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Styling Tips To Pair Your Sports Blazer With Jeans

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Not so long ago, we took apart one of the most interesting items of men’s wardrobe – a sports blazer. Today, we will consider how to wear a sports blazer with jeans, while forming an informal casual style.

The combination of a casual jacket and jeans gives a sense of comfort and, at the same time, a businesslike touch. After all, we are used to seeing jackets in a strict dress code, which is not associated with everyday clothing. Following some recommendations, you will be able to choose the rest of the details of clothes without spoiling the main idea – a stylish image combined with comfort.

How To Wear A Sports Blazer With Jeans

With the right combination of sports blazer and jeans, it is difficult to spoil the appearance. It’s easy to pick up almost any T-shirt with or without a pattern under the jacket. Under the jeans fit as shoes and sneakers. However, there is a trick – jeans should be as strict as possible.

The combination of the words “strict jeans” or “business jeans” cut the rumor and sound contradictory. Nevertheless, there are several characteristics, based on which you can choose from a variety of jeans more stringent.

A sports blazer looks good with jeans that have the following features:

  • Fitting enough. Jeans should be narrowed, especially just below the knees. There should be no sagging. The contours of your legs should be visible and there should be no folds anywhere. At the same time, do not buy very tight jeans, which even sit down – a difficult task.
  • Dark color. The most acceptable, you can call the dark blue color or Indigo. Grey and black jeans are also suitable, but white/beige, red and other color variants should not be bought first. It will be difficult for you to find a jacket for such non-standard colors. A simple rule – jeans should be darker than a jacket.
  • The correct length. Under the chosen combination of sports blazer and jeans, the best fits the classic men’s shoes, so it must be shown. To do this, your jeans should end just above your shoes when you are standing upright. Please note that the socks will look a little out.

How to pair sports jacket with jeans

How to pair men's sports jacket with jeans, tips and tricks for combination
A good combination of a sports blazer and jeans.

There are still some minor details worth mentioning:

  • Contrast line. Dark blue jeans look good with light brown or or orange stitches, so you can look for these.
  • “Natural” rubbing. In those places where jeans are usually washed after a while, the manufacturer is still at the factory wiping to give style and design.

What Kind Of Sports Blazer To Choose For Jeans

Today in the market (in the global sense) there is a wide range of sports blazer, so it is difficult to accurately describe the “right” jacket. However, as in the case of jeans, we can highlight some important criteria:

1.Too free cut. When choosing a sports blazer, you should not buy too loose a jacket made of cotton fabric. This jacket is more like a jacket. The best option is a wool jacket, which looks like a suit jacket. In addition, a corduroy or tweed jacket is suitable, especially in winter.

2.A little “sport” in the jacket will not hurt. It is worth paying attention to details such as soft shoulders and various patches on the elbows of the jacket. These attributes are inherent in a real sports blazer, which used to go hunting.

3.Interesting color and pattern – the best solution for a sports blazer in combination with dark blue jeans. Of course, this combination is not suitable for a business meeting, but for a trip to the club or a walk in the park is best suited. Interesting colors can be called brown, gray, light blue or green. The main criterion – sports blazer should be lighter than jeans, at least half a tone. Do not wear a dark blue sports jacket and dark blue jeans.

Interesting color and pattern of sports blazer

Checked pattern of brown sports blazer with navy denim jeans for casual or office look

There are situations when you want to experiment. A sports blazer is a great piece of clothing for fashion experiments. Try to find a jacket with leather patches on your elbows or pockets sewn from above. Very unusual look sports blazers with corduroy collars. Do not refuse yourself the pleasure to diversify the style and image.

What To Wear A Sports Blazer And Jeans

One of the distinctive features of the combination of sports blazer and jeans is their versatility.

With the help of a classic light shirt and a well-chosen tie, you can easily go to a business dinner with partners. It is worth wearing white sneakers, replace the shirt with a dark T-shirt or turtleneck, and you will immediately pass a dress code in any fashionable club.

Surprisingly, changing only 1-2 items, you can easily alternate styles of clothing. Below are some examples to convince you finally.

Smart Casual Style

  • Dark jeans, like dark blue or black, indigo.
  • Single-tone sports blazer in blue, brown or olive.
  • Classic shirt with blue or burgundy stripes. The uppermost button on the collar, but do not fasten it.
  • Fold the handkerchief, combining the color of the handkerchief with other details of clothing.
  • Brown classic boots or shoes with a brown leather strap.

Casual Style

  • Navy blue indigo jeans.
  • Sports blazer in brown or khaki.
  • Casual shirt with an interesting print in the form of “cucumbers” or small flowers.
  • Thin tie or knitted tie tied with a knot of “Quaternary”.
  • A handkerchief matching the color of the shirt and tie.
  • Brown leather strap and casual shoes, brown in the same color.

Bold Casual Style

  • Jeans in bold colors like orange, green, blue and so on.
  • A sports blazer with soft shoulders (no shoulder pads).
  • Dark T-shirt or turtleneck, different from the color of the jacket. There should be a contrast.
  • A handkerchief with a brightly colored pattern, folded in the style of “doughnut”.
    Colored or white sneakers.
  • Strap or suspenders in the color of one of the elements of clothing, it is better to match the color of shoes.

These three styles are more suitable for young people who like to go to parties or clubs, while working in offices with a dress code. You can buy just one set of sports blazers and dark jeans, changing shirts, t-shirts, shoes and accessories. In any case, you will feel comfortable both at work and in the club, knowing some rules of how to wear a sports blazer with jeans.

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