trends for fall/winter


In the patchwork style, jeans and jackets will be particularly popular in 2016-2017. They work well with jeans, leather pants, skirts and dresses. As an accessory it is recommended to use jewelry made of wood, plastic, metal or leather. Shoes should be as simple as possible: without lacquer coating and other decorative trimming. Choosing a similar outfit, you can safely go shopping, meeting with friends or a party.

Patchwork denim jeans & jacket

Women's new fashion of patchwork style jeans & jackets


A patchwork skirt will be a great option for any event, whether it’s a meeting with friends or a working day. The harmonious combination of leather, denim or suede patchwork is perfect for a set with a neutral blouse or turtleneck. Models with buttons in front look extraordinary and stylish, emphasizing originality and restraint of your outfit. The neck pendant on a long thin chain will be the end of the image.

Patchwork denim skirt

Women's casual summer outfit, patchwork denim skirt with white & cream shirt


Show your sexuality and courage with a patchwork dress! Modest, rather modest, more like a closed sundress, it will make you the queen of fashion! Wearing it over a turtleneck will give you a good combination for autumn-winter wardrobe. To keep warm, put a coat or park on your shoulders. Use gloves, a leather or suede bag, a bright umbrella and classic half boots as additional attributes.

Unique patchwork outfit

Patchwork on black and white, denim short dress combined with black high heels for women

Cardigans and Ponchos

Poncho or cardigan in patchwork style – a great solution to create a unique image in the coming season. Spacious and almost dimensionless clothing, sewn from motley geometric fragments, will be a model of your style and comfort. Place a poncho on top of the monotonous hem, put on skinny jeans, high heels, add a bag of fringes and go on a date or shopping trip. Your daily outfit is ready!

Patchwork ponchos

Women front open and closed patchwork poncho for any look


A patchwork-style accessory can help you add an image of the raisins. Bright bag, scarf or shoes made in patchwork style will perfectly complement the outfit consisting of quiet colors. Bag models are made of leather, suede, fur and textiles, an interesting solution is a combination of different textures. Taking note of such an accessory, you are guaranteed not to be left without attention!

Patchwork-style accessory

Women's patchwork muffler, black & white fur bag for casual look

Bohemian patchwork dress ideas

Bohemian patchwork dress ideas

Patchwork dress for plus size girls

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