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I think you will give me a nod if I will say that one of the most comfortable and commodious hairstyles for a girl’s hair, is tying them up into a bun. It can make a woman a little surer and more confident about herself. It is because all your hair is tied up on above your head and there are no chances of any strands and flicks peeping out if you spray and set them once. These all peculiarities of a bun make it one of the most prominent hairstyles for any occasion. Brides and their bridesmaids can become prominent in the art of bun making and they can together look heart-stirring and complimenting at the wedding.
If you learn it properly and practice the same once or twice, you will be able to do it professionally. Here is a simple tip-off of some easy bun hairstyles which will take less than 5-minutes from your life to be done.

The Braid And The Bun

Here is a magnificent bun hairstyle which is best suitable for all brides and all their bridesmaids. It is splendorous because it is quite dressed and adorned by using all the hair well. If you have silky and long hair then this hairstyle is a great choice for you. The tutorial also shows you the trick to dress your hair well from front and back both including the maang tika as well. Since, the hairstyle dresses your hair in a way that it loosens the hair and makes it look bouncy and heavy, therefore it will look extravagant on girls with small faces.

The Braided Bun

A quick 2-minute bun hairstyle that will look authentic and phenomenal on any girl. First, a puff is made from the front side of the hair and then similar steps from the previous tutorials are followed. After tying the bun, the leftover hair is tied into a braid covering the whole bun. This makes the whole bun look like it is braided. This bun will look its best on Lehenga Cholis or also on a saree. Brides can choose this hairstyle for there Haldi or Mehndi ceremonies. A puff generally looks primo on straight hair and hence this hairstyle will be a one of a kind on straight and wavy hair.

Roll And Twist!

For this easy messy bun hairstyle, you will need a hair spray and a lot of hairpins. You just need to roll and twist your hair strands and keep tucking them into your bun with bobby pins. This messy bun hairstyle will look best on western fashioned dresses or also Indo western dresses. I think this bun will look the most optimum one when you will pair it up with a long gown in night lights. I like how the bun is adorned at the end with some beautiful pearl beads. You can get such hair accessories easily in the market and decorate your hair with it.

Big Bun Hairstyle

What a captivating and easy bun made in just 2 minutes, right? The bun is made in usual steps and the front side is made into a bun. At the backside, the bun is surrounded by turning the leftover hair from the bun into multiple rolls and then clipping them with some bobby pins. The bun makes the whole look flawless and when surrounded with rolls around it, makes some space for adornments and other hair accessories. You can roll a gajra trail around the bun or you can also place a voluptuous broach in between the bun, just like it is done in the video blog.   

 One of the reasons why a bun is the most preferable hairstyle is because it does not require any heating. Unlike curling or straightening your hair to style them, tying them into a bun does not require any straightener or a curler. A bun saves you from hair damage and hair loss, therefore I believe you have favored the most desirable bun for an upcoming occasion from this list. 

Incredibly Cute Braid Hairstyle for Every Occasion

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