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Easy Full Hand Bharwa Mehndi Design for Brides

Easy Bharwa Bridal Mehendi Design For hand
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Get ready with this easy full hand Bharwa mehndi design for your special wedding day. Hope all brides will like it.

Mehndi ceremony is one of the main ceremonies when we have a wedding at our home or at our relatives place. When it comes to brides there are several designs that are out there which can be tried. They get there hands painted from elbow to the finger nails and also their feet. Not only the brides but all the women In their families get henna done. It is considered auspicious.

Mehndi is considered so important that for Diwali, Eid, weddings, Durga Puja, bhai doom, rakhi , Karwa Chauth and many more such festivals all the women especially the married ones get their hands painted with mehndi.

It is like a statement accessory for all the brides. Mehndi designs, patterns keeps changing so often these days that it is difficult to keep track of it. From traditional to new modern designs, mehndi have always managed to surprise everyone.

K4 Media has come up with this article to give you an insight on the Easy Bharwa Mehndi Design for Hand.

Easy Full Hand Bharwa Mehndi Design for Brides

Mehndi has been part of our customs for a very long time. We apply it on any auspicious day like festivals, functions, weddings, you name the occasion and mehndi is a part of it. Easy Bharwa Mehndi designs for hands are so great, it is very easy to apply, and makes your hands looks extremely attractive. Not only in Hindus but muslims as well use henna for their Eid celebrations and during the nikaah. Different religions with similar rituals and one such ritual is mehndi.

Full hand mehndi designs are so much I trend , girls even kids are so excited to get mehndi done that thy have professionals out there to do this art.

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Characteristics of Bharwa Mehndi Designs

Easy Bharwa mehndi designs have lots of floral designs in them and they fill them with very interesting patterns. They have leaves and flowers and so many different shapes like circle, triangles and even semi- circles in them . It is Avery interesting art with a lot of detailings in it.

Sometimes they even draw a peacock like figure and they don’t mind paining your hands with some pictures of gods or a women and sometimes even men. Usually portraits are painted in brides hands.

New mehndi designs have a very interesting art in. They don’t fill your hands completely but draw in certain manner that it looks so contemporary and gorgeous that you will not be able to look away from your own hands. There are several types of mehndi designs like Arabic mehndi, Indo arabic mehndi, Western mehndi, Indo western mehndi, and Pakistani mehndi. They all contains several different kinds of motifs and drawings in. them that makes them different from each other.

Easy Bharwa mehndi designs for hands usually consists of different shapes filled with different patterns. Or they will simple paint one shape in your hand and work around that shape only. This way it is neat as well as easy to make. Whereas, Wedding mehndi designs for brides and grooms are little complicated. They are filled with different aspects.

Some brides loves to get their love story or something common between them and their top be husband painted in their hands. It could be a puppy, or a ring or some of them get portraits of gods painted a swell. When you draw it on hands, things are very difficult. It is full of detailings and such intricate information along with the names of their partners in it.

With so many patterns, designs, motifs, and notches to choose it is difficult to have a favourite. All the designs are so beautiful and neat. You can go for modern designs or choose traditional designs. Depending on the occasion mehndi is painted. For example if it is a relatives wedding you might get a Arabic Mehndi done but if it is your son or daughters wedding you like the whole Bharwa mehndi designs. Of you are a bride then your hands and legs are painted.

Mehndi has such major importance in our traditions that there is a separate ceremony dedicated to it. Brides and all her family gets dressed and there is a proper celebration around mehndi where women gets their hands painted and dances, eat and have great fun.

The trend of mehndi is not limited to women it has found its roots to men also. Earlier only grooms would get their hands painted only for their weddings but now days men in general gets their hands painted on weddings. It is a great sign of sharing beliefs and that it is as useful for men as it is for their wives.

We at K4 Fashion through this article have tried to tell you regarding various forms of mehndi, why it painted and its various trends. Hope you liked this tutorial on easy full hand Bharwa mehndi design.

Mehndi Related Queries

Before you say something let me summarise it for you with some Q&A.

How long to keep mehndi in hands to get dark colour?

Keep it in your hands for atlas 5 hours fro a proper dark colour to come

Does Bharwa hands looks untidy after it is taken off?

No, actually Bharwa mehndi shows a lot of detailings, so it is not untidy but very intricate and delicate in nature.

Do you thin brides have to get their hands painted from elbow only?

No, it is not compulsory to get it done all the way from elbow only. It is upto you, if you are a minimalist kind of bride then you can choose big motifs with less fillings, that way you hands will be full and not even untidy.

Hope these question and answers were of use to you.

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