Bun Hairstyles for Saree – Classic Combination Of Saree And Bun

The Floral Bun
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We’re all well aware of that one thing that makes Indian fashion different and unique from other styles – the SAREE. Saree’s not just another type of outfit, but it is something that defines an Indian woman’s beauty, her nationality, and the power she holds as a woman. Someone rightly said – ‘ A saree never tells you to fit in, it makes you stand out ‘. It’s nothing but six yards of pure grace.

A girl’s always excited to wear a saree for the first time – where she usually chooses to wear one of her mother’s saree and gets all dolled up with matching accessories, makeup, and fascinating hairstyles along with it.

A bun’s the most common hairstyle to try out with a saree. It’s the most versatile form of hairstyle. So here’s a compilation of our favorite hairstyles for you to choose from when you are draping your next saree!

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Let’s Check Out The Classic Combination Of Saree And Bun

The Scrunchie Bun

Bun Hairstyles for Saree The Scrunchie Bun
Image Source: Kosataga

Wish to exhibit your love for scrunchies? Then here’s the perfect ‘scrunchie bun’ for you. You could get a matching printed scrunchie with your saree ad wrap it around a perfectly round bun. Also, don’t forget to pair it up with your favorite jewelry!

The Hair Locks Bun

Bun Hairstyles for Saree The Hair Locks Bun
Image Source: Sneha Bandyopadhyay

This style of hair would go perfectly with a Bengali-style draped saree as shown in the picture below. The beauty of this hairstyle is the two locks of hair coming out in the front. Also, this comes out kind of messy and we’re totally in for it! Complete the look with your favorite saree.

The Braided Bun

Bun Hairstyles for Saree The Braided Bun
Image Source: Preksha Singhal

Now, this hairstyle comprises loose braids in the front of both sides joining together at the end forming a bun. You may leave a few loose locks from the front as well to give it an altogether easy and breezy look. Complete the look wearing your favorite saree and you’re good to go!

Flowers On My Bun

Bun Hairstyles for Saree Flowers On My Bun
Image Source: Priti Maini

Anyone here who loves the smell of the jasmine of what is popularly known as the ‘mogra’ flower? The flower is most commonly used to decorate a hair bun as you can see in the picture. It surrounds the bun and makes it look pretty. So if you want to go for a simple bun design, then you can add some spice to it by surrounding it with a flower.

The Wavy Bun

Bun Hairstyles for Saree The Wavy Bun
Image Source: Pooja Shinde

The most effortless bun is here right in front of your sight. The hair here has been drawn into loose puffs from the front and then has been locked onto a wavy and messy bun. The bun has been surrounded by artificial flowers to give it a pretty look. A perfect bun for your most special occasions!

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The Multiple Braid Bun

Bun Hairstyles for Saree The Multiple Braid Bun
Image Source: Sukhvir Singh

This design comprises multiple fishtail braids drawn together at the back forming a large bun. If you wish to do something different from the usual simple bun, then this bun could be an option! You could leave loose locks from the front if you wish to and also add flowers on your bun as shown in the picture.

The Loose End Braided Bun

Bun Hairstyles for Saree The Loose End Braided Bun
Image Source: Sara Salon and Spa

Now this bun hairstyle would be the perfect choice for someone who has very long and thick hair. We have two fishtail braids made at the front here, which are pulled back into a messy bun with loose locks falling.

The Floral Bun

The Floral Bun
Image Source: Abhishek Nimbalkar

So if you wish to go a little out of the box and make your fun look colorful then just add flowers to your entire bun (basically make it look like a garden) and you are all set to go! You could match the flowers with your saree as shown in the picture here. For let’s say if your saree is white and red-colored then you could use roses and daisies on your bun.

The Puffy Bun

The Puffy Bun
Image Source: Pooja Kotgiriwar

This hairstyle comprises a huge puff at the start which merges into other locks of hair to form into a bun. The bun has been made using single lock braids and looks very different from other designs. You could top of the bun using flowers again and rock this look!

The Swirling Bun

The Swirling Bun
Image Source: Prajkta Sawant

This has to be the most unique bun out of all – with swirls made in the front which are merging at the end with a bigger one which is also made up of swirls. The bun has been topped off with hair accessories. You can match the same with your saree.

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Messy Hair Bun

Messy Hair Bun
Image Source: Kajal Jain

Now, this has to be the trendiest and in-style hair bun – the messy bun. However, here the bun has been made using swirls again and the lower portion of the same has been left messy which gives it a very different look. It has been topped off with a silver hairpin.

Heavy Floral Bun

Heavy Floral Bun
Image Source: Maha Beauty Care

A yet another floral bun design for you. Here the bun is really huge which has been entirely covered with pink and peach artificial flowers and we have a long braid falling off the braid. This hairstyle is most suited for those who have long and thick hair. You could also add accessories to your long braid.

The Pearl Bun

The Pearl Bun
Image Source: sahar rezaei

The main highlight of this look is the use of pearl hairpins on top of the bun. The use of pearls could make any simple hairstyle look pretty and sophisticated. You could also leave out some loose locks to give it a messy bun look.

Swirl It Up

Swirl It Up
Image Source: Mozhgan Ekrami

A yet another messy bun look which includes swirled-up hair locks merged together forming a whole bun. The bun has been topped with a single white flower. You could match it up with a white saree and white accessories. A simple yet chic hairstyle that’d never go out of style.

Braids And Flowers

Braids And Flowers
Image Source: Blooms by Karthik

This hairstyle is here to give out all the bridal look feels and we’re all here for it! First, up here we have a simple braided bun made up. The bun has been extended using a false long braid. The bun has been circled around using pretty flowers and the braid has been decorated with flowers. This hairstyle screams out the bride’s energy!

So that’s a wrap on this article about ‘bun hairstyles for saree’. We hope you have all your saree, accessories, and hairstyle ready for your next occasion! Just go out there and slay ladies!

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