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Blouse Back Designs!

Ethnic wear is taking on the trend lately. Gone are the days when ladies used to flaunt their western dresses in order to look fashionable and presentable. Sarees have become a fashion statement and it is a must have for every woman in the world. We Indians love our sarees and even the celebrities are not away from it. We have seen a lot of celebrities flaunting their saree looks over the past few days. In almost every event you will see the celebrities showing off in a saree.

A blouse is the most integral part of a saree. What is a saree without a blouse? If you think who is going to notice within all those layers? You are wrong. A blouse is something which can transform even the most boring of your outfits into a fashion statement. A trendy blouse piece will elevate the look of your saree and take it up a notch.

In this constantly changing world, woman’s fashion is also changing. We have all stepped out from the contemporary saree and blouse designs and have taken in the modernity. Ethnic fashion has really been on the run lately. Be it events or weddings or glam parties, everyone is up and about with their saree charm.

So if you are looking for a dress to impress, then definitely go with this traditional and ethnic look. You will be surprised to see what this 6 yards fabric can do to your overall look. Now, that we have discussed so much about sarees and blouse designs, in this article we will take you through these gorgeous and stunning blouse designs which will turn you from drab to fab, instantly.

Blouse Back Designs

It’s not always about giving your fashion competitors an awful taste of jealousy. But sometimes you just need to fall in love with the look your mirror reflects. It is about self-love and self-confidence. No women on this planet can look more gorgeous than a saree. There is something about this attire that brings grace and femininity to your overall appearance.

1. Cold shoulder blouse design:

Cold shoulder blouse design: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens

Cold shoulder design is quite the trend lately. This design is seen almost everywhere. From an ordinary girl to celebrities this style is worn by everybody. The design we have here is a nice pastel blue color blouse. The blouse has a spaghetti cold shoulder design. It has nice embellishments on the shoulder and also has metallic tassels hanging. The blouse also has a keyhole design with some flowers attached. Trust me when I say this blouse will elevate the look of even the most basic saree. Pair it with any solid color saree of the similar hue and you are good to go.

2. Tie up back blouse design:

 Tie up back blouse design: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens

Making a fashion statement with this blouse is quite easy. This is because this blouse is a statement in itself. The beautiful half and half blouse design are perfect to jazz up any outfit. The image here is of a pink color vase embroidered blouse which has a backless feature with two threads to tie up at the back. This is perfect for those ladies who are up for a bit of a skin show but yet in a modest way. A perfect way to show off your back.

3. Keyhole blouse design:

Keyhole blouse design: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens
Image Source: Ruffle Trends

This is a simple and elegant blouse design which unravels the beauty of oneself. This is undoubtedly the best design you can find in the market. A blouse back is the only thing visible when you wear a saree. The blouse in the image has a triple keyhole which looks perfectly elegant for even the most formal occasion. The blouse further has a deep round neck and bell sleeves. A perfect blouse to show off the amount of skin required.

4. Bow back blouse design:

Bow back blouse design: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens
Image Source: bchicbyrajikhaira

A gorgeous blouse for every occasion. If you are like me who faces a problem every time to create that perfect bow at the back, then this is perfect for you. The blouse has a deep V neck at the back with a faux bow already made. Now there is no need to compromise with the glam look. This blouse is perfect for weddings or events or any other occasion.

5. Decorated back blouse design:

 Decorated back blouse design: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens

Embellishments are the perfect way to jazz up any outfit. This blouse is embellished all around the neckline and the sleeves. This blouse looks like God’s creation. From the fabric to the design and silhouette everything looks perfect. The exclusive embellishments give this blouse an extra feminine look which enhances the beauty of it. These are perfect for a heavy-duty occasion such as marriages and parties. Pair it with a solid or designer sarees in order to make everyone’s head turn.

6. Cutout back blouse design:

Cutout back blouse design: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens
Image Source: Tojo Kappithan

This pot neck back cutout design is another way to glam up even the most basic sarees. The blouse is simple yet it has a subtle glam to it. This is sleeveless which is perfect for the summer occasions. This easy breezy blouse can be paired with any saree in order to elevate any look.

7. Sheer back blouse design:

Sheer back blouse design: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens

Sheer fabric has taken the whole fashion world by storm. This blouse is a perfect blend of elegance and trend. The blouse has a broad square embroidered back with a slight sheer design. The most interesting fact about this blouse is the buttons at the back. The sheer fabric along with the buttons makes this blouse super sophisticated. Pait with a sheer or embroidered saree or lehenga of a similar hue in order to keep up the charm.

8. Sheer striped blouse design:

Sheer striped blouse design: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens

This blouse is super glamorous and Uber chic. The blouse design is something to die for. I personally love this blouse. The sheer back with the stripes design really lifts up the overall look. The blouse further has an elbow length sleeve which makes them look even more sophisticated. Everything in black anyways looks good and this is super trendy. Pair this with similar or contrasting hue to make this blouse pop.

9. Button back blouse design:

Button back blouse design: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens

This latest ouse design has captured quite the craze. But I must admit this design is worth the hype. This sophisticated blouse design is even perfect for work. This blouse not only has buttons at the back but also has hassles hanging in order to make it look more pretty. Pair this with solid cotton sarees, or floral or printed sarees to maintain the look.

10. Embroidered back blouse design:

Embroidered back blouse design: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens

Embroidery can make any piece look pretty. These designs are so intricate that they make you look like someone featured on the Vogue magazine. This blouse is in a floral pattern which is a huge season trend and is high on demand. Embroidery can make any piece look heavy and appropriate for special occasions like weddings and festival functions. The sleeves have a scalloped hem design to elevate the look of the blouse. Pair it with a saree of a similar pattern to maintain the gorgeousness.

11. Back cutout with tassel:

Back cutout with tassel: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens
Image Source: Little Big Weddings

This blouse has everything from backless do tassel to faux bow. Everything to make one look good. The blouse further has a cutout on the sleeves to elevate the look. This blouse is perfect for weddings for the bride who is not shy in showing off her perfectly groomed back. Pair it with matching sarees or lehengas to keep everything blended.

12. Sheer sleeves blouse design:

Sheer sleeves blouse design: Blouse Back Designs for Modern Womens

We saved the best for the last. This is my favoirite design of all. A perfect amalgamation of style and trend. This blouse can undoubtedly male your special occasion more special. Sober yet hot this design is tried out even by our hottest Bollywood divas. This is a must have for every woman and is perfect for ladies who always want to put up their A game forward. The ouse here has embroidery on the sheer fabric to give it a more rich look. Pair it with matching or contrasting hues to add up to the beauty of it.

Hope you enjoyed this lavish couture tour. That was all for this article. Surely you must have picked up your favourite. For more latest updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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