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Curly Hair Care Routine & Tips

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Routine, routine, routine! Wash, detangle, style, dry and repeat! And it sounds like hard work for curly hair girls, as it takes hours and hours….

A girl with curly hair looks amazing and beautiful depending on how she take care of her hair. As everything has some positive and negative points and so does curly hair. Curly hair has twists and turns so they can be fragile and delicate to handle. Our scalp provides the natural oil to the hair because of its curvy nature oil produced by the scalp have harder time travelling from top to bottom. This is the reason why girls have curly hair face low moisture and dryness over the hair. For girls with curly hair, the hair care routine is completely different and important to follow at the same time.

What Makes The Hair Curly

Genes lead to curly hair. Other then that, humidity, race and other factors are responsible for curly or straight hair. Many scientists have discovered that it is the shape of follicle is responsible for the angle in which hair will grow. When hair follicle is symmetrical, the strand will produce round or straight hair. And if the hair follicle is asymmetrical, the strand will produce curly hair.

Curly Hair Care Routine and Tips

1. Skip Daily Shampoos

Girls with curly hair dont need frequentl shampooing as compared to girls with straight hair. Frequent shampoo of curly hair may result in stretch and stress out fragile strands, and drying of hair. Moreover, conditioner is your best friend, you can condition your hair even if you don’t shampoo your hair.

2. Use Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Girls with curly hair should follow a routine of pre-shampoo. It is a simple step to be performed before shampooing. Pre-shampooing softens, conditions and helps in detangling the hair prior to shampooing. It also helps in healing roughness and damage which will occur during the shampooing process.

For Pre-shampoo, you can use conditioner or conditioning oil and apply them on dry hair. Apply these with the help of your fingers and leave it for 15-20 mins and wear a shower cap. After that you can simply shampoo your hair with your favourite one.

3. Clean The Scalp

While shampooing, girls with curly hair should concentrate on rubbing and cleansing of scalp properly with fingers.

4. Never Brush Curly Hair

Curly girls  should never dry brush for detangling , if you own a brush please keep it aside. Only comb your hair with wide tooth comb before taking the shower, or you can simply use your fingers to comb after shower.

5. Choose Your Shampoo Wisely

Do not use harsh shampoos on them rather use a mild one. And the shampoo which suits your curls the best. It will help you in keeping the curls manageable.

6. Clean Hair With Care

Certain curl types may get frizzy from regular shampooing. So, always clean your curls with extra care. Like choosing the best shampoo or conditioner that suits your curls in best way. It will help in locking moisture in them. And moisture plays a very important role for curly hair. Make sure you also use hair masks from time to time from extra pampering.

7. Condition, Condition And Condition

For curly hair, conditioner is your best friend. You should condition your hair frequently. Conditioning curly hair keep them soft, shiny and tangle-free. Make sure, when you condition your hair, focus the product on the mid lengths to ends of your locks only. Don’t let conditioner work on your scalp, it will make your hair greasy.

8. Section Your Hair For Smooth And Tangle-Free Washing

While washing your hair, you should be gentle. Rubbing, scrubbing and pilling your hair while shampooing can turn out damaging for curls. You should always break your hair into sections for convenient washing. Then shampoo it section wise. This will turn your shampooing process gentle .

9. Apply Hair Mask Once a Month

Your curly hair will love this step if done once in a month. This will give your curls some extra love and care. Hair mask can be of your choice, but choose it wisely which suits your curls the best. The purpose of hair mask for curls is to rejuvenate, hydrate them. It will also give your hair a bouncy and shiny look.

10. Use Cold Water

With curly hair you should use cold water to wash your hair as it will lock the moisture and help in making the hair shinier and reduce frizz.

11. Use The Right Towel

Regular towels will act hard on your curls. To avoid frizz and keep curls manageable you should opt micro-fiber towels or you can use even cotton t-shirt to blot excess moisture. After doing this step you can plop your hair. You just have to simply lay the t-shirt or micro-fiber towel flat. Flip you hair and simply keep your curls on the t-shirt or towel, hold the ends of the towel or t-shirt and start twisting. This will help your curls a lot.

12. Lay Off The Heat

Avoid using blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons all these tools will lead to breakage. But if you really want to use these tools, try to wean yourself off the heat. When you use these tools choose the best one which contains ionic properties, made with ceramic as it will provide coating to your hair. Always apply heat protection product before using any appliance on the hair.

How To Preserve Curls Overnight

To preserve curls overnight you can simply use a clip or silk cap. But here is an unique idea to preserve them overnight. You can sew a silk cap and a silk pillowcase to create space for curls while avoiding frizz. Besides this, it will also help in avoiding friction. This method will allow your curls to last 3-4 days completely untouched. This is the best method. Try it once and you will definitely love it.

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(Reviewed by Dr. Samiksha Rane)

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