Ear Length Hairstyle for Women

Pixie-cut with fringes hairstyle
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It is that time of your life where you are willing to change the way you look especially concerning your appearances. And what better way to do that than by changing the styling of your hair? It may be for a pivotal point where you got a new job or where you have overcome something personal, and you are thinking a bit of change in your lifestyle.

There are many different types of hairstyles that would suit women with short hair or ear-length hair such as a bob-cut or a pixie cut or anything they want. They are currently trending in 2021 and they are going to make any woman look like a bombshell, classy and amazing. So, we found you some of the perfect haircuts for women that are going to make you look so elegant and trendy. Here we go:

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Ear Length Hairstyle for Women

1. Pixie-cut Hairstyle

Ear Length Hairstyle for Women Pixie-cut hairstyle
Image Source: Martina Attard

This one is the pixie-cut hairstyle with fringes for ear-length hair for women. This looks like a freshly cut made. They are going to make anyone look feisty, bold, and classy. So, anyone of you a fan of it should give this hairstyle a try.

2. Angled Undercut Hairstyle

Ear Length Hairstyle for Women Angled undercut hairstyle
Image Source: Cropped 2 Perfection

This one is another classy and bold hairstyle suited for women with ear-length or short hair. The blonde hair is given an undercut and then angled on one side and giving out a tomboy vibe. It is most suited for working-class women or businesswomen.

3. Wavy Bob-cut Hairstyle

Ear Length Hairstyle for Women Wavy bob-cut hairstyle
Image Source: Janine

The below hairstyle is also perfect for working-class women. This is a combination of undercut and bob-cut and then one side is angled with wavy curls. The whole look gives out an elegant vibe and if you wish for such a hairstyle, then it is what you might be looking for.

4. Blue Highlight Pixie-bob Hairstyle

Ear Length Hairstyle for Women Blue highlight pixie-bob hairstyle
Image Source: Afanasiev Studio

Now, this hairstyle is just perfect for day-to-day or daily basis. Like the other pictures, it is also a pixie-bob hairstyle. But the unique point of the overall look is the light blue highlight that is made on the angled right side of the hairstyle.

5. Brown Lob-cut Hairstyle

Ear Length Hairstyle for Women Brown lob-cut hairstyle
Image Source:  Marina Zanetti

This hairstyle is just in between a lob-cut and a bob-cut for ear-length short hair. It is rather simple with no patterns and looks great for natural hair. So, if you do not want any kind of hassle with your natural curls but would wish for a short hairstyle, then this is perfect for you.

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6. Pixie-cut on Short Hair

Ear Length Hairstyle for Women Pixie-cut on short hair
Image Source: Decoiffer

So, you have beautiful and shiny hair and you want to give a short haircut? Then the below hairstyle is what you might be wishing for. This one is a pixie-cut hairstyle perfect for short hair or ear-length hair angled on one side.

7. Pixie-cut with Fringes Hairstyle

Ear Length Hairstyle for Women Pixie-cut with fringes hairstyle
Image Source: Nanako

For straight, shiny, and short hair or ear-length hair, the below hairstyle is suitable. It is a pixie-cut hairstyle and bangs or fringes are there. A simple yet classy and elegant look is what depicts the below picture.

8. Layered Pixie-cut Hairstyle

Layered pixie-cut hairstyle
Image Source: Sonia’s Beauty Color Express

The below image has the pixie-cut hairstyle again. But this one is layered and the hair is angled on the side. The whitish blonde hair dye just highlights the overall look. You want something adventurous and bold, then you should try it.

9. Tomboy Pixie-cut Hairstyle

Tomboy pixie-cut hairstyle
Image Source: Larissa Machado

The below one gives out a tomboyish look. This is another pixie-cut just like the other for women with short natural curls. Frustrated with long hair and want to just totally make it to ear-length? Then try the below hairstyle.

10. Pixie with Natural Curls

Pixie with natural curls
Image Source: Larissa Machado

The below picture looks so beautiful and natural with the pixie-cut hairstyle. It is classy, trendy, and bold. And many women today are trying this styling of hair.

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11. Red undercut hairstyle

Red undercut hairstyle
Image Source: Cropped 2 Perfection

Red color hair is generally rare and if you have it, then you are so lucky. Women dye their hair red because it is such a unique hair color to find. And then you will want to try the undercut hairstyle shown in the below picture for those beautiful rare curls.

12. Undercut Men Hairstyle for Women

Undercut men hairstyle for women
Image Source: FS Michell

The below image portrays the men’s haircut styling for women with ear-length or short with undercut hairstyle. The brown hair color enhances the overlook more.

13. Tapered Cut Hairstyle

Tapered cut hairstyle
Image Source: Wanessa Rodrigues

Here, we have the tapered cut hairstyle perfect for curly short or ear-length hair for women. Want to flaunt your natural curls, then the below picture is your inspiration for what you want.

14. Street Look Pixie-cut Hairstyle

Street look pixie-cut hairstyle
Image Source: Natalia Lima

This hairstyle looks bold, classy, and funky. It gives out a street-like vibe or a biker vibe. If you are a fan of such things, then you will want to flaunt the tomboy look with a similar hairstyle.

15. Simple Bob-cut Hairstyle

Simple bob-cut hairstyle
Image Source: Priscilla Corner

The picture depicts a simple and charming bob-scut hairstyle on dirty blonde short or ear-length hair. This will go for the daily or everyday look. You don’t want anything complicated, then you definitely should try the below hairstyle.

You don’t need long hair to showcase to the world. Short hairs or ear-length hairs with beautiful, fine, and shiny textures are more in trend now than you can expect. Not only they are easier to style but less time-consuming to maintain than long hairs. They create charming, lovely, bold, classy, and amazing looks that you can consider for yourself. Women especially celebrities flaunt them so beautifully.

In today’s fashion, you can many variations of hairstyles done for ear-length hairs, and women of any age experiment with them to enhance their outlook and overall style. From the pixie to bob to lob or undercut, there are many kinds from where you can choose from. And you have stumbled upon the right place because we have shown you some awesome hairstyles that you wish to try for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Go and experiment as much as you want. Have fun and just love the whole experience!

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