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Here you will find bun hairstyles for wedding ceremonies to get ready with traditional dresses and stylish hairstyles. Look stunning and gorgeous with hair experts recommended hairstyles for you according to your dress in wedding.

Wedding is something more important to every bride as it comes once in their life. So they always wish to stun their weddings with grand garments and prettifying make-up. Thinking of make-up, it covers the entire body from head to toe. Hair is more appealing like a face to the viewers. So it is important to style their hair to stun the wedding. Styling hair is not an easy task and it is more time consuming than anything. Brides wish to have a unique hairstyle so that they can be in the spotlight. Yet in most of the weddings, brides used to have usual hair styles and nothing special. Though some brides wish to have unique hair styles, it is not appreciated by the beautician or others. And it is quite difficult to do a perfect hair style in a short time. Then what brides can do in such a problematic situation. And there is a way to clear all your worries.

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Here is a tip to do Bun Hairstyle for Wedding Ceremonies from Khushbu Style You Tube channel which will help you on your wedding ceremonies for sure.

Bun Hairstyle for Wedding Ceremonies

Steps to do Bun Hairstyle for Wedding Ceremonies:

To make out this bun hairstyle, all you need is hair pins, elastic band and bun maker hair band. Before doing this bun hairstyle, comb your hair well to avoid complications.


Make a pony tail using elastic band and make sure that your pony tail is not too high and not too low. Then wear a bun maker hair band after the elastic band. This bun maker hair band will help you in giving a perfect bun. Then stick some hair pins on the bun maker hair band with hair so that it won’t get loosens and will be tight.


Now take a strand of hair from the pony tail and attach it above the bun maker hair band leaving the edge hairs and then use hair pin to stick the hair tight. Now it’s time to make a braid. Take the left hair strand and split it into three equal parts. Take the right strand over the middle and hold on to it. Then take the left strand over the next strand which is the middle strand and further bring it over.

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Now hold all of the strands in one hand and now it is time add new hair to the braid. Pick up a horizontal section of hair from the same side of the pony tail and add it to the middle strand. Keep doing this until you come to the starting point.


Braid your hair till the end and adjust the braid well to give a perfect bun. Use the hair pins to stick the braid with the hair tight and stick the edge hair below the bun so that it won’t look odd. Stick any pretty accessories on the centre of the bun which will give the bun a complete look.

This bun hairstyle is easy to do and will not consume much time of yours on your wedding. This bun hairstyle looks simple yet elegant and will suit any bride. With this bun hairstyle, you will stun your day for sure without worries. Try this bun hairstyle at your wedding ceremony to astound the audience.

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