Salwar Suits Designs for Short Height Girls

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Indian Kurti and salwar suit designs for short height girls as well as ladies along with styling tips to dress up like a diva and look your best at a party!

It is justly said that short girls are cute and tall girls are hot. But what a dreadful combination it will be if a girl can look both? Yes, short girls can look beautiful wearing these trending amazing Salwar Suits. Salwar suits and especially Patiala Suits have always been a trend in each era. In today’s fashion, we are seeing celebrities pairing Salwars and Kurtas with some additions such as a shrug and many more adornments. We have a list of each such trend which will be a great inspiration for a short height girl. Do have a look!

Salwar Suits Designs for Short Height Girls

1. Patiala Suit With A Koti

Indian party dress- Patiala kurti salwar suit for short height girls and ladies.
Alia Bhat in Patiala Suit with Koti

Who can inspire you more than one of the finest fashions as from Bollywood? You are encountering one of the most rated looks from Alia Bhatt’s wardrobe. She has worn a Patiala suit and is not at all struggling to look heightened. The outfits make her look cuter and made her even more confident. You can note the speciality of this dress, it is the extra shrug she wore on the Patiala suit rather than wearing the customed chunni. Overall, the couture is fancy and can be taken to fancy occasions and parties. 

2. Shining Bright In White Chikankari Kurti  

White chikankari kurti with patiala salwar for short height girls and ladies for Indian party dress.
Model in White Chikankari Patiala Suit

With Holi and Rang Panchmi vibes all around the corner, our fashion divas must be looking for some remarkable styles to be dressed for the Holi bash. Here is one of those suggestions, where you can wear white Patiala and a white Kurta with a colourful chunni. The Couture looks graceful and the specialty of it is the chunni which you can easily get in the market. The Kurta is made up of Chikankari embroidery and the Salwar is made into a Patiala type. Look upon the fact that how wondrously the model is carrying those pink bellies with the whole outfit. 

3. Yellow Patiala Suit With Phulkari Dupatta

Yellow patiala kurti salwar with mirror and phulkari work for girls and ladies indian party dress.
Yellow mirror work kurta with phulkari dupatta

This is an in effect pretty Salwar suit with such a great color. I bet you girls will look standout wearing this pretty piece. The Kurta, the Salwar, and the Chunni all are of the same colour and look extra dramatic. The Kurta has latkans surrounding the bounds from the bottom and also on the sleeves. The Salwar is stitched into a Dhoti pattern which is making the whole couture look even more impressive. The major beauty of this Salwar Suit is its heavy chunni. You can get such embroidered and charming Chunni easily if you go and buy it. 

4. Rocking Holi Party Dress In Short Frock Kurti

White short frock kurti with patiala for short height girls and ladies to make a perfect indian holi party dress
White short frock kurta with patiala

This alluring white-coloured Salwar Suit is a heart-throb for every girl. It has been famous since Alia Bhatt wore it in the song, ‘Samjhawaan’. She wore plain white kurta and Salwar and a colourful Chunni with it. There is something different in the pattern though here. The kurta here is stitched in a frock pattern but it’s not that long too. It is lengthened till above the knee and then the Salwar is made into a heavy pleated Patiala. You can also pair an aesthetic traditional jootti with the outfit and some heavy earrings and other ornaments. 

5. Center-Slit Kurti And Patiala

Short height ladies and girls looking party ready in Indian yellow center slit kurti patiala
Model in Yellow center-slit kurti and patiala

A great modern way to wear a Salwar Suit to an occasion. A girl wearing this modern Salwar Suit will surely look boho and chic carrying all the attitude and styles of the outfit. Look at how divinely the Kurta is slit from the middle and is long, therefore, it stretches down till the ankle. The whole outfit is fancy and party wear hence it can be easily carried to a wedding occasion also. The Salwar is stitched into the Dhoti pattern, making the whole couture look even more trendy. Do not wear heels or wedges with the couture, try to pair some good flats with the same.

6. The Hot Black Patiala Style

Black patiala suit with sleeveless kurti for Indian party dress with western touch for short height girls and ladies.
Model slaying a Black patiala suit

What a great combination of the hot and traditional look, both in one single piece. You can too look this much hot by getting yourself a Salwar Suit like this. The major hot look of this piece is because of the kind the Kurta is stitched. The Sleeves of which are made into a sleeveless pattern and the kurta length is kept above knees. The Salwar here is again a Dhoti patterned one and the chunni is made up of a net material led cloth. The Chunni is elegantly bordered with a superb golden lace. 

7. Angrakha Kurti With Patiala Salwar

Peach angrakha short kurti and patiala for Indian party dress for Short height ladies and girls.
Poise in peach Angrakha kurti and patiala

There is no blink when it comes to pink! Yes, I completely agree with this saying, and do you? Here the Salwar Suit is made up of Pink color top to bottom. Another eye-catching thing about this Salwar Suit is the way the Kurta has been designed. It is designed in a wrap-up pattern that looks like a Mughal way of adorning yourself. I can, therefore, guarantee you that this couture can make your personality look more regal. Note how gracefully the designer has also made the sleeves of the Kurta wrapped too.

8. Magnificence Of A Heavy Embroidered Patiala Suit

Heavy golden and peach sleeveless stand collar kurti and patiala for Indians weddings and party for short height girls and ladies
Heavy peach and golden patiala suit for functions

I know there is a great trend of designing your Kurta in a combination of an Anarkali and a stand collar neck. But, believe me, this yet another way of design that makes short girls look taller. Here the stand collar is stiff and heavily embroidered. You can too choose such embroidered necks while go for buying the stuff for your Suit. The length of the Kurta is till the thigh and is cut and finished in a circular shape. The Salwar is made up into a pleated Dhoti and the Chunni is kept plane with just bordering it with golden shiny lace.

9. Blusing In Blush Pink Patiala

Alia Bhat in pink kurti patiala and net dupatta to party dressed in Indian style that would look good on all short height girls and ladies.
Alia Bhat in blush pink patiala suit

Our Favorited Actress and Bollywood’s diva Alia Bhatt have worn this Blush pink-coloured Salwar Suit and looked so pretty in it. This couture will make you more comfortable as Patiala suits are always loose and free. Here the Patiala Salwar is loose at the end and is also long. The Chunni is of net material and the border is made up of exquisite lace and beautiful stones are also embellished on the same. 

10. Cold-Shoulder Kurta And Dhoti Suit 

short height girls and ladies looking best in black cold shoulder kurti and patiala salwar for Indian party dress
Black cold shoulder kurti with patiala salwar

Again, a Salwar Suit which is a bit different from all other traditional Salwar suits. It is because it does not follow the rule of the set of three pieces namely a kurta, chunni, and a salwar. Here the chunni is excluded from the set and rather more creative ways are used to adorn the outfit splendidly. With a cold shoulder pattern in the kurta and a Dhoti styled Salwar, this Salwar Suit design is yet another trend in the fashion book. You will love the way how the kurta is so adorably designed into a short Anarkali.

11. Adding Western Touch To A Patiala

Alia Bhatt in kurti and patiala with Western touch and sleek hairstyle for all short height girls and ladies to rock Indian party.
Alia Bhat in a Patiala with Western Touch

Alia Bhatt wore this Payal Singhal couture during the promotions of Badrinath Ki Dulhania. I just love the fact of how this Patiala suit is different from all other Patiala suits. The Kurta stands out of the crowd following the latest trends. It is apart from every other pattern as the kurta is cut and designed in half moon pattern from the bottom. And, then it is surrounded with a frilly lace which makes the whole couture even cracker-jack. To wear a high fancy heel on the outfit would be my only suggestion to you for the look.

12. The Perfectly Adorned Patiala Suit

Disha Patani in pink sleeveless short frock kurti and patiala with net dupatta rocking Indian party like any short height girls or ladies
Disha Patani rocking a short frock kurta with Patiala salwar

Almost every guy’s crush because of her great looks and styling each time she walks out of her roof. Disha Patani blew our minds when she went traditional and worn this astounding Salwar Suit. Every girl can become a beauty icon if she follows the correct trend and dresses in great style. This is again a stylish Salwar Suit suitable for all grand parties and occasions. The Kurta has to be stitched sleekly and should fit the body completely. Pair a nice staggering pair of bellies or flats with this couture.

13. Hot Pink Patiala Suit For Parties

Fancy punjabi hot pink short kurti patiala suit and dress tips for short height girls and ladies
Model in Hot pink heavily embroidered Patiala Suit

For some girls, pink is their signature colour and for those girls, this outfit can be a god made. I love this beautiful play of the pink colour played here, in the whole couture. Notice how the Kurta and the Chunni are made up of Ruby pink coloured cloth whereas the Salwar is made up of magenta pink coloured cloth. The Kurti material is heavily embroidered whereas the Salwar and the Chunni are paired plain. It is also embellished with some awesome buttons from the front. Look at those marvelous pair of wedges worn in the image. You can too get inspired by the same look for a wedding or a party. 

14. Soothing Yellow Patiala Suit 

Yellow heavy embroidered kurti and patiala for short height girls and ladies to look party ready in Indian dress
Alia Bhat looking angelic in Yellow Patiala Suit


A whole lot of fancy suit where the Salwar, the Kurta, and the chunni all of them are too awe-striking and pair up perfectly. Alia Bhatt keeps proving by her different looks at how she is great at carrying Patiala Suits. The salwar is made up of a shiny fabric here and the kurta is also well decorated and styled. This is a yet Sanskaari Salwar Suit as it is not at all revealing with round neck kurta and 3/4th stitched sleeves. You can look astonishing wearing this Salwar Suit.

You saw a great list of trendy and customized Patiala Suits. You also saw traditional Salwar Suits with some mix and match and some changes made to it. I bet each Salwar Suit will be a heart-stirring choice for any girl and will make her look stand out. I hope this blog was helpful to you to get inspired in styling and fashion. Find more of our such blogs and keep yourself up-to-date in the fashion world.

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