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Summer Style Guide: How to Wear Men’s Shorts

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We want to feel comfortable and stylish in any weather. If you think about the appearance in the heat of the heat, then our choice – summer men’s shorts. However, before we put on a summer look, we strongly recommend you to read our instructions. There can be catastrophic consequences if you do not know how to wear shorts.

We’ve compiled a simple guide to help you learn the basics, in order to look good with your knees open. We hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

How To Wear Men’s Shorts

First of all, let’s clarify when shorts are appropriate and when not to wear them. If it’s hot outside, you’re going to the beach, the game or training, a walk in the park or an unofficial meeting, the shorts are definitely best suited. However, if you are waiting for you at an official event, a business meeting or you have to visit certain places (temple, theater, restaurant, business office center, etc.), it is better to abstain from shorts, choose summer pants made of light fabric.

When going on vacation abroad, take into account the fact that most restaurants have a dress code for dinner, where men are strictly prohibited from wearing shorts.

Now, as far as length is concerned. You can argue on this topic for a long time, but there is a rule that is better to adhere to, so as not to look ridiculous. Shorts should not be shorter than 5 cm to the knee, and not longer than 5 cm from the knee. Of course, if you are a man who chooses the image of his girlfriend “as much as possible discover their charm”, then this information is not for you. Short men’s shorts, opening most of the legs, can only be swimming trunks.

Men’s shorts ideas

How to make men's shorts from men's jeans tutorial and guide

One exception to this rule is the sports shorts you wear for sports. Sports uniforms should serve their purpose – to allow you to move freely, without restricting your movements. It is not ethical to appear in a public place in a sports suit.

Choose shorts with a tight fit, it looks better than shorts hanging. Visually, shorts add volume to your hips, and if you don’t want to look like a “chicken leg”, then give up baggy and volumetric models, avoid creases on your shorts.

Color Of Men’s Shorts

The choice of shorts color is determined by the mood, formality, style and the color that suits you best. Our article about color types will help you to choose your color. Uniform colors such as brown, beige, khaki, white, dark blue, olive and cream are the most traditional style for men’s shorts and can be easily combined with other elements of clothing. Bright colors will add to your informality and you will stand out more.

Men’s summer shorts

Men's black red and blue checked summer shorts for casual or beach look

1. Chino shorts will be the most versatile shorts in your wardrobe. They can be easily combined with any T-shirt and sneakers. By wearing a shirt, chino shorts and moccasins, you get a beautiful look in smart casual style.

2.Denim shorts. The main part of men’s wardrobe, to date, consists of jeans. The material is deeply loved by many designers and jeans is now allowed almost everything: any combination in any style. Despite this, denim is not the most convenient choice for hot weather, dense cotton weave will not give you a comfortable stay in the sun. However, it will be a strong competition to chino shorts on a cooler evening or on the eve of autumn.

3.Sports shorts are all kinds of forms for sports (football, volleyball, basketball, etc.). It all depends on your taste and the choice of your team.

4.Cellular shorts (also known as plaids), especially with a white base, are one of the main types of shorts. They match perfectly with a polo shirt.

5.Bright patterned shorts that look like Hawaiian shirts for your feet. Save them to visit the beach. The main rule is to combine this style with simple neutral tones of the upper part of the clothes. Do not overload.

6.Shirskaker shorts(light reaped fabric in stripes). Made of light and thin cotton fabric, usually striped, hence the name. Choosing this type of shorts, you will show people that you are a person who looks not only stylish, but also for the purpose of comfortable stay in the heat.

7.Men’s military shorts are camouflage shorts that are used by the military and law enforcement agencies. Camouflage shorts have a direct purpose – camouflage, to become more invisible in the background of the environment, if you are in nature, of course. Being in the city landscape, you will most likely stand out. We have nothing against the style of military, if you actively support it with accessories and appropriate shoes. Quite a place to be.

8.Bermuda shorts are a civilian version of the traditional military uniform from the Pacific islands and almost always have khaki color or white cotton. In the same place, they are an acceptable option for a business suit, where the shorts are made of the same fabric as a business jacket.

There are men who don’t like wearing shorts because they are sure that they don’t suit them. Most likely, you have chosen the wrong style, the one that does not suit you. Do yourself a favor and try on a few of the above styles. Make sure that the shorts are seated correctly on your natural waist and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Bermuda shorts for summer or beach wear

Men's blue, navy blue, cargo bermuda shorts for summer or beach wear

Denim, beige and black bermuda shorts for summer or beach wear

Pink and blue printed bermuda shorts with blue t-shirt for summer or beach wear

1.Too bright and too short shorts. This style will attract a lot of attention to your perineum area, and this is not the place where the gentleman should be so much attention.

2.Beach men’s shorts or men’s swimming shorts. Use them for their intended purpose: on the beach or in the water.

3.Shorts loader or “safari” with side, front and back pockets – these are shorts for specific jobs, pastimes and hobbies. You should not wear workwear in public places. Believe me, shorts with all sorts of pockets are not a stylish image.

4.Men’s denim breeches or men’s caprice. First, it is not shorts. In men’s breeches there is no functionality to save them from the heat, because they are long. Secondly, this image is terribly far from being stylish. And thirdly, the capri length ends at the caviar level, which visually shortens the legs, and the man looks strange in them at least.

But in any case, it is your decision to wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Men’s capri, denim breeches & too bright shorts

Men's Capri Shorts, denim breeches & too bright shorts for summer or beach wear should be avoided

Loader or safari shorts with side pockets, shorts with low height & large pockets

Loader or safari shorts with side pockets, shorts with low height & large pockets should be avoided

What To Wear Men’s Shorts With

Shorts fit perfectly under the smart casual style. Choose a polo shirt, tight-fitting shirt, knitwear, slim-fit shirt or jacket. Based on your taste and personal style, you can choose shorts from simple cut to more strictly complete with a sports jacket. If your shirt has long sleeves, twist them and you’ll get a more sophisticated look.

Materials For Men’s Shorts

1.Cotton. It is a light and breathable material that does not require any special care, is easily washed and worn for a long time. However, the tight interweaving inherent in this material does not allow hot air to escape, quickly absorbs moisture and evaporates slowly.

2.Madras. This variety of Indian cotton fabric is perfect for hot seasons. It’s a lightweight material that lets in air perfectly. Usually has a checkered pattern.

3.Sirsak is a ribbed cotton fabric, as it is also from India, it is incredibly light and perfect for summer. Distinctive non-uniform structure of a fabric is given by an uneven tension of threads – stripes of a reaped fabric alternate with smoother structure. From this and the characteristic pattern – in a strip, less often monochrome or in a gingham cell.

4.Linen. Liner trousers are more common than linen shorts, however, if you find a pair, you will be rewarded with convenience and ease. Flax is heavily wrinkled, much stronger than cotton, however, the distinctive folds of flax are part of the style. Do not try to smooth them.

5.Fine wool. The material is more common for the manufacture of summer trousers.According to its properties, wool gives the product a smoother drapery that is lost when applied to shorts. Therefore, there is no rational reason for choosing shorts from this material.

6.Synthetics. All sports shorts are usually made of synthetics (nylon, spandex). And this is not simple, since the structure of the fabric allows you to actively move and feel comfortable. The material removes sweat, moisture evaporates quickly and is not absorbed, unlike the same cotton.

Different types of fabric

Plain blue, checked fabric for men's shorts Summer Style Guide: How to Wear Men's Shorts

Blue, grey, and orange fabric for men's shorts

Socks and sandals are suitable only for old German men on vacation, in other cases – never! The best shorts look with a closed sock shoes. In order that your socks do not look on your feet as golf use men’s “invisible” socks. Yes, they have existed in our stores for a long time. So, if you choose open shoes in combination with shorts, slippers or sandals, then take care of the absence of socks on your feet.

Shoes, which is worth wearing shorts:

  • Loafers
  • Moccasins
  • Yacht shoes (also “top siders” or boat shoes)
  • Sneakers and sneakers.


Accessories will help you finish the look and look stylish.

  • Sport fabric belt or belt with closed military style buckle. You will learn how to choose a belt from the article “ How to choose a men’s belt ”.
  • Fabric or leather bracelet, as well as the “sea knot” bracelet.
  • Watch with a fabric strap. You will find more details in the articles: “ How to choose a watch for a man ” and “ How to buy a men’s watch ” .
  • Points Our infographics will help you to choose this accessory: ” How to pick up glasses for a man .”
  • Hat.

And finally, we propose to consider several models of shorts relevant for the spring-summer season:

Summer men’s shorts

Men's denim bermuda shorts with white shoes for summer or casual look

Men's brown bermuda shorts with black shoes for summer or casual look

Men's navy blue bermuda shorts with blue shoes for summer or casual look

Men's navy blue bermuda shorts with blue shoes for summer or casual look

Men's blue denim bermuda shorts with white shoes for summer or casual look

Men's grey bermuda shorts with white shoes for summer or casual look

We have considered all the important basics of the most summer type of clothing. Hopefully now you will not have questions about how to wear men’s shorts, what they are combined with and what styles of men’s shorts are. Meet the summer stylishly and comfortably.

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