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Shine like a princess, many girls have this dream for their marriage. Overnight or 3 to 4 days preparation can’t give the look you really want. You have to do some work on that to look naturally a doll.

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No doubt, bridal makeup brings out most beautiful look of you but do you know, you have to prepare yourself and your skin at least three months before your wedding. If you personally don’t know, what you have to do or don’t have any guidance from professionals, then don’t worry we are all here to help out on this.

Here are some tips given by professionals, you must do to make your skin soft, shiny, elastic, your hairs long and shiny, you nails. Honestly, a bride should do work on here every part of the body. Let’s see tips, a bride should adapt.

Beauty Things for Brides To Do 3 Month Before Wedding

Face is the most important and most highlighted part of your face on such occasion. Well, let me tell you only makeup is not enough. You have to do some stuff which can bring shine and glow to your face.

Start getting facial

We are talking about things a bride should do before three months of wedding but professionals suggests, start getting facial before six months. So, if you still have six months then don’t forget to start getting facial.

Facial is important for your trust issues with salon. Within these 3 months, they will understand better your skin and its needs. Because trusting someone a night before your marriage is not a good option. Before choosing any product for facial, let them know about your skin and its problems if you have any.

Take extra care of your eyes

You should take extra care of your eyes and dark circles, if you really want to heal yourself from inside and don’t going to depend upon makeup in order just to cover it. Don’t forget to get beauty sleep everyday and don’t take stress because these all things just increase wrinkles.

Cure Sun Damage

Most of us, come to have sun burns or tanning and we totally forget about it. Wear good quality of sunscreen to make yourself safe from UVA and UVB rays of sun. You can also consult to salon, you visit for facials. It would be better for you to sit at home until your wedding.

Take care of your lips

We always use to focus on our face, instead of being a part of our face, sometimes we just forget lips. Dry and humid weather make our lips dry and having dry lips on your marriage is not a good option. Do something to heal your chapped and cracked lips and turn them again pink. You can either take help from salon or try some home remedy.

Honey, coconut and sugar can help you to remove dead skin and turn them pink. Take 1 spoon of each ingredient. Pour them together into the little bowl and make thick mixture of it. We suggest you to use organic honey here. Use the mixture to scrub your lips for five minutes. Then, Rinse it off smoothly. Apply the mixture for 3 times a week.

Take vitamins

For making your skin glowing, hair shinier and longer, use beauty vitamins. You can consult any dermatologist to start with which one. We suggest you to take vitamins through natural way like peanut butter, bananas, instead of having vitamin capsules. Don’t forget to have vitamin C and Vitamin E. These both are one of essential vitamins to make skin shinier and glowing.

Change your hair colour

If you have imagined yourself in beautiful dress and you have hair colour according to your dress. Then, it is right time to colour your hair, if you have been shopped for your wedding dress. Don’t forget to click pictures with new hair colour and your wedding dress because you should not experimental at your wedding day. If the hair colour does not go with your dress and if somehow, does not suit you then don’t worry you have time to change it again.

Give attention to your nails

While working on every part of your body, don’t forget about your hand and foot nails. Your nails should be slightly big and they should be in shape. Some people’s nails are not strong and because of which they often break. So, if you are one of them, then you must pay more attention to make them strong. For this, you can take biotin supplement, stay hydrate, pay attention to your diet, avoid using acrylic nails, use lotion to nourish your nails etc.

Pay attention to your fitness and nutrition plan

You know what stress and busy schedules have potential in themselves to make you chubby. So, that’s why you should pay more attention to nutrition plan. Avoid intake of carbs and calories for three months. Do some exercises and go for walk in the morning. Track your daily diet and then make changes.

Body polishing

A scrub or you may call it body polish is a spa treatment which exfoliates the skin of your body and make it fresh, moisturised, smooth and soft. You can have body polish at salon or you can also do it at your home. When you regularly follow the process then it can help to remove tan and open up closed pores which can leads to a lightening and brightening the skin tone.

Beauty sleep

You may have heard these two words for several time, so let discuss what can sleep do for make us more beautiful. Sleeping have many benefits for our skin. Our skin makes collagen when we use to sleep which prevents sagging. Do you know? Sleep deprivation or less sleep can cause a decrease in blood flow to the skin surrounding your face. Sleep can brighten your face and let your eyes less puffy.

Last tips:-We have last tips from a beauty expert, mentioned below:-

  1. Start your day with a glass of amla juice with honey on an empty stomach-the vitamin C will work wonders on the skin.
  2. Apply a vitamin C serum in the morning just buy a one that is loaded with antioxidants so that you get good sun protection in case you are going outdoors. But if you have sensitive skin then go with the lowest concentration.
  3. Apply retinol serum before bedtime. It is an anti-aging serum which helps to boost collagen and reduce signs of ageing.
  4. For dark circles around eyes, apply a niacinamide serum at bed time or in the afternoon. Niacinamide helps to fade brown spots and pigmentation. It lightens the skin.
  5. Drink 10 glasses of water daily by including herbal tea so that your body is able flush out toxins.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to get desired results.