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Body is an auspicious and ancient form of art piece. This original palate can be decorated stylishly with the help of powdered dry leaves of henna plant. Staining the mehandi paste in hands and feet is a traditional custom followed in India even in these contemporary days.

This temporary form of skin decoration is applied in different forms and designs. Mandala floral feet design in mehandi is trendy style followed in today’s times. Mandala is generally stated as an art form followed in painting, sculptures even inspired in mehandi designs. It symbolises the auspicious sign of  eternity, perfection, completeness. This authentic design chosen with the modern floral art adds a modern menagerie to the mehandi art work.

Lets colourize this propitious moment with this simple elegant feet art featured below:



  •  Lets first start with the mandala art. Start with the circular design at first, then the finger designs following it, which is smeared with the outline as beautifully shown above. Start with the circle and then draw the smaller patterns inside it. Again with the same finger like pattern aligned near each other.
  • Once you have completed the mandala , draw the small petal patterns decorated with linings inside it,  on the outer layer.
  • Continue with the same mandala pattern with stylish floral designs sized in descending size pattern from hind to the fore foot.
  • Connect these floral mandalas with swinging wire patterns designed along with mehandi dots and hanging effects.

Thus you can create a elegant piece of mehandi designs within minutes, by the help of this step by step tutorial. Now without any assistance of over paid professionals you could smear the paste to a wonderful floral mandala. Hope you liked this floral mandala feet design. For further exciting news about recent trends and fashion do visit our website k4 fashion.

Easy & Beautiful Mehndi Design for Feet 

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