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If you have clicked to this blog then undoubtedly you are a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be. Your wedding bells are ringing quite near and you have already started to plan your weddings to be a great one, right? In such a case, you will soon be a center of attraction among your family and friends and you can think of more such attention if you have decided to get a pre-wedding shoot. A perfect pre-wedding shoot has amazing sets, cute and creative outfits, suitable and thoughtful poses, and loads and loads of love. Here is a list of all the possible poses you can choose to add to your album of memories.

Beautiful Pose Ideas For Pre-Wedding Shoot

1.The Back-Hug Pose

What a sensationally set picture around the scenic beauty of nature and also the cute pose depicts how much the couple loves each other. This darling back-hug pose where the groom holds the bride from the back and she is stretching her arms into the air is symbolic of how carefree she is that she has someone who has her back and how much love and care she is going to get from her groom. With no awkwardness and hesitation, the pose can be accomplished easily and can give a great shot for your album.

2.Somebody To Lean On!

It is truly said that all an individual needs in his or her life are someone to lean on! Somebody who always has your back and stands with you in all odds. Looks like you have got one and here you are planning out poses for your pre-wedding shoot, am I right? Trust me you both will be labeled “goals” if you try out this simple and perky pose. The groom is the bride’s support system and she has to lean on him with affection and he will hold her with care and love.

3. Perfect Candid

I think there is nothing wrong with clicking fake candid as it may be a planned pose but you cannot deny the fact that it is a capture of a real moment. Here is one of them where the bride needs to hold the groom from the back and hold his other hand while looking and smiling at him. The groom has to just smile and look glad about the fact that he has her in his life. This may be a made-up candid but think about all the real moments you both can get out of this photo shoot.

4. The Classic Invitation

Now, this is a perfect picture and pose for your pre-wedding photo shoot but this can also go into your invitation videos or cards. Notice the fact that besides the pose the bride is holding a board with her wedding date on it. Talking about this lovely pose, first of all, I love the fact how both of them are dressed. The groom is dressed formally while the bride takes the stage wearing that black admiration. Most affectionate deed in a relationship is a forehead kiss. It is loving and pleasant and therefore this is one among the best pre-wedding photo shoot poses.

5. The Aww-Moment

I know even you uttered an aww by just looking at this picture, right? Just think how much your pictures will be admired and considered if you just replace the couple in the picture. You are thinking that you both can look even more precious than this, right? A must-have picture in your photo shoot video or album where the groom is on his knees and he is holding the bride’s hands, looking into her eyes and asking for a lifelong togetherness to her. You love birds can recreate your proposal scene while getting this picture click. Wow!

6. Vintage Love

Love vintage this season with this fetching swing set and the vintage background. We are all known with the custom of carving and hiding the groom’s name into the bride’s Mehndi and the groom has to find it. You both can show the deed in your pre-wedding shoot and impress and appeal your elders too. The bride and groom can both dress traditionally and then sit casually on the swing set and depict their pretty-pretty and strong bonds. I love the way how adorably the groom is peeking into the bride’s Mehndi with so much consideration.

7. The Foodie-Couple

Another candid pose that will be fun and interesting to shoot. You people do not have to make a lot of effort for this set and pose. You may already be going out with each other to casual dining and cafes. You can get this picture click right there in those sets easily with casual clothing and normal background. All you have to do is click the picture in portrait mode and focus the camera on the food while posing in the background. The girl has to show the food in the camera while the guy has to lure and look at the food.

8. Totally-Bollywood

We have couples who have stories to tell about their love relationship which is not less than a Bollywood movie. These couples have a fetish for Bollywood songs, movies, dances, and poses. Such couples can easily do this pose without any hassle and getting awkward with each other. If done correctly with love and passion the pose can become a highlight among all other poses from your album. Set completely like a Bollywood scene which is in a scenic garden or other spot and wearing traditional outfits, this couple looks no less than Kajol and Shahrukh from “Sooraj Hua Maddham”.

9. Somewhere Around The Sea

Dream date is always visualized as a candle-light dinner in some excavated region at night or somewhere around the sea with the chill breeze in the atmosphere and love in the air. Chill breezes not only help in making the whole moment picturesque but it also grants you an opportunity to get cozy and close with each other. The most romantic thing a couple can have while going out has a long walk with each other while sharing all the ups and downs of there lives together. This idea of walking around the sea is yet another romantic pose for your pre-wedding photo shoot.

10. The Funny Proposal

Ready to get a nostalgia hit each time you look at this picture in the future. Every couple’s proposal is a great story that they love to share with happiness and love for the whole world. The most adorable way to do say can be doing it with the capture or a click of it. Recreate your proposal day and try to capture those moments to cherish them lifelong. Imagine how much fun will it be to wear the same clothes, go to the same place, and live the same day as your proposal.

11. I Love You

There is no wonder what this beautiful bride is whispering into the groom’s ear. We all know it is something romantic which is making the groom smile so much. You can easily change this fake candid into a real candid because there may be no pain in setting the background of the pose and also the pose is really simple where the bride just needs to whisper something romantic into her groom’s ear. And, all our brides know what can make their grooms smile so much. *Wink*

12. The Car Set

There is no denying the fact that couples love to hang out with each other and go to long drives with each other like this. The car set is symbolic of how you both love long drives and love to spend time with each other. The picture can be made more perfect by matching the color of your outfits with the car. Like here, matching the color with black with photo has become even more noticeable and picturesque. Looking at each other, touching each other’s foreheads, and blush are all you have to do for this perfect click.

13. The Ultimate Romance

What can be more romantic than this amazing umbrella romance pose around the pools and the fountains? This shot can be easily clicked in water or amusement park. This is a prop click where the prop is an umbrella, you both can think of more such props like a coat, etc. All you need to do is get a beautiful umbrella and hid behind it to get an amazing picture clicked. The most interesting thing about this pose is that your expressions get hidden under the umbrella therefore many cameras conscious people can choose this pose too.

14. Embracing The Bride In His Arms

With all the love and passion in his eyes, the groom embraces the bride and with approval of lifelong care and togetherness the Bride holds the groom. Again, one of the most common Bollywood poses and according to me, it should be a must-have in your pre-wedding shoot video or album. The Dupatta of the Bride flies in the air with the breeze, how much more Bollywood this pose can get? Such poses help couples make moments and have fun but also improve coordination among them.

15. You are Invited!

Another pre-wedding shot which can go to your invitation video or invitation card. The pose is common yet it is trending and almost all the couples get this posed shot for sure. They sit with their backs stuck together and hold the date of their wedding written on cardboard in their hands. The board can be decorated with some floral accessories or as here it can also be decorated with heart-shaped balloons. The picture has to be set in some isolated zone near trees or a safari, and the couple has to sit in between the pathway.

16. We Are Engaged!

Mostly this pre-wedding shoot pose idea is to flaunt those amazing engagement rings you both recently offered to each other. This pre-wedding shot picture can also be used in the invitation cards as background wallpaper or other creative graphics. You both will walk hand in hand forever and will hold each other’s hand till the end of your lives, with this true promise and honest confession you both can make this picture even more memorable. The bride should remember to adorn her hands with some beautiful glittery ornaments to make this picture more pretty.

17. Groom In Bride’s Lap

This pose has become a trend since the movie poster of “Badrinath ki Dulhania” came out with Alia Bhatt carrying Varun Dhawan in her hands. The pose got adopted right there by all the Bollywood freaks and couples and started to get it a shot. This beautiful shot is from daily soap “Jhansi ki Rani” famed Kratika Senger’s wedding to Nikitin Dheer. How adorably is Kratika carrying Nikitin in her lap and both of them are looking into the camera with so much grace? Couples can get this funny moment shot for their pre-wedding shoot without giving it a second thought.

18. Cutest Pose!

I bet you have not seen a cuter pose than this, right? Some couples have family restrictions because of which they cannot add cozy kissing or other posed pictures. For them, this cute hugging and posing picture will be perfect. The groom is holding the bride tightly while the bride poses for the camera making a heart. Also, the groom sticks the victory symbol on her head which looks so cute and adorable, right? This pose can be set in indoor sites to get the best click.

19. Rang De!

We all just can’t erase the memories from this daily soap queen’s pre-wedding shoot video “Rang De!”. It had everything a pre-wedding video should have. From cute confessions to cute moments shot everything and you can’t deny the fact that you have repeatedly watched it. Since then, Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya have become an inspiration for all the pre-wedding shoot ideas. One of all the best shots they both had, Vivek Dahiya holding Divyanka Tripathi close to him and Divyanka is posing for the camera looks exceptionally cute.

20. Back To Seventies!

What a cute and adorable pose to be added to the album of your loving memories. The picture has everything right from an amazing set, props, pose, and a beautiful couple. A clear sky and a blank road can always make a picture beautiful. Notice the cute bucket of flowers in the front of the cycle, doesn’t it make the picture pretty? All you need to do is sit on the prop and pose and smile for the camera. This pose can take someone back to the seventies.

I hope brides have made a list of all the poses you are going to ask your grooms to do and have a great photo shoot. If you are one among those readers who are not getting married soon and clicked on this blog out of curiosity then I guess you’re way too excited to get married and I wish you get a partner soon. Have a Happy Wedding!

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