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Your hair are one of the most significant part of your look. A panic hits us as soon as they start falling. Their power is such that you remove one strand of hair from your face and you start looking different. They can be cut in various ways and they can be styled in diverse forms. Add colors to them and watch the massive change that comes in your appeal. Long, medium or short, all of them have a different fan base and are probably the most cherished attribute of the human body. Therefore, you should use them to the best of your abilities by styling them in different ways as they add the candour your look always needs.

Styling hair in different ways is a dream of every girl but also a talent that not every girl possesses. Most of the hairstyles are tough to make especially when you try it on yourself. However, French bun hairstyles aren’t one of them. They sure look complex to make but certainly aren’t. They have an extremely enticing look not just from behind but from the front as well. Checkout these French bun tutorials and see how easy it is to pull them off.  Try them out and keep practising as nobody achieves a milestone on their first go!

Easy French Bun Hairstyles

1. Easy French Roll

This tutorial would step by step teach you how to make an immaculately clean french bun that isn’t just easy but also very less time consuming. All you need to do is tie the hair into two pony tails. Then tie them together with the help of a jumbo scrunchie to create the base of the hairstyle. Remember to part the jumbo scrunchie into two parts for both the pony tails by tying it with a thin rubber band at the center. Add u-pins around the base to add support to it. Comb both the pony tails, tie them together with a thin scrunchie and pin up the hair towards the left side by the help of u pins. Comb the hair again and start taking small parts of hair, divide them into two parts and roll them together as shown in the tutorial. After rolling them together, take them from the top of the jumbo scrunchie and fix them on the other side with the help of the pin. Create, multiple strands like this and cover the whole center part. At the end, take the left out ends of the strands and tie them together upwards. Embellish this part with hair accessories like flowers to make it look picture perfect.

2. French roll with a clutcher

This easy french bun works wonders even if you don’t have long hair. To get this enchanting french bun hairstyle, start by tying your hair into a pony tail. Then take a jumbo scrunchie with a tied top for the base of the hairstyle. Wrap the larger part around the pony tail. Add u pins around the pony tail for support and tie the hair with another thin scrunchie towards the left side with the help of u pins. Comb your hair and divide them into two parts. Take one part towards the other side and tie it from the middle. Roll the ends of the hair towards the inner side and fix the rest of the part with the help of u pins as shown in the tutorial. Spread the hair in the center from top to bottom and comb them to add finishing. Roll different strands of the left out part of the hair  and fix them on the center part of the bun. Repeat this from top to bottom using multiple strands. At the end, emblazon the rolled part in the center with hair accessories like small roses to make it look it’s alluring best.

3. French bun in a lace fishtail style

Fishtail is one of the most loved hairstyles for women. It is multifaceted and is used in making numerous hairstyles. French bun isn’t an exception to this idea. Here you will see the usage of lace fishtail in making an enticing french bun. You can start by making a pony tail at the back while leaving a part of front hair. Then keep the pony tail on the top of the head and clutch it towards the upper side. Then bring the pony tail back down. Tie it from the center and roll the end part of it towards the inside. Make a puff from the upper part of the pony as shown in the tutorial and fix it below the part where the pony is tied by using u pins. Spread the puff from left to right and comb it to add finishing. Now, coming to the front hair, create a center partition. Comb the hair strand and start making a fishtail from it. Wrap the fishtail around the bun and fix it on the top using bobby pins. Repeat the same process with the strand on the other side. Fix both the strands on top of each other and add support by adding pins all around the bun. This barbie doll look is perfect for any major event and would go perfectly well with gowns. You can also add a hair a accessory on the top of it to add to it’s elegance.

4. Trending French Bun 2020

This french bun has been on our trending list of hairstyles this year and has garnered love of hairstylists as well as women from all parts of the world. If you want to try it out as well, start by making a pony tail. Hold the open part of the pony tail and bring them from right side to the left through the tied part of the pony tail as shown in the tutorial. Start braiding the hair on the left side from top to bottom by adding a single strand at a time. Roll the created braided portion towards the right side from the top. Fix the braided part on the right corner with the help of u pins. Roll the end of the braid towards inside and fix it as well to add the last finishing touch. Add hair accessories on the corners and on the braid to make it look even more arresting.

5. Easy French bun with clutcher

This is an extremely easy french bun hairstyle that doesn’t require much efforts. It isn’t too time consuming as well. To make this captivating french bun, start by making a pony tail. Divide the pony tail into three parts and clip two of them on each side. Comb the left out part, take a jumbo scrunchie and roll the whole hair strand around that scrunchie from bottom to top. Fix it at the center using u pins, spread it from top to bottom and comb it to add finishing to it. Divide the hair clipped on the left side into two parts, start braiding them individually and roll them to form three flower at the end as shown in the tutorial. Repeat the same process with the hair clipped on the right.  Accessorize the hairstyle by adding flowers on either side of the bun.

So, here were 5 tutorials that would turn you into a pro at making French Bun Hairstyles. You don’t even need long hair to achieve these astounding hairstyles. These gorgeous hairstyles are capable of making heads turn while you enjoy all the attention for looking breathtaking at every event.

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