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With many trends entering and leaving the market of fashion, the art of Mehndi keeps evolving and make its place in everybody’s heart with its own aura. There is always a ransom and confusion about the fact that which Mehandi pattern is best suitable for a hand, suitable for an occasion and suitable for a couture too. You girls do not need to handle such perplexity and bafflement. Sometimes all you need for an occasion is to look confident and poised. To look poised in an ease you need to feel carefree from inside.

You do not have to care so much about your Mehndi now because here is a collection of all the most trending and traditional Mehendi together categorized for you. Go through now!

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

A Beauteous Design

Looking for a simple Mehndi design and do not want to overdo the deed of Henna on an occasion? Then this Mehandi design is definitely for you here. There is a band made on the wrist with a broad line surrounded with bells of leaves, which looks just like a bracelet. The most catching thing about this Arabic design is the checks pattern drawn at the bottom and on the index finger as well. This backhand design is solemn and simple therefore you can style it with various ornaments too and wear it to casual gatherings.

The Darkened Beauty

The Darkened Beauty Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

Image Source: Mehndi by Hayat

The Mehndi design is not that backbreaking and is very simple when maid because it just needs some spiral carvings and Arabic shading. There are leaves and various other patterns made up of dark strokes of Henna which does make the design look intricate and snappy. There is a special definition of the design on the ring finger. I would suggest you girls to fancy up your ring finger with a precious ring to complete the design. The design is glitz so you can easily swing it to parties and other casual occasions.

The Motifs Edging

The Motifs Edging Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

Image Source: Loveena Sharda Sharma

It will take a deep notice and a lot of eyes to notice that the authenticity of this Arabic design is made with the motifs edging all around the trail. There are flowers, motifs, dots, paisleys, and small petals which make this design together with a prepossessing. Here the petals and leaves are not shaded or filled from inside and look neat and simply elegant. You can entice the crowd with this Arabic mehendi design with the power of this design’s simplicity. The ring finger is decorated here too, do ornate your fingers substantially.

The Mid-spaced Design

The Mid-spaced Design Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

Image Source: Henna B Beauty

A glamorous and chic design for all our boho and fashionable girls is projected here. The patterns are mainly close spaced and made in small size but also there is a separation in between the hands. The separation leaves space in between which is something different from all other Arabic mehendi designs. Comprising paisleys, dots, motifs, spirals, and mid-spacing this design will catch eyes and rock the floor. You can prefer this mehndi design with fashionable clothes like Indo-westerns and wear it to a wedding reception and other wedding ceremonies.

An Authentic Grace

An Authentic Grace Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

Image Source: Orny Henna

Again, a design with no shading and filling inside the patterns from Arabic mehndi design. This makes the whole design look simple yet the authenticity of the design makes it look graceful and appealing. The dark strokes of motifs, the traditional paisleys, some swirls, swirly vines, spirals, and the checks pattern are all looking extra striking and divine. This should be a top-notch choice of every girl as the design is attractive and beguiling. Pair some adorable metal bangles or oxidized jewelry with this design to look even classier. Lehenga cholis, sarees, and traditional dresses will be perfect to be worn with this design.

What Radiance!

What Radiance! Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

Image Source: Love Henna by Farah

An exceptionally beauteous Arabic mehndi design that will win anybody’s heart at once, I bet. Just some practice and you will be able to do professional carvings and this design will rock in your hands too. There is some chaining of dots, checks pattern, and bell made up of leaves on the index finger. The design stretches from the wrist and goes to the index finger and the finishing is done with edging it with broad lines. All the fingers are ornate with one-of designs and finished with the broad line edging.

An Enclosure Of Roses

This rose-shaped pattern dominating the whole trail looks astonishing on any hand. The trail starts from wrists and moves up to the index finger leaving minimum spaces around the hand. Those spaces are filled carving the rose pattern with dark strokes of Henna. There is also some spreading of dots in between the patterns making the design spectacular. The design is classy and empyreal therefore keep your hands sober and do not ornate them too much. The mehandi design can be taken to simple parties or festivals.

Mid-Spiral Drama

There is a startling mandala in the middle of the hand made up of spiral and closely packed petals. The whole trail of the mehendi design is bordered with small leaves and motifs. Nothing is missing in the design as it comprises of motifs, checks pattern, dots, and paisleys. The design can be finished and made look even prettier with some adornments of enthralling jewelry and girls can also try doing some nail arts and apply fancy nail paints. The trail is simple and beautiful with a band stretching from the wrist to index finger. Therefore, you can use this design to carefree occasions and casual gatherings.

Front-Hand Arabic Mehndi Design

Front-Hand Arabic Design Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

Image Source: Henna Art by Aroosa

This trail of Arabic mehndi design has everything which a perfect Mehandi should comprise. It has leaves, spirals, petals, swirly vines, and dark outlines on all the patterns. Girls can prefer this Mehndi design on wedding occasions and big parties as it is a fancy design. The design can be put on both front hand as well as backhand. Talking about the couture, a black saree will look overwhelming on the same.

Checks And Criss-Cross

Checks And Criss-Cross

Image Source: Mehndi by Hayat

The most captivating thing about this Mehndi design is the dominance of checks and criss-cross patterns all over the design. This is again a left hand Arabic front hand design. With criss-cross and checks pattern the petals of the flowers are also square-shaped. There are shading and filling of the patterns with Henna which defines the design more. With so much authenticity and uniqueness, you can take this design to a wedding or a party. It will turn heads and you will be a center of attraction anywhere you go.

The Majestic Arabic

The Majestic Arabic

Image Source: Himani Henna

Much less problematic and zero efforts required while making it, you should choose this Mehndi design to get a simple Arabic Mehandi design on an occasion. It has paisleys filled with some carvings, motifs, spirals, and flowers. The design simply stretches from wrist to index finger and all other fingers are adorned with Henna with other sublime carvings. The design is neatly drawn and it may be common yet stylish and looks resplendent on hands. Wear traditional outfits with the design and also some adornments for hands and fingers. The design is suitable for weddings and parties.

The Dazzling Band

You girls know that this is a simple design made from paisleys and flowers made repeatedly. Paisleys here in this design is made symmetrical and looks smashing. Those girls who love to adorn their hands with Mehndi but anyway do not want to overdo the deed or look extra then this design is for you girls. There is a pleasing band made up of flowers and bells on the wrists and decorated from both ends. The design gives you a smart look when worn on hands. It is best suitable for casual bash and family galas.

A Happening Design!

A Happening Design arabic mehendi design for hands

Image Source: Noozhat Henna

Go contemporary and extant with this modern styled Arabic Mehndi design for the left hand. The carvings are closely packed and made with broad strokes with the Mehendi cone cut broader. An adorable touch of Arabic and Indian design as well. We all know that traditional Indian style has closely packed patterns carved with no spacing’s lefts and the Arabic style has a lot of spaces left. This design is an aesthetically pleasing blend of both. The design is half hand and therefore will look sober and cute on short Kurtas or Plasso kurtas. Wear it to parties and festivals.

Light Stroked Arabic

Light Stroked Arabic

Image Source: Henna Art by Aroosa

With light strokes of Henna and Arabic shadings inside the patterns. The patterns involve traditional paisleys, flowers, and motifs. After the removal of dried Henna, the design looks sleek and sharply defined and detailed. It is beautifully tilted from the right side at the bottom and gives a unique and authentic touch to the whole trail of design. Let me bring into your notice that how alluringly the paisley carvings are filled with spirals making it look bewitching. The design should be paired with some heavy and dazzling bangles and ornaments.

Full-Hand Cute Arabic

Full-Hand Arabic Mehandi Designs for Eid

Image Source: Mehndi by Hayat

You couldn’t take your eyes off when you saw this beauty, right? There is a unique art that is enticing kept in the middle of the palm where paisley is filled with a checks pattern. Take notice of the broad and dark stroked motifs all around the design trail. You can also easily notice on the index finger the spiral drawn and there are motifs drawn in a way that looks like a spiral bundle moving. You can also add more such artistic illusions and carvings to make your design more charming. At the start of the trail on the hand, there is also a special design of motifs and flowers which will win you some compliments.

One Look Impressive Design

One Look Impressive Design mehendi Art for eid

Image Source: Himani Henna

Much rightly titled this design just looks impressive in just one look. There is one enthralling touch of bells at the bottom of the trail. The wrist portion is also carved with a slanted bel and filled with some Arabic carvings like spirals and swirly vines. It is a half hand Mehndi design and is a bit fancy and party wear. Best suitable for parties, weddings, and small ceremonies of a wedding. The design is also filled on all the fingers making the whole trail look intricate and compliment-worthy.

Paisleys And Peacocks

Paisleys And Peacocks Checks And Criss-Cross mehandi designs for palm

Image Source: Mehndi by Hayat

Peacocks are yet another a traditional carving from the Mehndi book and is a pictorial pattern among all other patterns. Peacocks are made with paisleys and can also be made by many other unique styles. There is a lot of chances that your Mehndi will be noticed if you have peacocks in it. Peacocks never really went out of style and are symbolic of beauty and Indian culture. The out bearings of the trail are dark-stroked and insides are filled with checks, flowers, lines, and petals. The design is a half hand type traditional therefore you don’t have to think as in when to put it. It can be easily carried to any occasion.

Motifs And Zig-Zags

Motifs And Zig-Zags mehendi designs for hands

Image Source: Himani Henna

At the start of the trail, there are motifs crowning which gives a visual of a pretty photogenic trail. The trail follows and zig-zag designed bels are running around the trail which is also very picturesque. This design can be adopted by bridesmaids as it is also cushy and flexible at the same time. A florid design that will rock any party and any occasion. Bridesmaids can easily star themselves to the wedding putting this on their hand. Put some beautiful regalia and dress up rigs to look prettier and noticeable.

I bet you have encountered the Mehndi design you always dreams of getting on your hands and got suitable suggestions from the blog. The list had everything including traditional peacocks to trendy checks pattern. You can mix it all up and get it done on your hands as and when you wish. If you have found the blog helpful do leave a comment and check out are rest other blogs too.

Simple Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hand

Simple Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hand

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