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Are you going to get married? If yes, then you must be looking for perfect pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for couples to get beautiful shots with your partner. So, we are here with some amazing ideas for perfect poses and locations.

Photos capture the essence of the present moment to let one cherish the for a lifetime. Pre-wedding shoot is actually done before the wedding, almost three or four months prior to the wedding day. It is also referred as an engagement shoot.

There are different types of photoshoot which happen like before marriage is called as pre-wedding and after the wedding is complete there is another shoot which is known as post-wedding shoot.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Indian Couple

These shoots are actually a fun way to show your love for each other through photographs. Take the cues from the following amazingly superb couples to set in motion your game for the love of photography and for the moments you will always cherish for a lifetime.

1. Under the crimson sky

Under the crimson sky pre-wedding photoshoot Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Indian Couple

Image Source: Rohit Nagwekar Photography

This photo idea will make all your worries settle. With your other you can make your own sky. This beautiful photograph taken by Rohit Nagwekar makes look everything so stunning. The blue curtains gives you feels of the sky while as the sky itself turns into crimson giving you a perfect ideal dream photograph to cherish for all the years to come.

2. Waterfall background

This photo will heighten your magical senses. Well captured by Rakesh Konaje. Idea like this for a pre-wedding shoot is ephemeral. Let all your worries be washed away by the waterfall. Drown all your problems  in the waterfall and enjoy every moment of with your loved one. You with your other half can choose clothes contrasting with each other to let all the emotions speak for themselves through the magic love colour res and of yellow colour friendship bond.

3. The blues and the fuchsia green

This extremely gorgeous pre-wedding photograph taken by Deepak Vijay is all what you want. The preppy blue and the fuchsia green combination of the dresses plus the love of these couples are something worth every precious glance. It has everything from birds to tropical garden to roof top to timeless romance. Get yours done and take cues from it to cherish for long time.

4. Painting your loved one?

Painting your loved one pre-wedding photoshoot Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Indian Couple

Image Source: Pixocity

We all have a hidden talent. It’s your time to garnish and mine out the talent of your loved one. Show creativity set this type of shoot to get a unique idea for your pre-wedding. You can get amazing props from Pixocity which is in Gujrat to have an ideal shoot. Take cues from them and set yourself to do something you never thought you could do. You will cherish these moments later for long for sure.

5. Splashed today hitched tomorrow

We all love water fighting from childhood be it with our siblings or with our loved one we always enjoy the water splashes. This beautiful pre-wedding shoot by GoluMolu Induphotography is absolutely a treat to eyes. This extremely joyful atmosphere will take away all your blues and will keep your memories fresh and give your life a new start. Get this type of shoot done take cues and have fun.

6. Balloons? Yes yes

Try to play with different type of props for you ore-wedding photoshoot. This lovely and gorgeous couple gets all the childhood love in one frame. The balloons are everyone’s favourite and no one can ever say no to them. This joyful photo is captured by Rakesh Konaje. Get yours clicked like these and take your pre-wedding session to another level. Get dreamy, whimsical and absolutely romantic from this type of setup. Cherish these photos for a lifetime.

8. Push ups? Yes, I will join.

Push ups theme pre-wedding photoshoot Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Indian Couple

Image Source: GoCandid Studios

Push ups theme pre-wedding photoshoot ideas Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Indian Couple

Image Source: GoCandid Studios

If your loved one is a gym freak you know you would want to join them too. Take cues from these photos and accelerate your love by helping your to be husband. These beautiful shots are taken by Gocandid Studios. You can book one for yourself and enjoy every moment of your time with your loved one. The background and the two of you is all that you will ever want for a proper and an amazing pre-wedding shoot. Love taking ideas from the couples and mould it into something which defines your own uniqueness. You will cherish all the moments for a lifetime without any doubt.

9. City of stars?

Night, stars, lights pre-wedding photoshoot Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Indian Couple

Image Source: Shital Photo Weddings

A cozy setup? A big yes. Get all these romantic setup from Pixocity which is in Suraj, Gujarat. Get an ideal photoshoot for your pre-wedding. Capture your essence of love in beautiful frames. Book a master of photography and a perfect photographer plus the location for your ideal shoot. Get cues from these magical couple and treat yourself like a magic. Embrace the love of your loved one and treat them with these beautiful and absolutely and completely amazing photoshoot. Cherish for a lifetime such beautiful memories and these moments.

10. Cooking time? Cause no one can live without food

Cooking theme pre-wedding photoshoot for couples Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Indian Couple

Image Source: Akhan Photography

One can’t live without food and before getting married you have to be sure whether you will have to spend your whole life eating noodles or something more than that. Start by practising today to keep your loved one always full and happy. This fun loving shoot will let your heart never say no to a photoshoot. These couples made the photoshoot look so fun and fine. Beautifully captured by Aqueel Khan. Book a professional photographer for your photoshoot and love every bit of this session and have a quality time with your loved one. Cherish for a lifetime these moments.

11. Jump and jump from all of your problems

Jump and jump in the air pre-wedding photoshoot for couples Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Indian Couple

Image Source: Vatsalya films

Are you a jumping jack? We all know we are still kids at heart and love to have such partners which keeps the kid in our heart alive. This amazing photograph taken by Hardik Panchal is completely ephemeral and a thing everyone would want to do and will definitely do. Take cues from such jovial couple and embrace the kid in your heart and love every bit of the session. These moments will always be something you will cherish for a lifetime.

12. Fairy lights? Evening romance? Drooling? Yes

This amazing photoshoot captures the essence of evening romance. Love everything about it. The fairy lights, the car, the balloons, the night sky and your loved one by your side. Seems completely a fairy tale. This stunning capture is done by Jeet Vaswani. Get your done by booking a professional photographer and capture the love and the moments you spend with your loved one for forever. These photos will always make you drool.

Have a blessed marriage ahead guys.

Get ready to steal the show from all these stunning pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for Indian couple which will make everyone do the same. Put in gear your fashion photography game. For more such stuffs do keep reading K4 Fashion. Your own fashion guide.

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