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Sleeveless, half-sleeves, and full-sleeves, enough of these three sleeves design you have been emulating for a long time in all your sleeves designs. Each time you decided to move into style a little bit and went to the tailor with your idea, you were manipulated by him, right? Now you do not need your tailor’s suggestions and conviction for every sleeve design. You are free to innovate and stitch your sleeve design according to the latest trends and desires. The following are some no-sweat DIY blogs of fashionable and artistic sleeve designs. Choose the design you relish the most and start working on it today.

Latest Sleeves Design Cutting And Stitching

1. Frilled Half-sleeves

With not going one hundred percent sleeveless and getting modern and stylish, this is one among the trendiest sleeves design. The sleeve cutting, in this case, is also hassle-free and does not require great backbreaking sessions. It’s just one sitting, and the work is done! As suggested in the video blog the sleeves cutting is trivial with only just cutting the same cloth to which the sleeves have to be attached and folding it making a frill. The pearl beads add a posh touch to the sleeves and will enable you to wear it to great grand occasions too.

2. Creased 3/4th sleeves

Here the sleeves are of length 3/4th of the whole sleeve, therefore these sleeves look striking on saree blouses. I would steer you to get this sleeves design stitched for hand loom sarees like Banarsee or Kanjivaram. A contrasting colored cloth is chosen in accord with the blouse and creased and stitched at the end of the sleeves. There are big effulgent buttons attached to the creases respectively which give the blouse a royal and neat look as well. You can also get these sleeves stitched for a kurta with stand collared neck and use it for official purposes, too.

3. Double-Staged Bell Sleeves

For this amazing double-layered net fabric sleeves cutting and stitching, all you need is a net fabric, a lace, and some spare time. You need to work carefully and delicately when you cut and stitch these sleeves as you will be working with net fabric which requires a lot of finishing. These sleeves will look fabulous on fancy and flashy Kurta. It is also suited for saree blouses with silk saree material. The right occasion to wear it is grand parties and weddings, it will stop eyes and catch hearts for sure.

4. The Jazzy Knot Sleeves

What a wow! This extra stylish and chic sleeve cutting is for all our red-hot and up-to-date fashioned girls. Trending the fashion book, it is a choice which depicts class and fashion at the same time. The most important thing to note about it is, that it looks kicking but is easy-peasy when cut and stitched. There is a slit at the end of the 3/4th lengthen sleeves and around it is wrapped this ribbon material. You can tie it into a knot when you wear it and look absolutely out of the crowd when you walk down the lane.

5. Creatively-Slit Sleeves

Remember when we were kids and we were taught to cut and make greeting cards with craft paper? Remember how we did it? We folded the craft paper into two and then cut its corner in a zig-zag pattern. Here, you have to do the same just a bit more professionally this time. The authenticity of this sleeve cutting and stitching suggests that how tony a woman can look adorning it. The ends of the sleeves are embedded with luring white pearl beads. It is suitable for both sober and fancy occasions therefore you do not have to ponder upon when and where to wear it.

6. Easy Bell Sleeves

As the name suggests, an easy DIY of bell patterned sleeves cutting and stitching is presented in the video blog. Though bell sleeves are common nowadays however they are not going off style till a long time. Bell sleeves mostly look good on A-line Kurtas or long Kurtas. When we talk about saree blouses then bell sleeves go with designer sarees mostly. Also, bell sleeves look cute and desirable when stitched on a 3/4th lengthen sleeves.

You went through a list of all the trending and most preferable sleeves cutting and stitching ideas of today. I hope you have found your desired match and already leaving for the market to buy the stock, right? If you have any more confusion regarding any style then do leave a comment. Browse through our many more blogs to keep yourself updated in fashion and style. Happy styling!

Latest stylish sleeves designs for kurti / kurta

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