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Style Guide To Wear Men’s Shirt with Pattern

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Spring is a time when we all want more color and lightness after long gray months of winter. To reflect the spring mood in the male image is possible, among other things, through a shirt with a picture. From the strict and almost classic fantasies to the rapid flight of fancy – prints can be different, and everyone can choose something suitable for the mood, style and dress code. Today we will look at the different types of men’s shirts with drawings and talk about how best to combine them with other wardrobe items.

Classic Shirts With A Pattern

Let’s start with the most official sphere, where you can meet a shirt with a picture – the office. Yes, that’s right: for celebrations, where the formal dress code is supposed to be (you can read more about it here), it’s always better to limit yourself to a monochrome (or even better white) shirt, while the corporate environment, even binding to the constant wearing of a business suit, quite allows the shirt with a pattern.

Polka dots shirts

Men's blue suit with polka dot shirt and without a tie for office or any other occasion

Of course, not every shirt is suitable for a strict image in the office, prints in this case are limited to classic fine patterns: thin stripes and a cage, micro-ornaments “rhombus”, “goose’s foot”, etc. Such a product should not combine more than two colors, and both of them should be muted. A suitable variant is a white base with a light gray or blue pattern, small prints on a pair of tones darker than the fabric, for example, blue pattern on blue or lilac on light lilac.

When combining shirts with a print with a jacket and tie, it is worth remembering a few rules. First, the patterns in the set should not be more than two: for example, you can connect a shirt in a small strip and a tie in “cucumbers”, but in this case, the jacket should be monotonous. In case of doubt, limit yourself to one drawing – on the shirt, selecting the most neutral jacket and tie.

Checkered shirt with striped tie

Men's checkered shirt with striped tie for office look

Another rule of thumb that the stylists emphasize is that the prints on the shirt and tie should be of different shapes and sizes. For example, if you are wearing a shirt in a small strip, then the tie should be either a large strip or a completely different pattern. Pictures of the same style and size can merge and create an optically untidy and unpleasant look to the eye.

Here are a few more examples of images for working with shirts with a patterned shirts:

Shirts with different patterns

Men's business casual blazer combination with shirts with different patterns

Color Striped Shirts

Strip- is the most popular type of drawing for men’s shirts. It helps visually stretch out the silhouette, so it is often especially suitable for taller guys. For too skinny men, it’s better to give it up, so it makes sense for them to experiment with the cage and other bright prints.

Striped shirts with bright prints

Men's striped shirts with bright prints for casual look

It is believed that for a stylish image it is better to choose shirts with stripes no wider than 1 cm. Colors vary: discreet, blue and white shirts are suitable for the business style, while shirts with dark and bright stripes and those that combine more than three colors are business casual or casual.

When creating a set with such a shirt, it is better to avoid striped jackets: the patterns can merge and create the impression of general neatness. Monochrome jackets, including sports jackets and tweed jackets, will look good. Self-confident fashionistas can also pay attention to the jackets in the cage. In addition, a shirt in a colored stripe will perfectly liven up a monochrome knitted jumper or sweater.

Let’s look at some examples of combinations with a striped shirt:

Different combinations with a striped shirt

Men's striped shirt combinations with blazer and striped tie for formal or office look

Men's striped shirt with beige coat and trousers with googles for casual and office look

Men's striped shirt, navy blue coat with trousers and green tie for office and formal look

Men's striped shirt with brown suit and blue trousers for office look

Navy blue suit with yellow shirt

Men's navy blue suit and tie with yellow striped shirt for office look

The cell is another popular pattern in which subspecies stand out. The micro-cell shirts can be worn with a business suit, the models with a larger, but restrained pattern – with clothes in smart casual style, and now popular flannel models in a large cage – only in everyday look.

Large cage shirts can be combined with different casual style kits, but the best option is with jeans.

The caged shirt can be of any color: blue, green, grey, etc., it is only important that the colors of the pattern look harmoniously with each other.

Several combinations:

Blue checked shirt combinations

Men's blue checked shirt with beige trousers for office and casual look

Men's blue checked shirt with white t-shirt and denim for casual look

Men's blue checked shirt with tie and trousers for office and casual look

Men's blue checked shirt with tie and coat for office and casual look

Shirts with floral designs, that is, with stylized flowers, plants, etc., have long held their position in the list of fashion trends. Many men are afraid of such patterns, but in fact they often look very stylish, it is only important to balance the “frivolous” pattern of masculine cut of other items of clothing.

Floral shirts for men

Men's printed shirt with grey trousers for casual look

Shirts with small stylized flowers can be worn with a jacket (but not with a business suit!), as well as with a jeans or leather jacket. As a bottom well suited jeans or trousers, chinos, whose color corresponds to one of the tones on the printer.

Models with large flowers and fancy prints (including recognizable Hawaiian shirts) belong to the summer, rather holiday wardrobe. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, linen trousers. The bottom of such a bright shirt is better to pick up a monochrome one.

Floral print shirt combination

Paul Smith slim fit floral print shirt, black suit with floral shirt patterns for casual look

Men's floral printed blue shirt with tie and blue denim jacket and suit for party or casual look

Men's white floral shirt combination with denim jeans and blue shoes for street style

Shirts With Unusual Prints

For those who want to stand out, create an unusual image for every day or for an event, designers regularly come up with new prints. These can be images of animals or superheroes, inscriptions, graphic and psychedelic patterns, sketches, skulls and so on, there is no limit to the imagination.

White and navy print long /short sleeve shirt

White and navy print long sleeve shirt with navy jeans and blazer for casual look
A shirt with an unusual pattern is an excellent alternative to a monochrome shirt for any creative look.

If you want to buy some spectacular shirt, come to the choice with common sense: it is better if it does not have more than 4 contrasting colors, and the drawing should not create any strange optical illusions on your figure.

Shirts with unusual prints belong to the youth style. This introduces its limitations, but not so much for age as for the places where you can go in them. Do not wear a shirt with too “talking” pattern on the job, interviews and any other situation where the official or just a solid appearance is assumed. But you will look great in a club, on a walk, on a trip, at a concert or some thematic event, etc.

It is best to wear such models with jeans and sports shoes, with elements of classical style should be more careful.

Men's navy blue floral shirt pattern with white trousers for casual or office look

Men's blue and black party print shirt combination with black and blue jeans for casual look

Men's smart casual outfits in blazer with polka dots printed white and navy shirts and jeans

Where To Buy A Shirt With Patterns

The set of places where you can pick up a shirt with a picture, directly depends on what kind of product you are looking for and where you plan to wear it. If you want to refresh your work wardrobe a little bit, then you should pay attention to shirt shops as well as business style clothing brands such as Henderson, Kanzler, Burton Menswear London, Zara, Hugo Boss, etc. As a rule, wherever there is a large selection of classic monochrome shirts, there are also more original options with a restrained pattern.

Cellular, colorful and other casual shirts are best sought after by casual and youth brands. There are a lot of such shops, the choice depends on the style and price category. As an example of affordable fashion can be named Colin’s, Oodji, United Colors of Benetton, Sisley, Gap, a little more expensive shirt in Tom Tailor, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani Exchange, Guess Jeans, Marc O’Polo, Napapijri, Gant; shirts with a premium pattern are worth looking for from Iceberg, Emporio Armani, Trussardi Jeans, Michael Kors, etc.

Here are a few examples of shirts with drawings from this season’s collections that you can find in the shops this spring:

Cellular, colorful and other casual shirts combination

Men's printed, black & red checked shirt with grey and navy trousers for casual look

Men's blue checkered and floral printed shirt with brown trousers and blue denim jeans for casual look.

Men blue printed and white polka dots shirt with denim jeans for casual look

A white or light blue shirt is a proven classic, but sometimes you want to wear something brighter and more unusual

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