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The spirit and body are like the plain aisle gifted by almighty god. This auspicious piece of art is decorated with the help of natural powdered leaves of henna. This innovation gifted by nature and beautified by mankind is named as mehndi. Mehndi had became the celebrated occasion in  most of the authentic ceremonies. During traditional times, the style of mehndi designs were limited. Now, along with the culture, the style of aesthetic had also been modified. Ceremonies of India like Diwali, Pongal, Holi etc., are incomplete without this creative art.

The patterns ranges to cover the full hands, palms groomed with bride groom designs, floral patterns etc.,with proper decorum. Here in this month of love, we will to cherish you to some unique and trendy mehndi designs especially for the brides and bridesmaid. So girls, grab on your mehndi cones!

Mehndi Design for Bride & Bridesmaids

Classic Mehndi design

Mehndi is generally featured with flower vines and mango peaches, now we introduce you to a unique design of mehndi art. Start from the centre flower portrayed around with box frills. With calculated distance draw the outer roll and viny smears in the box outline. This design is a combination of arabic and indian design.

Mandala bride

Mandala bride

Mandala designs is eternal manifesto mehndi art. It has a unique sense of majesty and culture to this authentic design. This mandala design is focussed on the the front hand, where unique mandala design with white flower and small sunflowers over rounding the mandala art. The tip of the fingers and nails are beautified with some net designs. Further, interesting mandalas are available, scroll sideways.

Flowery wonders

Flowery wonders

Wedding is the symbol of tradition and culture. This front hand design of flower mandala showcased with bloomy aura. The fingers are painted with henna paste, made of finger designs. This beautiful mehndi gives a elegant outlook to the authentic marriage tradition.

Unique design of mehndi art

Unique design of mehndi art

This pastoral design of mehndi art, makes a rubbery touch with the magic of henna plant. The centralised stature of mehndi design on the front side of the hand, colorized with brilliant kite pattern with bold flowery vines. The finger are punctured with flowers in a specific arrangement. The bracelet design on the wrist gives a smooth end to the mehndi art.

Simple tango design

Simple tango design

Let me introduce you to a simple exquisite design. From the the wrist end to tip of the fore finger, this beautiful mehndi art with flowery vines and small mango dovlets. The other hand is painted with lovely flowers holed to the small finger. Try it ladies, you will surely like it!

Leafy mandala

Leafy mandala Unique Mehndi Design for Bride and Bridesmaids

Mandala is never fleeting art of mehndi. This mandala art is packed with small wild flower on the centre rounded up with some dark vines. And the finger are circled around with thick strap design covered with leafy design. Lets look on to more of the unique designs which may help the brides and bridesmaids.

Mehndi in spring

Mehndi in spring Unique Mehndi Design for Bride and Bridesmaids

Spring is the season of love and happiness. And the very thing which lightens in our mind, of thinking about spring is flowers. Lets add some colorful bold flowers along the hands in this chilly wind. This design is pictured of the centre place covered with a gian flower which is indeed connected with some dotty design around the wrist and to the middle finger. The fingers are smeared with some finger and hanging designs.

Magical mehndi design

Magical mehndi design Unique Mehndi Design for Bride and Bridesmaids

Introducing you all to the true magic and bold aura of mehndi art. The left hand design is started with a bracelet finger design then to a mosque shaped mandala inscribed with net design. Even the fingers are smeared with henna, in a matching way. The right hand design is bit trick yet easy. As it is to draw the desired images and then to smear the paste all through the outline, it surely gives a bright  comprehensive look to your hands.

Bold flowery design

Bold flowery design Unique Mehndi Design for Bride and Bridesmaids

This cute design is manicured with a giant flower in the palm, with the inner stature of the petals beautifully coloured. The bold look is given by its colour. I suggest you to marinate your hands with some coconut, thus it may give bolder look regarding the color. The fingers are smeared with the design were the puter portion is given a bold colour, where the inner portion is left black. This is modern design of the old arabic models.

Finger bracelet design

Finger bracelet design Unique Mehndi Design for Bride and Bridesmaids

This design is solely focussed to the fingers. Where the fingers are covered with intricate ring design from the tip to the bottom. Atlast ended with a beautiful feather and dot pattern. Ladies, This design  equally simple and bold. Try it on!

Curtain mehndi design

Curtain mehndi design Unique Mehndi Design for Bride and Bridesmaids

New and simple art of mehndi, which take only one minute to finish up. So bridesmaid’s in a busy schedule, just grab on your cone and try the austere design. This design adorns the portion from middle part of the finger to the end of the hand. Starting with the ring design,then to the curtain pattern with quiet vertical lines. Atlast beautifully wrapped with some flower design.

Flowery vile design

Flowery vile design Unique Mehndi Design for Bride and Bridesmaids

Ah! This bold art is worth a try, right!? Now, take your mehndi and from the middle portion of your hand. The wild flowers are plastered in the curved bracelet fashion. And, then connected with the wild flowers to the end, beautified with flowery and net design alternatively.

Shady mehndi design

Shady mehndi design

Flowers are the gift of nature. Comeon, lets apply some flower patterns in our hand. This simple art starts from the narrow end of the fore finger to further downwards. The centre flower stands bold with its light intricate designs in them. It is completed by adding some leafy designs all around them.

Intricate designed mehndi

Intricate designed mehndi Unique Mehndi Design for Bride and Bridesmaids

Scroll on to get ideas for your wedding mehndi designs. This unique and traditional piece is forever famous among indian folks. With flowery vines and mango peaches adorned in thick mehndi design, beautifies your hand within minutes. Try it!

New age mehndi

New age mehndi Unique Mehndi Design for Bride and Bridesmaids

Modernism evolved all round the world like a gust of air. Just like it, lets see how the modern art of mehndi look. It just covers the side portions of our hand leaving the other parts complete blank. The designs are featured to be thick, bold and austere. Bridesmaids try on this beautiful art of modern world.

Red flatterer design

Red flatterer design

In traditional days, mehndi is directly applied after grinding the henna plant with some water. After stuffing it in the cone, later it was smeared to art. But now it was available in different colours and instant mix. One such is the red one pictured below. This instant mehndi is smeared in a shrinked kite fashion adorned around with brilliant work.


Chisel designed mehndi

stylish mehendi designs for fingers

My design, my art! This creative design of posterity adorned with wild flowers are plastered in the curved bracelet fashion. And, then connected with the wild flowers to the end, beautified with flowery and net design alternatively.

Bold covering design

Bold covering design

Oh! Brides brides!! Look on this design by our beautiful Henna by MK. The design adorns the palm beautifully with its flowery touch specified with net and carpet designs as pictured below. After application of cone  sprinkle the henna art with some lemon juice or sugar syrup as it adds colour to this form.

Amaze your groom and friends with your pretty hands and charm. Hope you girls liked this page. For further awesome trends about fashion and style visit K4 Fashion. Thank you.

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