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Gorgeous Cara Delevingne Hairstyles You Need To Look

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British woman Cara Delevingne broke into the fashion world less than 13 years ago. Today, this 29-year-old beauty is one of the most popular models, the face of such famous brands as Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Chanel. In 2013 she was awarded the title of Model of the Year and her face adorns the covers of many fashion magazines. Cara is also a film star and has already received roles in several films.

The girl has ideal physical parameters and a bright and memorable appearance. This model is known for its wide and thick eyebrows. But no less famous is Cara and her bold experiments with hair.

Cara Delevingne’s Long Hairstyles

At the beginning of her career, the girl had long hair. This gave ample opportunities for stylists: for catwalk shows Cara’s hair was styled in waves, collected in unusual hairstyles with bright accessories, braided in braids, entirely or in separate strands, made smooth styling.

But in everyday life the model gave preference to simple and not requiring a long hairstyle:

  • Loose hair- Most of the time, you can see Cara Delevingne with her carelessly flowing hair with a side parting
  •  A horse’s tail- And the girl did it not only on the back of the head, but also on the side, which gave the image of playfulness and lightness.
  • Bundle- This universal hairstyle was also in the favor of the model. And the bundle could be both high and low, perfectly smooth or slightly careless: the shape of Cara’s face allows you to make any variants of this hairstyle.

This choice of everyday hairstyles is explained by the model’s preferences in the clothes. Outside the podium she prefers to dress simply and comfortably: she loves jeans, jackets, hats: caps and knitted hats.

Cara Delevingne’s Short Hairstyles: Are They Really Good For Her?

Cara made her first image change in 2016. Then she appeared in public with an elongated bean-car. It’s a hairstyle that combines elements of a classic carriage and a bean, with long strands of face and shorter strands on the back of the head.

The model shortened the hair to the shoulders, but remained true to the way of hair styling on the oblique parting, which allows you to leave your forehead open. A slight carelessness of hairstyles has also been preserved: with perfectly straightened hair, the girl can be seen only at fashion shows, in normal life she prefers small natural waves. The length of the hair to the shoulders also allows for more complex hairstyles and the necessary models to be made in the course of work. For example, Cara often appeared before photographers with braided head on one side and loose hair on the other.

Most critics appreciated this image change and noticed that the new haircut turned Cara from a girl into a stylish young woman.

But Cara Delevingne did not stop there and a year later appeared before the public in a radically new image with a haircut pixie cut. In addition, the girl changed the color of her hair from natural blonde to cold platinum blonde.

Cutting pixie cut is one of the most actual trends in recent years. A short, almost boyish hairstyle can be very feminine, as proven by Cara Delevingne. In public, she appears in different images: with a ribbon masking the bangs, with a decor on the hair of sequins, with a smooth style in the classic style, referring to the 20 years of last century. At the same time, this haircut does not require a long installation and looks stylish and modern.

The Changes Continue

You’d think you’d stop there. But Cara, actively building a career actress, surprised the audience again: for another role, she shaved her head. However, at the end of filming the star began to grow hair again, while changing their color to chestnut. It is in this image, with a short haircut and dark hair color, she appeared at the presentation of his own book “Mirror, mirror”.

But it should be noted that this active and beautiful girl to face any changes in her hair, and Cara looks equally good with long and short hair.

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