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What does it take for a bride to have a complete makeover? A bride looks beautiful in her bridal lehenga, bridal makeup, and a perfect hairdo. On her special day, a bride wishes to have perfect hair with bridal buns, hairstyles, and perfect hair makeover. Buns are those bridal elements that never run out of fashion and are always in demand. They can be tied and presented in different ways with the help of flowers, sparkles and can be defined in open or braided hairstyles.

There are different ways to present the buns which add charm to the bride:

  1. Traditional Buns are the forever classic bridal hairstyles that are chosen by the bride to look beautiful on occasions from engagements to the reception. They look stunning with flowers, known as gajara’s.
  2. Adding flowers like red and white roses to the buns is a great idea to tie the buns and adding charm to the simple bun.
  3. Adding twist and tuck in a different way to the bun adds a fresh look to the bride.
  4. Making heavy buns and adding tiny flowers to it adds awesomeness to the bride’s wedding.
  5. In South Indian Bridal hairstyles, brides use gold jewelry for hair and a gajra on the bun.

Look at These Gorgeous Bridal Buns for the Stunning Bridal Look On the D-Day.

Bridal Bun Hairstyles For Saree

1. Gorgeous Bridal Lifestyles

Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyle with multicolored flower

Image Source: Orange The Salon

The buns can be decorated with bright colored flowers which can be applied on small-sized buns and you are good to go. They look awesome with red or pink-colored outfits. They are low buns with flowers that can elevate the simple look with the way the flowers are tied to the bun in an innovative and stylish way. The flower-based bun can be applied to low and high buns. The multi-colored floral buns are designed to enrich the beauty of the bride.

2. Stunning Bridal Hair Do with Buns

Stunning Bridal Hair Do with Buns

Image Source: Amaya Salon & Academy

The simplistic bun is created by adding minimalistic flowers on it. Adding sparkled jewelry will make it look glamorous. The bridal bun has the jewelry which suits other jewelry and makes it looks stunning. The perfect hairdo would look great with the wedding outfit. Adding some hair accessories would add charms on your special day. The flower design has to be kept minimal and in contrasting colors. Adding hair accessories like beautiful hairpins can be designed to make the bridal look more beautiful.

3. Ecstatic Bridal Look

Ecstatic Bridal Look hairstyle

Image Source: Orange The Salon

The unique and sparkled hairdo is the trendiest and loved by every bride for the wedding day. The bun can be braided into French braids which can be done for long hair. Adding hair accessories like sparkles can add a diva-like appearance to the bride. The braids can be done very particularly for long hair. Drooling over this bride’s gorgeous hairdo with such beautiful hair accessories and that twisted braids make her look even more stunning.

4. Low Bun styled Bridal Look

Low Bun styled Bridal Look

Image Source: Amaya Salon & Academy

The bride can make side bun along with French braids will make her stand out from the crowd. You can add flowers either red roses or sparkle colored roses to the bun. Although it seems simple, the beauty and charm of the hair do will make her look glamorous and beautiful. When the bun is placed low which is half on the neck and half on the shoulder which will give a very soft touch to the bride. It will look beautiful with saree and hence low buns are often preferred as a wedding hairstyle.

5. Traditional Bridal Look

Traditional Bridal Look

Image Source: Orange The Salon

The traditional look with gajara is always loved by the brides. High tied Bun with white colored flowers which can add charm to the bride on her wedding day. The whole volume of hair can be stranded and tied beautifully in multiple strands with flowers. It will make the bride look simple and elegant with the wedding outfit. This hairdo can not only by bride but also by bridesmaids. This is for bride who wants to have a simple look with their outfit.

6. Single bun with Single Flower

Single bun with Single color Flower

The heavy volume of hair can be braided into French braids on one side and adding flowers would make the bride look gorgeous and eye-catchy. A wrap around side bun with white flowers will add beauty to the outfit of the bride on her D-day. This is for the brides who wants to have fancy look along with their outfit on wedding can go for this option.

7. Heavy Bun with Multi-Colored Flowers

Heavy Bun with Multi-Colored Flowers

Image Source: Orange The Salon

The heavy bun on bride can look beautiful with long hairs and also with wedding outfit. Brides can do this hairdo by using hair accessories and colorful flowers which will give a classic look to bride. This type of elegant hairstyle for Indian bride, this dainty braided up do is perfect to wear on reception day with gown or designer saree. Wear matching floral accessories to give it a bridal look! This will leave an impression and mark on the wedding day.

8. Bridal Updo with single colored flower

Bridal Updo with single colored flower

Image Source: Orange The Salon

The small bun with red flowers makes bride look goes well for the functions like mehndi or sangeet function. If the outfit of the bride is heavy with jewelry, then the hairstyle can be kept minimal with this hairdo. This simple bun with a single flower is just the perfect hairstyle for Indian brides who want to keep their hair and makeup minimal.

9. Braided Double Bun with flowers

Braided Double Bun with flowers

Image Source: Amaya Salon & Academy

For any function ranging from sangeet to reception, this hairstyle will go perfectly with any outfit. The hairstyle is a neat rolled up bun with bouffant and pastel-hued flowers. The pastel-colored flowers can blend with any type of outfit. Among many variations of bridal bun, this one is one of the patterns that you can easily pick for your wedding day.  In this style, the bun is not placed not too high or too low and it has been covered with a bun net to get the tidy look.  Use ofloralf the  gajra and the pearl hair accessory has completed the look making it ideal for wedding occasion.

10. Outlined Floral Bridal Bun

The unique styled floral bun will give elegance and beauty to the outfit of bride. The simple floral design is the combination of green and white-colored flowers which can be fitted perfectly into big buns. It is usually done to give a simple and classic look to the outfit on any occasion. The floral design is made into a semi-circular shape with flowers to make it beautiful with bridal dress.

11. Big Bun with single-colored flower

The big and heavy bun filled with traditional flowers like white flowers, also known as Mogra flowers which is timeless style and is preferred by bride on the occasion of reception. The single colored flower on the big buns is usually wore for sarees and with long hair. The design may look simple yet look alluring. This Indian wedding hairstyle is for the bride who prefers simplicity over going all out.

Bride always wishes to look beautiful and ecstatic on her wedding day. All the elements like bride makeup, bridal outfit, bride hairdo has to look perfect with perfect makeup, hairdo, and mesmerizing outfit. When it comes to hairstyle, there are variations in the type of buns and hairdo, which includes Braid with Sock Bun, Jeweled Bridal, High Tide Buns with Settled Long Curls, Messy Side Plait, Front Braid with Soft Curls, Long Braid Dulhan Hairstyle with Golden Covering Accessory, Front Puffed Long Braid with Floral Decorations etc. The beauty of hairstyle can be made more beautiful with hair accessories, flowers, golden jewelry or silver lining.

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