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In the western world, cardigans are widespread among both men and women, there is even a perception that cardigans are more suitable for women than men. But this is not the case, and we will see it with you, having considered the details of the male cardigan in this article.

The cardigan is a kind of sweater named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan – the famous British military figure who spread this style of sweater.

Originally, the cardigans were worn in European countries, later on in the world. They won the trust of both sexes and became the subject of a wardrobe, which is appropriate to wear both for the holiday and at work.

Cardigans – a classic that deserves to be among your wardrobe. If you are a man and have never worn a cardigan, you take away the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Men’s knitted cardigan

Men's classic knitted burgundy cardigan with white t-shirt and trousers

Men's classic knitted blue cardigan with white t-shirt and trousers

What You Will Need To Buy A Men’s Cardigan

Let’s talk about style first. Cardigans differ from regular sweaters by the presence of a deep cut in the front, which is fastened with buttons, zippers, or other fasteners. They allow you to wear a cardigan unbuttoned, where appropriate or buttoned.

Unbuttoned, it’s almost like a jacket, tightening your body and creating a more casual, informal look, more casual than smart casual or business casual styles.

Good cardigan models are usually sewn as a cone. Wider from the chest and already to the waist to emphasize your figure.

The zipped cardigan fits the silhouette and sits just like any sweater. You can wear it under a sports jacket, over a shirt with a tie; you can wear jeans or trousers underneath.

Men’s single breasted fashionable winter cardigans

Single breasted fashionable winter cardigan with black and white shirt for men

Single breasted fashionable winter cardigan with black and white shirt for men

Single breasted fashionable winter cardigan with black and white shirt for men

The Practicality Of Male Cardigan

As for practicality, the cardigan is more functional than any other menswear. Cardigan can be worn almost all year round. In cool weather, when it is not so cold, the cardigan can be easily unbuttoned or removed.

When the temperature drops below “0”, it can be worn with a shirt and tie, and put on a jacket from above. A coat of outerwear will fit into your coat to keep you warm in the extreme cold.

The cardigan is as good as clothes “just in case”: it is easy to take it off and put it in the car or backpack without fear of crumbling the knitwear. At the very least, the cardigan can be used as a blanket to cover your girlfriend/wife’s shoulders so she doesn’t freeze.

How To Buy A Men’s Cardigan

Ever since cardigans wear both men and women, we’ve had to distinguish between styles.

First Rule– everything that fits the body too tight is meant for women.

A good cardigan should have a soft drapery in his shoulders and should be long enough to cover your belt completely.

Second rule- Large round and decorated buttons are also characteristic of women’s cardigans.

Men’s cardigans should have more restrained buttons, oblong wooden buttons or lightning bolts. By the way, a zipped cardigan has a less formal appearance and is similar to a sweatshirt, so be careful not to wear such a cardigan for an important meeting.

Zip-up cardigans are good for everyday casual style, and they look stupid under a beautiful jacket and paired with classic pants.

As mentioned earlier in the article, a quality cardigan should be in the form of a cone to emphasize our figure. The cardigan will not have clear lines like a jacket, but it will create the same effect, only more in a soft casual style.

Casual man fashion

Men's Style Guide: Tips to Wear Cardigan

How To Buy A Good Cardigan

Whether you’re buying your first cardigan or it’s your twentieth cardigan, you should focus on three things: cut, material and versatility.

The Cut Should Be Tight And No Hang Out

Shoulder sutures should end at the top of your shoulder – if they are below the edge of your shoulder, then the sweater is great for you. The lower edge of the cardigan should cover your waist line, not your trouser pockets. The orientation is the waist belt, which should be completely covered even when you lean forward.

If you want a cardigan with a more casual casual style, take the product with a larger hood. It will completely cover you from the wind and coolness and keep you warm.

The Material Is An Important Criterion For Selecting A Cardigan

The best material to make a cardigan is of course natural wool. However, it stakes quite strongly and it is impossible to put on a woolen cardigan without a shirt with a long sleeve and collar. This is good when you wrap up to warm up, but barbed wool reduces the versatility of the cardigan.

Versatility Is A Cardigan’s Virtue

Cardigan is very convenient to combine with other wardrobe items, maneuvering between everyday and business styles. Dark grey, blue and brown colors fit into everything, so I recommend them to buy first.

Winter is in full swing, so a couple of good cardigans will be more than ever, by the way, in addition to your classic wardrobe. If you still do not have this wonderful piece of clothing, then it is time to hint at a loved one, which can be presented to the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland, which is celebrated on February 23 in Russia and some CIS countries.

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