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Bridal (Dulhan) Mehndi Designs for Front Hands

bridal Mehendi Design for hand
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When you are a bride-to-be you need to think about everything about your couture for your wedding. Nowadays, there is are a lot of trends kicking in and every girl has to look to it while she ploys her wedding attire and looks. We know this is one of the reasons you are here, to check out the latest trending Bridal Mehndi and get it done for your wedding. 

Gone are the days when a friend who knew Mehndi would come to the wedding and carve designs and patterns she already knows. There are Mehndi artists nowadays who apply customized Mehndi designs on your hands according to your preferences. Here is a list of all the latest trending Mehndi designs from 𝗥𝗶𝗵𝗮𝗻 𝗦𝗮𝗶𝗳𝗶 you can get on your front hands for your wedding. Go check out Banno!

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Front Hands

1. Traditional Peacock And Intricate Flower

Bridal Dulhan Mehndi Design for Front Hands

I know you will agree with me when I will say that, this is one among the irresistible Mehndi designs, we have seen to date. There is no wonder why this design looks exceptionally beautiful as there are folk patterns such as a peacock, bells of leaf, checks, spirals and swirly vines. Mostly the essence of this bridal mehndi front hand design is its authentic flower design made on the hand and the traditional peacock. Those intricate flowers play a key role in making the whole trail a bridal one.

2. Scenic Mehndi Design

Bridal Dulhan Mehndi Design for Front Hands

Personalized contemporary design is right now on your screens girls and if I were you, I would have chosen it in one look. Seriously, nothing is missing in this design. There is everything from a lotus pattern to a monarchical touch of a regal leaf made in the middle of the hand seeking all the attention. The image gives you all the idea of how you can adorn both your front hands with Mehndi entrancingly. There is also an idea of how the bride can ply her groom’s name on her hand with such courtliness. Brides can go with this design without giving a second thought.

3. Lotus And Hearts Design

Bridal Dulhan Mehndi Design for Front Hands

While the left front hand design is dominated by all the traditional carvings like lotuses and peacocks, the right front hand design is dominated by the modern heart-shaped pattern. Both the hand designs go with each other very well and are a one-look-impressive to anyone. Think about how picturesque your hands are going to look after you get this design done on your hands. Major attraction from this Mehndi design is the peacock pattern shaded and filled with Henna so well. All the patterns and carvings in all make the trail look a great regal one!

4. Customized-Chandelier Design

Bridal Dulhan Mehndi Design for Front Hands

Our brides who love styling themselves and want to look a fashionista all the time, this design for you girl! I agree with you if you feel that yes Mehndi is important but it needs to be customized and updated a bit. Here is a Mehndi design which is a total out of the crowd piece and you can tell its different by just looking at it. There are heart-shaped patterns, small decorative flowers, some new kind of checks pattern, and most fascinatingly a chandelier like a pattern in the middle space. What is there to not like about this design, right?

5. Simplicity And Class At Its Peak!

Bridal Dulhan Mehndi Design for Front Hands

The left front hand Mehndi design comprises chandeliers, heart-shaped patterns, spirals, checks, motifs, and some curly-swirlies. The right front hand Mehndi design comprises a beautiful peacock and its surrounding space is decorated simply with dots. Both the hands together make a great combination of simplicity and class. You can’t even imagine how cute as well as classy a bride can look with this adornment. The design itself speaks about beauty and looks extraordinarily bridal.

6. A Calm To Eyes, A Hope To Heart!

Bridal Dulhan Mehndi Design for Front Hands

This Mehndi design is symbolic of how heart fully the bride loves the groom and the calmness and cuteness speak love on behalf of the bride. Each corner and each nook of your hands will be defined if you decide to make a replica of this Mehndi design on your hands. There are beautiful intricate flowers, lotuses, motifs, checks, slant lines, roses, zig-zag patterns, chains of dots, spirals, and what not! Let me bring into your notice the very contemporary pattern drawn in this design. Look at the left-hand bottom region, you will counter a diamond-shaped pattern which is also symbolic of how precious our bride is!

I would like to wrap the blog by suggesting you that never look simple at your wedding. Go a little bit offbeat and get extra to get noticed and stand out of all the brides to date. You saw such amazing designs that can make you look different and unique. I hope you have found one for your front hands. You can also check our other blogs for such help and fashion suggestions. Happy Wedding!

100+ Mehndi Designs For Your Special Look (Complete Package)

100+ Mehndi Designs For Your Special Look (Complete Package)

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