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Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas!

A bride loves her makeup as much as she loves her wedding dress. And your eye makeup certainly can make or break your wedding day look. So, to inspire the bride-to-be and for all other girls who just want to look at some pretty pictures, we bring you our absolute favorites.

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Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas for Wedding Day!

Bridal makeup includes a few parts for various things, for example, establishment, lip shading, contouring, and more. Eye makeup for a lady of the hour can actually represent the moment of truth the marriage look. Here 15 Fabulous Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas that look the most great lady of the hour you can be with the correct eye cosmetics.

1. Traditional at it’s best

Indian bride Gold eye shadow with sheen makeup and jewellery for traditional look at wedding

Perfect Bridal Look! Image Credit: Morvi Images

Stunning gold eye shadow with a wonderful sheen is perfect for the lady of the hour, would it say it isn’t?

2. Rosy Bridal Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

Bridal Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial using brush and cosmetics from Loren & Lala

Rosy Eye Makup!

Eye makeup is all about accentuating the eyes, obviously. Therefore it should be in a state of harmony with whatever is left of the facial makeup like the forming or particularly lip shading. For lighter skin tones, this is an ideal ensemble for the eye makeup you need.

3. Smokey Bridal Eye Makeup For Dusky Skin

Beautiful girl with perfect eye makeup and lipsticks in black hairs

Smoky Eyes!

The smokey bridal makeup is all in vogue at the present time. Acing this procedure in wearing the ideal smokey eye cosmetics can dismay, particularly for darker skin tones. The trap is to gradually include the eye shadow hues, and not all that much in the first go.

4. Elegant Nude Eye Makeup For Lighter Skin Tone

Indian bride eye makeup with gold matha patti and earring jewellery

Traditional Bridal Makeup

Watch the wonderful bride reveal her eyes with an exquisite bare eye makeup, here appeared for lighter skin tones in a customary marriage profile. It is best complemented by a light shade of rouge on the cheekbones to hoist the bare waterline.

5. Light Autumn Bridal Eye Makeup

Bridal look with gold jewellery like earring, big rings and maang tikka

Elegant Bridal Look

This smooth eye cosmetics is very transparent about the magnificence of the lady of the hour. Use of kohl to outline the characteristic excellence of the eyes, do equity to the bride in an autumn wedding.

6. Metallic Bridal Eye Makeup

A very modern eye makeup, this is perfect for autumn bridal lehengas and also select colours in traditional south Indian wedding silks in peach or salmon colors. Winged tips can highlight the eyes when you opt for this one. Add mascara to the lashes to elevate this bridal eye makeup.

7. Butterfly Eye Makeup With Multi-Coloured Eye Shadow

Image Credit: Nadia Khan Photography

This is for a bridal eye makeup that consolidates the tones of the wedding clothing. Here the eyelid turns into the canvas where the makeup artist imbibes the shades of the eye shadows to paint the space wonderfully, finishing it with a winged-tip eye-liner and evenly thick and curvaceous eyelashes.

8. Copper Eye Makeup For Traditional Profile

Image Credit: Melt Cosmetics

The unique offering purpose of this bridal eye makeup is the copper eye shadow. Perfect for traditional bridal profile and also, if articulate enough, even for a bridal cocktail wear with insignificant adornments.

9. Charcoal Bridal Eye Makeup With Luscious Lashes

Bridal Eye makeup with ring, earring and maang tikjka

In this bridal eye makeup, you will see how well the waterline is complemented. The general smokey impact is to a greater degree a charcoal creation finished by the dry eye shadow powder. The delicious lashes add to a shining eye cosmetics that raises the eyes of the bride. No one can stop looking at such a beauty!

10. The out and out smokey effect

Beautiful Indian women in bridal look with Full hand mehndi, gold jewellery, floral bun hairstyles and designer blouse designs

Joy of jewellery! Image Credit: The Cheesecake Project

Go full scale and put forth a striking expression simply like this bride did. Lots of dark, characterized foreheads and oodles of mascara is just what you requirement for a winter ceremony.

11. Sweet and subtle  Parsi Bride

We’re completely in love with the bride’s new and impressive eye makeup. Lots and lots of mascara with a frigid mauve powder lining her eyes daintily.

12. Kohl Eye Makeup With Even Tone Eye Shadow

Kohl Eye Makeup With Even Tone Eye Shadow, gold necklace, earring, red bindi and indian hairstyle

Image Credit: Ambreen

Here you see the kohl eye makeup, with a little smokey edge to the eye-liner, and a subtle winged tip, that showcase the eyes faithfully.

13. Gold Glitter Eye Makeup perfectly defined lashes

Gold Glitter Eye Makeup perfectly defined lashes for wedding day

Glittery Eyes!

We’ve seen gold but it’s rare to see full blown glitter gold eyes look this stunning. High on glam with tonnes of drama, this makes for a beautiful bridal look. And don’t miss those perfectly defined lashes.

14. Black and gold shadow with some smokey effect

Bridal Eye makeup for wedding with golden newellery

Golden Look! Image Credit: Morvi Images

A subtle gold, thin eyeliner and just a little black shadow at the external corners. For brides who don’t want to all gold or want to avoid too much of a smokey effect, this style gives you the best of both worlds.

15. Royal Purple Bridal Eye Makeup With Winged Tip

beautiful eye lashes and stone jewellery

Purple Bridal Eye Makeup

This coloured eye makeup looks lovely and can be taken away by anybody when done superbly. The winged tip adds to a mesmerizing angelic look to guarantee that nobody take their eyes off of the stunning bride!

Hope you like these Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas!

Which one you like most? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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Indian Makeup and Jewelry Ideas Inspired from Real Brides

Indian Makeup and Jewelry Ideas Inspired from Real Brides

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